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The Zombies are a group of characters in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The goal of the game is to take over the garden, get vanquishes, steal Tacos, or set Gnome Bombs depending on the game mode. There are four playable zombie classes, Foot Soldier, Engineer, Scientist, and All-Star.


The zombies serve as one of the two playable factions present, alongside the plants. They are playable in Team Vanquish and Gardens & Graveyards, but in Garden Ops, normal non-playable zombies are present over the playable variations.

In Gardens & Graveyards and Taco Bandits, NPC zombies can be summoned during the fight to help Vanquish the plants, and are refilled with Sticker Packs purchased from the Sticker Shop.

Playable zombies

There are four playable character classes. All four have different abilities with different perks to using them.

Zombie Image Weapon Upgrades Health Variants Primary Weapon Primary Weapon Damage* Abilities Classic FPS class
Foot Soldier Foot SoldierGW1.png
125 Camo Ranger
Super Commando
General Supremo
Tank Commander
Arctic Trooper
Sky Trooper
Z-1 Assault Blaster 4-8 (impact damage)
5-9 (critical damage)
Rocket Jump
Zombie Stink Cloud
Rocket Leap
Super Stink Cloud
Soldier class
Engineer EngineerGW1.png
125 Welder
Sanitation Expert
Concrete Launcher 35-36 (impact/critical damage)
10-20 (splash damage)
Sonic Grenade
Zombot Drone
Proximity Sonic Mine
Rocket Drone
Turbo Jackhammer
Support class
Scientist ScientistGW1.png

Dr. Toxic
Marine Biologist
Dr. Chester

Goo Blaster Sticky Explody Ball
Zombie Heal Station
Mega Heal Bomb
Energy Warp
Armored Heal Station
Sticky Cheetah Ball
Cheetah Heal Station
Healer class
All-Star All-StarGW1.png
200 Baseball Star
Rugby Star
Hockey Star
Cricket Star
Goalie Star
Wrestling Star
Golf Star
Football Cannon 3-9 (impact damage)
3-10 (critical damage)
Imp Punt
Sprint Tackle
Dummy Shield
Long Bomb
Ultra Tackle
Shield Decoy
Tank class
Dr. Zomboss Zomboss gw.png None 2000 None None N/A Superb Zomboss Radar
Zomboss Healing Station
Cone Strike
Reviving Brainz BBQ

Boss class

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Each Playable Character class has six variants that give the base class a perk. The variants also differ slightly in appearance. Unlocking the variants is done through purchasing sticker packs from the Sticker Shop. Lower cost packs will result in single pieces being obtained randomly while the most expensive sticker pack will unlock a random new variant.

Foot Soldier

Zombie Image Weapon Upgrades Health Primary Weapon Primary Weapon Damage*
Camo Ranger Camo RangerGW1.png CamoRangerUpgrade.png 125 Camo Surprise 12-16 (impact damage)
12-19 (critical damage)
Super Commando Super CommandoGW1.png SuperCommandoUpgrade.png 125 Z4 Crossbow 12-18 (impact damage)
12-22 (critical damage)
General Supremo General SupremoGW1.png GeneralSupremeUpgrage.png 125 Golden Gatling 3-4 (impact damage)
3-5 (critical damage)
Tank Commander Tank CommanderGW1.png TankCommanderUpgrade.png 125 Mega Cannon 20 to 70
1-20 (splash damage)
Arctic Trooper Arctic TrooperGW1.png ArcticTrooperUpgrade.png 125 Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster 3-7 (impact damage)
4-8 (critical damage)
Sky Trooper Sky TrooperGW1.png SkyTrooperUpgrade.png 125 Danger Zone 3-7 (impact damage)
4-8 (critical damage)
Centurion CenturionGW1.png CenturionUpgrade.png 125 Flame Bolt 8-14 (impact damage)
8-17 (critical damage)
5 (fire damage per second)

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Zombie Image Weapon Upgrades Health Primary Weapon Primary Weapon Damage*
Welder WelderGW1.png WelderUpgrade.png 125 Welding Blaster 16-26 (impact/critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
5 (fire damage per second)
Painter PainterGW1.png PainterUpgrade.png 125 Paint Crossbow 26-48 (impact/critical damage)
5-10 (splash damage)
Mechanic MechanicGW1.png MechanicUpgrade.png 125 Air Gun 4-7 (impact damage)
5-9 (critical damage)
Electrician ElectricianGW1.png ElectricianUpgrade.png 125 Volt-O-Blaster 27-37 (impact/critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
5-10 (electric splash)
Plumber PlumberGW1.png PlumberUpgrade.png 125 Plunge Shot 35-36 (impact/critical damage)
25 (splash damage)
Landscaper LandscaperGW1.png LandscaperUpgrade.png 125 Weed Buster 20-34 (impact/critical damage)
10 (splash damage)
Sanitation Expert Sanitation ExpertGW1.png SanitationExpertUpgrade.png 125 Toxic Trash 35-40 (impact/critical damage)
15 (splash damage)
2 (toxic damage per second or being close to enemy)

