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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Online, as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, are varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.

List of Zombies

  • Creeper - Takes 7.5 seconds to move one square.
  • Stiff - Takes 6.75 seconds to move one square.
  • Basic - Takes 5.0 seconds to move one square.
  • Hungry - Takes 3.75 seconds to move one square.
  • Speedy - Takes 2.5 seconds to move one square.
  • Flighty - Takes 0.5 seconds to move one square.

Toughness Rates:

  • Fragile - Absorbs 1-90 damage per shot.
  • Average - Absorbs 190-200 damage per shot.
  • Solid - Absorbs 240-320 damage per shot.
  • Protected - Absorbs 340-600 damage per shot.
  • Dense - Absorbs 680-1000 damage per shot.
  • Hardened - Absorbs 1240-1700 damage per shot.
  • Machined - Absorbs 1800-2500 damage per shot.
  • Great - Absorbs 3600-8000 damage per shot.
  • Undying - Absorbs 13000-29500 damage per shot.
  • Ultra-Undying - Absorbs 48000-125000 damage per shot.


Name Image Toughness Health Speed Special
Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum
Sergeant Zombie Sergeant ZombieO.png Average 200 Basic
Bowl Sergeant Bowl SergeantO.png Average 570
370 (bowl)
200 (zombie)
Iron Helmet Sergeant Iron Helmet SergeantO.png Average 1300
1100 (iron helmet)
200 (zombie)
Token Sergeant Zombie Token Sergeant ZombieO.png Average 200 Basic Appears during a huge wave of zombies.
Cavalry Zombie Cavalry ZombieO.png Protected 400 Hungry Only appears on pathways
Archer Zombie Archer ZombieO.png Average 240 Basic Shoots arrows to the first plant he encounters.
Shield Guardian Zombie Shield Guardian ZombieO.png Dense 1850
1800 (shield)
50 (zombie)
Creeper Carries a shield that protects him from straight projectiles.
Hawker Cart Hawker CartO.png Dense 600 Basic Releases Zombie Piggies.
Zombie Piggy Zombie PiggyO.png Average 90 Speedy
Drunk Zombie Drunk ZombieO.png Dense 200 Creeper Switches lanes when after it drinks from its plate.
Emperor Qin Shi Huang Emperor Qin Shi HuangO.png Undying 20000 Hungry Cannot be attacked until it is near the second flag.
Ancient Egypt
Mummy Zombie Mummy Zombie2.png Average 200 Basic
Conehead Mummy Conehead Mummy2.png Protected 570
370 (cone)
200 (zombie)
Buckethead Mummy Buckethead Mummy2.png Hardened 1300
1100 (bucket)
200 (zombie)
Flag Mummy Zombie Flag Mummy Zombie2.png Average 200 Basic Appears during a huge wave of zombies.
Ra Zombie Ra Zombie2.png Average 200 Basic Tries to steal sun.
Explorer Zombie Explorer Zombie2.png Average 240 Basic Torch destroys plant on contact, only when lit.
Tomb Raiser Zombie Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png Protected 200 Basic Creates tombstones on random tiles of the lawn.
Pharaoh Zombie Pharaoh Zombie2.png Hardened 1440
1200 (sarcophagus)
240 (zombie)
Basic, Speedy after losing armor Speeds up after his sarcophagus is destroyed.
Desert Death Zombie Desert Death ZombieO.png Average 300 Basic Creates small patches of quicksand in his lane.
Sphinx SphinxO.png Undying 20000 Hungry Releases fireballs that burns plants.
Pirate Seas
Pirate Zombie Pirate Zombie2.png Average 200 Basic
Conehead Pirate Conehead Pirate2.png Protected 570
370 (cone)
200 (zombie)
Buckethead Pirate Buckethead Pirate2.png Hardened 1300
1100 (bucket)
200 (zombie)
Flag Pirate Zombie Flag Pirate Zombie2.png Average 200 Basic Appears during a huge wave of zombies.
