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Steam Ages Title Screen.png|link=Steam Ages|Steam Ages|linktext=Explore the third Chinese-exclusive world, this time in London of the 19th century!

safe_image.png|link=Category:Power Mints|Power Mints|linktext=Introducing the all-new Power Mints, which boost all plants in its family while it lasts!

Beta zombies slide.png|link=Plants|The '''Plants'''|linktext=Leaf it to them to make sure that brains aren't eaten.

Beta Plants slide.png|link=Zombies|The '''Zombies'''|linktext=The brains of this battle are not with them.


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{{Header|''Plants vs. Zombies'' news|

*[[Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)|Chinese version of ''Plants vs. Zombies 2'']] version 2.3.0 is out on iOS with 23 brand new levels of [[Steam Ages]]!

*''[[Plants vs. Zombies 2]]''<nowiki>'s 6.8.1 update is officially released, introducing three new Power Mints.</nowiki>

*In version 1.24.6, head back in time once again with the fourth set of ''[[Plants vs. Zombies Heroes]]'' - [[Triassic Triumph]]! Featuring 50 brand new cards with the return of Dino-Roar and Evolution along with the new Fusion ability!


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Nothing but a mess.

Worst world ever.


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