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Zombie Image Weapon Upgrades Health Primary Weapon Primary Weapon Damage*
Chemist ChemistGW1.png ChemistUpgrade.png 100 Chemical Beaker Blaster 40
Physicist PhysicistGW1.png PhysicistUpgrade.png 100 EMP Frazzle Launcher 18-30 (impact damage)
30-90 (critical damage)
5-10 (electric splash)
Dr. Toxic Dr. ToxicGW1.png DrToxicUpgrade.png 100 Radiation Blaster 12-16 (impact damage)
21-25 (critical damage)
2 (toxic damage per second or being close to enemy)
Astronaut AstronautGW1.png AstronautUpgrade.png 100 Moon Rock Launcher 17- 18 (impact damage)
19-22 (critical damage)
Marine Biologist Marine BiologistGW1.png MarineBiologistUpgrade.png 100 Dolphin Blaster 10-30 (impact damage)
20-60 (critical damage)
Archaeologist ArchaeologistGW1.png ArchaeologistUpgrade.png 100 Excavator 8-15 (impact damage)
9-34 (critical damage)
Dr. Chester Dr. ChesterGW1.png Dr.ChesterUpgrade.png 100 Cheese Blaster 25 (impact damage)
25 (critical damage)
Paleontologist PaleontologistGW1.png PaleontologistUpgrade.png 100 Dino Blaster 6-20 (impact damage)
7-67 (critical damage)
5 (fire damage per second)

*exact damage varies depending on distance


Zombie Image Weapon Upgrades Health Primary Weapon Primary Weapon Damage*
Baseball Star Baseball StarGW1.png BaseballStarUpgrade.png 200 Baseball Cannon 2-6 (impact damage)
3-7 (critical damage)
Rugby Star Rugby StarGW1.png RugbyStarUpgrade.png 200 Rapid Fire Rugby Launcher 4-10 (impact/critical damage)
3 (splash damage)
Hockey Star Hockey StarGW1.png HockyStarUpgrade.png 200 Stinky Glove Launcher 2-4 (impact damage)
2-5 (critical damage)
Cricket Star Cricket StarGW1.png CricketStarUpgrade.png 200 Flaming Cricket Blaster 3-6 (impact damage)
3-7 (critical damage)
5 (fire damage per second)
Goalie Star Goalie StarGW1.png GoalieStarUpgrade.png 200 Ice Puck Cannon 2-5 (impact damage)
3-6 (critical damage)
Wrestling Star Wrestling StarGW1.png WrestlingStarUpgrade.png 200 Piledriver 6-14 (impact damage)
6-17 (critical damage)
Golf Star Golf StarGW1.png GolfStarUpgrade.png 200 Golf Cannon 3-5 (impact damage)
3-6 (critical damage)

*exact damage varies depending on distance

Ability zombies

These zombies are the abilities of some playable characters.

Zombie Image Ability of
Zombot Drone Zombotdrone.png Engineer
Rocket Drone Rocketdrone.png Engineer
Imp Punt Imppunt.png All-Star
Long Bomb Longbomb.png All-Star

Spawnable zombies

There are 17 Spawnable Zombies that can be used. To summon a zombie, look for grave dirt piles. The spawnable zombies are used as assistance to fight against the plants in Gardens & Graveyards. Each are considered consumables that once used can not be picked back up. Spawnable Zombies can only be obtained by purchasing sticker packs with in-game coins.

Zombie Image
Browncoat Zombie Browncoat.png
Conehead Zombie Conehead gw.png
Buckethead Zombie Buckethead gw.png
Flag Zombie Flag gw.png
Newspaper Zombie Hmb.png
Screen Door Zombie Screen.png
Exploding Imp Imp gw.png
Coffin Zombie Coffin.png
Outhouse Zombie Outhouse.png
Map Pirate Map.png
Barrel Pirate Barrel.png
Vampire Zombie

Vampire Zombie.png

Heal Zombie

Heal Zombie.png

Backup Dancer Backup Dancer gw.png
Yeti Imp Yeti Imp.png
Pumpkin Browncoat* Pumpkin Browncoat 2.png
Turkey Browncoat* Turkey Browncoat.png
Holiday Browncoat* Holiday Browncoat.png
  • A * Indicates that this zombies can only be obtained on its holiday but can be spawned anytime in the year.

Garden Ops zombies

These zombies only appear in Garden Ops mode.

Note: a * indicates that this zombie is a boss.

Zombie Image
Blitzer Berserky.png
Disco Zombie* Dz.png
Giga Gargantuar* Gigag.png
Gargantuar* G.png
Yeti Zombie* Yeti1.png
Chieftain Chieftain.png
Giga Imp Giga-imp.png
Pirate Zombie Pza.png
Conehead Pirate Pz.png
Buckethead Pirate Bhpz.png
Screen Door Pirate Screen Door Pirate.png
Imp Pirate Pirate Exploding Imp.png
Zombomb* Zombomb.jpg
Treasure Yeti* Treasureyeti1.png
Baron von Bats* Vampire1.png

Other zombies

Zombie Image
Zombot Turret Mark I Mark I.png
Zombot Turret Mark II Zt2.png
Zombot Turret Mark III Rocket Turret.png
Superb Zomboss Radar Superb Zomboss Radar 19.png
Reviving Brainz BBQ Reviving Brainz BBQ 16.png
Cone Strike Cone Strike 2.png
Zomboss Healing Station Zomboss Heal Station 2.png

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