Swashbuckler Zombie Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Average 250 Basic Lands five tiles into the player's lawn. In Pirate Seas, sometimes fails doing so and falls on the sea.
Seagull Zombie Seagull Zombie2.png Average 200 Speedy Bypasses low defenses like Spikeweed and Iceberg Lettuce by flying over them.
Pirate Captain Zombie Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Protected 200 Stiff Can release a Zombie Parrot, which can steal a plant.
Zombie Parrot Zombie Parrot2.png Solid 200 Flighty Can fly to plants in other lanes to take them away.
Imp Pirate Zombie Imp Pirate Zombie2.png Average 200 Hungry
Gargantuar Pirate Gargantuar Pirate2.png Hungry 2000 Great
Pistol Zombie Pistol ZombieO.png Average 200 Basic Shoots bullets towards plants.
Torch Juggler Zombie Torch Juggler ZombieO.png Average 200 Basic Throws torches that slowly damage plants.
Peddler Zombie Peddler ZombieO.png Average 200 Basic Can throw his monkey to destroy a Sunflower in his lane.
Zombot Plank Walker Zombot Plank Walker2.png Undying 25000 Hungry Cannon can rain down many Imps past your defenses.
Far Future
Future Zombie Future Zombie2.png Average 220 Basic
Future Conehead Zombie Future Conehead Zombie2.png Protected 640
370 (cone)
270 (zombie)
Future Buckethead Zombie Future Buckethead Zombie2.png Hardened 1270
1000 (bucket)
270 (zombie)
Future Flag Zombie Future Flag Zombie2.png Average 270 Basic Appears during a huge wave of zombies.
Jetpack Zombie Jetpack Zombie2.png Solid 270 Speedy Bypasses the defenses by flying over them.
Shield Zombie Shield Zombie2.png Protected/
Hardened (force field)
700 or 1800
1100 (force field)
700 (zombie)
Basic Creates a shield in front of him which can block forward attacks in 3 lanes.
Bug Bot Imp Bug Bot Imp2.png Solid 180 Hungry Spawns from an ambush called "Bot Swarm!".
Robo-Cone Zombie Robo-Cone Zombie2.png Machined 1470 Stiff
Disco-tron 3000 Disco-tron 30002.png Machined 2700 Basic Summons Disco Jetpack Zombies.
Disco Jetpack Zombie Disco Jetpack Zombie2.png Average (Solid in-game) 250 Speedy Bypasses the defenses by flying over them.
Mecha-Football Zombie Mecha-Football Zombie2.png Machined 900 Basic Pushes plants to the left instead of eating.
Gargantuar Prime Gargantuar Prime2.png Great 3600 Stiff Crushes plants, randomly burns tiles with laser eyes, launches Bug Bot Imp when lower than 50% health.
Astro-Goop Zombie Astro-Goop ZombieO.png Protected 800 Stiff Shoots goop that does damage to plants.
Mechanical Wolf Zombie Mechanical Wolf ZombieO.png Protected 750 Creeper Jumps over the first plant it meets.
Harvester Zombie Harvester ZombieO.png Protected 700 Basic Attacks in three lanes.
Zombot Tomorrow-tron Zombot Tomorrow-tron2.png Ultra-Undying 72000 Hungry Missile attacks can destroy Power Tiles.
East Sea Dragon Palace
Underwater Soldier Zombie Underwater Soldier ZombieO.png Average 270 Basic
Shrimp Soldier Zombie Shrimp Soldier ZombieO.png Protected 670
370 (shrimp)
300 (zombie)
Shell Soldier Zombie Shell Soldier ZombieO.png Hardened 1300
1000 (shell)
300 (zombie)
Seahorse Zombie Seahorse ZombieO.png Average 300 Basic Appears during a huge wave of zombies.
Jellyfish Zombie Jellyfish ZombieO.png Protected 280 Speedy Jellyfish carries him over pasts defenses.
Clamshell God Zombie Clamshell God ZombieO.png Machined 1300
1000 (clamshell)
300 (zombie)
Basic Cannot be damaged once their shell is closed.