A plague has swept this era.
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A Zombucks

Zombucks were a currency item dropped by zombies and given to the player as rewards for completing quests and beating stages in the Road Trip mode in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. They were used in town mode to buy and upgrade buildings and to place decorations. Once the player finished all the levels of Cadaver Cavern, they could use 3000 Zombucks to buy a fifth seed slot for use in battles. A sixth slot could also be bought once the player reaches U of Z.

Zombucks appeared as dark purple banknotes with a skull in the middle. When bundled together, they were held by a light purple band with a skull on it.


Its name was a portmanteau of the words "zombie" and "bucks." They could also be a reference to Mom Bucks from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Ways to earn them

Get More Zombucks

This sign appears when the players does not have enough Zombucks to purchase items

Ways to spend them

  • Buying and upgrading buildings
  • Buying decorations
  • Adding seed slots

Purchasing with gems

Zombucks can be purchased with gems at the following exchange rates:

Cost: 100 gems Cost: 250 gems Cost: 1000 gems
500-Zombucks-50g 1800-Zombucks-150g 7000-Zombucks-500g
420 Zombucks 1800 Zombucks 50,400 Zombucks


  • Judged by their price, Zombucks bought with gems have the following value individually:
    • 420 Zombucks for 100 gems: 4.2 Zombucks per gem
    • 1800 Zombucks for 250 gems: 7.2 Zombucks per gem
    • 50,400 Zombucks for 1000 gems: 50.4 Zombucks per gem
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