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Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Online, as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, are varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.


Name Image Toughness Health Speed Special
Mummy Zombie Mummy Zombie2 Average 10 Basic
Conehead Mummy Conehead Mummy2 Protected 28 (19 for roadcone, 9 for zombie) Basic
Buckethead Mummy Buckethead Mummy2 Hardened 65 (55 for bucket, 10 for zombie) Basic
Flag Mummy Zombie Flag Mummy Zombie2 Average 10 Basic Hails the incoming wave of mummies.
Ra Zombie Ra Zombie2 Average 10 Hungry Steals sun until defeated (maximum of 250 sun).
Camel Zombies Camel Zombies2 Protected 21 for each camel zombie (13 for camel sign, 8 for zombie) Creeper Arrives in groups of three to ten.
Explorer Zombie Explorer Zombie2 Solid 12 Hungry His torch will burn any plants it comes into contact with. The cold puts the torch out, Snapdragons and fire peas relight it.
Tomb Raiser Zombie Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Protected 19 Basic Creates tombstones (up to 6 at a time).
Pharaoh Zombie Zombiein1 Hardened 74 (60 for sarcophagus, 14 for zombie) Basic, then Hungry (should be Speedy) Once the sarcophagus is broken it speeds up.
Sphinx SphinxO Great 175 Basic Throws huge fireballs, Spawns zombies and launchs a group of zombies when destroyed. .
Desert Death Zombie Desert Death ZombieO Protected 28 Basic Summons Quicksand which allows other zombies to reach your plants faster
Terracotta Zombie PVZOL Qin Shi Huan Zombie Average 10 Basic
Conehead Terracotta Conehead Terracotta2 Protected 28 Basic
Buckethead Zombie Conehead Terracotta2 Hardened 65 Basic
Flag Zombie Token Sergeant ZombieO Average 10 Basic
Archer Zombie PVZOL Archer Average ? Basic ?
Shield Guardian Zombie ProO Dense ? Creeper ?
Shield Zombie ZombieOnline1 Average (in-game: Protected)/Hardened (Force field) ? Basic Creates a shield to protect from incoming attacks.
Astro-Goop Zombie Astro-Goop ZombieO Hardend ? Basic Spits green goop through a tube. The goop weakens plants gradually.
Mechanical Wolf Zombie Mechanical Wolf ZombieO Machined ? Speedy Jumps over the first plant it meets.
Harvester Zombie HarvestO Machined ? Basic Attacks 3 lanes at once.
Sea Zombie Zombie11 Average 10 Basic
Shrimphead Zombie Zombie12 Protected 28 Basic
Nautilushead Zombie Zombie13 Hardend 65 Basic
Seahorse Flag Zombie Zombie14 Average 10 Basic
Jellyfish Zombie Zombie15 Protected ? Speedy It flies with jellyfish and eats plants.
Clamshell God Zombie Zombie16 Machined ? Basic Sometime it bounces out flying objects with shells.
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