Zombiquarium is a mini-game unlocked by beating Adventure Mode and the previous mini-games in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. In it, the player spends five sun to feed brains to Snorkel Zombies which produce sun in return. Up to three brains can be in the tank at a time. Brains can only disappear by either sinking to the very bottom or if a zombie eats it. The player can use sun to buy more Snorkel Zombies or to buy the trophy and win the level. The trophy costs 1000 sun. Each brain costs five sun. One Snorkel Zombie costs 100 sun. The player has 20 seconds to feed a Snorkel Zombie before it dies.


This mini-game is based on the game Insaniquarium, also created by PopCap Games.



The sound that plays when a Snorkel Zombie dies.

The music played here (Moongrains ).


Simply feed the zombies when they get hungry. They will turn green if they are hungry. If a Snorkel Zombie hasn't been fed for 20 seconds, it will disappear. You should collect sun and occasionally buy more zombies if needed until they have produced enough sun for the trophy. It is a good idea to keep one brain floating in the tank at all times, as you can tell when zombies are hungry by seeing if they swim towards it.

Related achievements

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Attention Deficit
Earn a trophy in each Mini-game.


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  • This is one of the three parts of the game that does not involve any zombies attacking the player's house, the others being the Zen Garden and the hidden mini-game Ice Level.
  • In some versions, the second tombstone's message RIP is replaced by something that slightly resembles the unused Orchid Cactus from Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.
  • Zombiquarium is the only area that is under the water, other than the Zen Garden's Aquarium Garden.
    • Coincidentally, they both use the same background.
  • Zombiquarium, Whack a Zombie, and Last Stand are the only mini-games where zombies give sun.
    • When the player has more than ten zombies, more instruments will play in the music (like when a huge wave of zombies come on a night level).
  • Zombiquarium and Air Raid are the only mini-games that do not take place in the front yard, the backyard or on the roof.
  • If the Zombiquarium save file is modified to another save file, for example, Last Stand, then the player cannot feed the zombies. Instead, if the zombies die, they will drop money, chocolate, diamonds, and Zen Garden plants.
  • This is the one of two times in Plants vs. Zombies which zombies can be purchased via sun, the other being I, Zombie.
  • The Sunny Days achievement can be earned through this mini-game, by not purchasing the trophy and continuing to collect sun.
    • Sunny Days cannot be earned in the iOS and Android versions of this mini-game.
  • Zombiquarium is one of the two levels without any plants in Plants vs. Zombies, with the other being the DSi-exclusive mini-game Zombie Trap.
  • It is the only mini-game where zombies do not attack player's house.
  • The player can right click to tap on the tank, which will make a sound in the PC version.
  • The sound of a Snorkel Zombie dying is the same as when Poison/Ooze/Dirt kills a duck in the Disney mobile game “Where’s my Water?“.

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