For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Zombot Plank Walker (PvZH).

Zombot Plank Walker is the boss of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the last zombie encountered in Pirate Seas. It is encountered in Pirate Seas - Day 25, Pirate Seas - Day 35, and possibly Modern Day - Day 32. It is controlled by Dr. Zomboss.

In Arena, defeating the Plank Walker will award 10000 points, increasing by 10000 points each time the Plank Walker is defeated. Higher leagues will increase a multiplier for points scored, with a maximum of 5x in Jade league.

Almanac entry

Zombot Plank Walker

SPEED: Hungry

The plant plundering privateer of the high seas.

Special: cannon can rain down imps past your defenses

"Hoist the mizzemast, batten down the hatches! 15 zombies on a dead man's boat, yo ho ho and a bucket of brains!" Dr. Zomboss had to admit he was really getting into this whole pirate thing. Though he never thought he'd be on a boat on a boat.


The Zombot Plank Walker approximately absorbs 26500 damage per shot, and its appearance changes upon absorbing 5500 and 15500 damage per shot, before dying at 26500 damage per shot.


The Zombot Plank Walker randomly performs one of the following actions:

Phase HP Summoned zombies
1 5500 Conehead Pirate2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png)
China only: Seagull Zombie2.png
2 10000 Conehead Pirate2.png Buckethead Pirate2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)
China only: Imp Cannon2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)
3 11000 Buckethead Pirate2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png) Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)
China only:Imp Cannon2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)

Pirate Seas - Day 35

Phase HP Summoned zombies
1 1000 Conehead Pirate2.png Buckethead Pirate2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)
2 5000 Barrelhead Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Barrel Roller Zombie2.png Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)
3 11000 Barrelhead Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Barrel Roller Zombie2.png Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png)

Arena and Penny's Pursuit

Phase HP Summoned zombies
Depends on damage Infinite dps Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png Pirate Zombie2.png Conehead Pirate2.png Buckethead Pirate2.png Barrelhead Zombie2.png Seagull Zombie2.png Pelican Zombie2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png (summons Zombie Parrot2.png) Gargantuar Pirate2.png (summons Imp Pirate Zombie2.png) Newspaper Zombie2.png
  • The "eye" will open and reveal a cannon. It will then fire six Imp Pirate Zombies into the third or fourth column resembling the Imp Cannon's explosion. Using Plant Food from any plant except for Kernel-pult, Chili Bean and Tall-nut can prevent it. Spikeweed's Plant Food effect can also stop it.
  • It will tap the ground, step back, and charge, destroying any plants and zombies in two rows, stopping near the lawn mowers and jumping back. As with the Zombot Sphinx-inator's similar attack, using Plant Food can prevent it. It will also stop and be stunned if it collides with a Cherry Bomb.
    • Although any Plant Food power-up will work, Spikeweed's is the least recommended plant to be used against this attack. Spikeweed's will pull the Zombot Plank Walker and stop it for a short while, although this is shorter than the period it would be stunned with other Plant Food power-ups. Also, that can be a bad idea since the Zombot will destroy the player's plants, but not the zombies.
    • Using Kernel-pult's Plant Food effect works most of the time to stop his charge attack. But sometimes, especially in stage three of the health bar of the Zombot, it is unfazed by Kernel-pult's Plant Food effect when it is doing its charge and will proceed to destroy plants from both lanes anyway.


See Pirate Seas - Day 25, Pirate Seas - Day 35, and Modern Day - Day 32.


Sound Description
Zombot Plank Walker Intro


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  • Dr. Zomboss has an eye-patch on his left eye just like a pirate. It is the same eye missing from his face for his hologram when the player defeats him.
  • Zombot Plank Walker looks like a ship with cannons attached to it and anchors as its legs.
  • Zombot Plant Walker has a single eye just like the Zombot Sphinx-inator, the Zombot War Wagon, and the Zombot Tomorrow-tron. These variations also resemble spider-like monsters.
  • If the player uses Plant Food on a Spikeweed before it jumps, it will teleport to where it was jumping to.
  • The in-game Zombot Plank Walker has the letter "Z" on its flag, while some pictures do not.
  • It is the only Zombot that does not have two joysticks for Dr. Zomboss to control; instead, it has a steering wheel.
  • Zombot Plank Walker and Zombot Dark Dragon are the only Zombots which can utilize Imp variants in their attacks.
  • There is a glitch in its Almanac icon where part of it is "sliced."
  • For some reason, when you stun the Zombot Plank Walker, the Imp Pirate Zombie on it along with the rope it's tied to disappear for a few seconds.
    • Also, if you look closely at the nails on the Zombot's legs while it's stunned, they became smaller for a bit.
  • This is the only Zombot that does not summon Basic Zombies.
  • If the Zombot is defeated then the player plants a Spikeweed underneath it, it will attack the Zombot.
  • The almanac entry references the book "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, specifically the part that says "15 zombies on a dead man's boat, yo ho ho and a bucket of brains." This references the commonly repeated line in the book "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum."
    • Its name, Zombot Plank Walker, references to the pirate term, "Walk the plank."
  • In the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, it along with the Zombot War Wagon and the Zombot Tomorrow-tron were not added until the 1.8.0 update.
  • When summoning an Imp Cannon in the Chinese version, the Cannon will immediately move back until it reaches the rightmost area of the lawn.
  • In Arena, for some unknown reason, the Zombot can spawn the Tomb Raiser Zombie and Newspaper Zombie, despite that they're from Ancient Egypt and Modern Day respectively.

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