Zomboss Estate

Zomboss Estate is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It is known as the abode to Dr. Zomboss and is a small area with features such a cemetery with many pumpkins around the map. The map is located in middle of a heavily wooded area.

Game modes in which it appears



  • In a tree trunk, there is a carving of Gargantuar's face.
  • The statues at the entrance are Zombie Gargoyles.
  • At the entrance of the mansion is a statue of a planet grabbing Zomboss.
  • In the forest behind the estate, a tall and faceless humanoid creature can be seen between trees. It is most likely a reference to Slender Man.
    • However, it is just part of the background, so it will not move or be affected by anything.
    • In the Tactical Taco Party DLC update, Slender Man is now shown getting eaten by a Chomper.
  • When staring at the ceiling after reaching the middle of the estate, a gigantic moving eye can be seen.
  • It was the first map to be seen in the game, its gameplay in the map was shown at E3.
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