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Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They were the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, as the objective of the game was to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, were varied in strength as well as speed, and commanded unique aspects which had to be countered appropriately.

List of zombies

Name Image In-game description Pea hits Notes
Zombie ZombieA He's just your regular garden-variety zombie 4
Conehead Zombie Conehead ZombieA The traffic cone makes him twice as tough 8 (cone), 4 (zombie)
Total: 12
Barrel Zombie Barrel ZombieA What's he wearing under the barrel? 16 (barrel), 6 (zombie) 
Total: 22
After its barrel is destroyed, speed doubles, and ignores all plants other than non-adjacent Wall-nuts and Hard-nuts. Barrel can be destroyed in a single shot by Flaming Pea.
Buckethead Zombie Buckethead ZombieA The bucket makes him super tough 20 (bucket), 4 (zombie)
Total: 24
Bucket can be removed with Magnet Plant.
DJ Zom-B DJ Zom-BA He just really loves hats 15 (hats, 3 each)
9 (necklace), 8 (zombie)
Total: 32
Its necklace can be stolen by a Magnet Plant.
Rocket Zombie Rocket ZombieA He's practicing SCIENCE! 24 (rocket), 8 (zombie)
Total: 32
Rocket can be neutralized with a Chilly Pepper or a single Snow Pea or Ice Queen Pea hit. While on its rocket, he has triple speed and ignores all plants other than non-adjacent Wall-nuts and Hard-nuts.
Conga Leader Conga LeaderA He's a born leader, and a born dancer 12 (sombrero), 6 (zombie)
Total: 18
Conga Dancers continuously spawn from the gravestone until the Conga Leader is killed. Best to use Jalapeño against him and his line of Conga Dancers.
Conga Dancer Conga DancerA N/A 6 (feather hat), 4 (zombie)
Total: 10
Continuously spawned by Conga Leader until their leader is killed. They move slower than normal zombies until the death of the leader.
Football Zombie Football ZombieA Football Zombie makes the big plays 32 (football helmet), 8 (zombie)
Total: 40
Twice as fast as a normal zombie. Headgear can be removed with a Magnet Plant.
Ice Block Zombie Ice Block ZombieA He's pretty cold right now 40 (ice block), 8 (zombie)
Total: 48
Does heavy damage to all plants it touches while frozen. Ice block can be shattered with a single Flaming Pea hit. Snow Pea and Ice Queen Pea cannot slow it while frozen, and it will be completely immune to Chilly Pepper. When the ice block is destroyed, it reveals that this zombie is a Chef Zombie.
Imposter Zombie Imposter ZombieA He's not what he seems 32 (coat), 8 (each Imp)
Total: 48
When its coat is knocked off, it's revealed that a pair of Imps have been shambling on stilts. While wearing the coat, it deals more damage when eating plants.
Imp ImpA N/A 8 Twice as fast as a regular zombie. Thrown by Gargantuars and released when the Imposter Zombie's coat is knocked off.
Mall Cop Zombie Mall Cop ZombieA He believes in street justice 40 (segway), 8 (helmet), 12 (zombie)
Total: 60
When its segway hits a path-placed plant, it vaults past it and the segway gets destroyed. Afterwards, it starts biting any plants behind that plant. It takes 2 instant kills to kill it while it has its segway. While on the segway, it doesn't eat plants.
Weightlifter Zombie Weightlifter ZombieA He's gonna pump up your brains 40 (barbell), 12 (zombie)
Total: 52
The first plant it encounters dies in a single hit. After that, he loses his barbell and eats normally. The barbell can be stolen by a Magnet Plant. It takes 2 instant kills to kill it with its barbell.
Gas Can Zombie Gas Can ZombieA Carrying gasoline can be hazardous 20 Explodes upon death, knocking out all plants in a 3x3 radius. Snow Pea, Ice Queen Pea and Chilly Pepper puts out its cigar and gas can so it won't explode. Able to K.O. Shamrock and Shamrockstar.
Gargantuar Zombie Gargantuar ZombieA He likes soft things. 150 Smashes plants, instantly killing them, and throws an Imp when it loses 50 health or an instant kill of damage.
Coach Zombie Coach ZombieA N/A N/A Teaches the player about Brainball.

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  • The zombies' heads were much larger than the townspeople's heads, despite the fact that they should just be zombified versions of people.
  • For some reason, the Imp was more resistant than a normal Zombie. This is strange as they are smaller, and in the original Plants vs. Zombies, they were weaker in I, Zombie.

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