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Zombomb is a Gargantuar variant found in its own objective wave in Garden Ops in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It holds a large bomb and will not target the plants, but will push them when in close. Instead, it will try to bomb the garden. When Crazy Dave says "STOP THAT ZOMBOMB!", the Zombomb will appear and slowly walk to the garden to blow it up. Its plant counterpart (in Garden Warfare 2 only) is the Squash.


The Zombomb has approximately 1800 health.


As Peashooter

Using the Chili Bean Bomb or the Sombrero Bean Bomb is the best choice. Do not get too close to it, or you will be launched away. Using the Pea Gatling is a good choice when it comes to a safe distance.

As Sunflower

The Sun Pulse or the Sunbeam is a good choice when you are far from it, but take care of the Browncoat Zombies while you are at it. You can use the Heal Flower + Sunbeam or Sun Pulse technique.

As Chomper

The Zombomb will not target you, so you have the advantage to shoot Goop at it, which will slow it down.

As Cactus

The Garlic Drone is recommended, so you can shoot at it from a secure distance. You can also drop Potato Mines on its path to deal damage to it.

As Rose

Slow the Zombomb down with Time Snare and keep firing.

As Kernel Corn

Fire everything you got, especially Shuck Shot. Jumping over it with Husk Hop is also a great way to stall and damage it.

As Citron

Keep firing your laser, but let go of the trigger before it overheats and wait for about a second before firing again. EMPeach it to keep it at bay and roll away if the scene gets hectic.


  • Its name is a portmanteau between the words "zombie" and "bomb."
  • It is similar to the Tanks from Team Fortress 2's Mann vs. Machine mode, as both do not attack the players, but rather try to bomb the defended target.

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