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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Zombies are playable classes and spawnables in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.​ There are a total of ten playable zombie classes, including seven from the previous two Garden Warfare games, and three new ones.

Playable zombies

Zombie Image Health Weapon(s) Abilities Class
Foot Soldier Foot SoldierBfN 125 Z-1 Assault Blaster Super Stink CloudBfN Rocket JumpBfN ZPGBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
ImpBfN 75 Imp Blasters Gravity GrenadeBfN Robo CallBfN ImpkataBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Z-MechBfN 350 Robo Laser Missile MadnessBfN Explosive EscapeBfN Bionic BashBfN
Super Brainz Super BrainzBfN 150 Heroic Fist,
Ultra Flying Fist,
Alpha Better Shield
Super Ultra BallBfN Turbo TwisterBfN Hyper Jump ThumpBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
80s Action
80s Action HeroBfN 150 Bow Blaster Dynamite DodgeBfN Rocket RideBfN Can't-Miss-ileBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Electric Slide Electric SlideBfN 125 Boogie Bolt Funky BouncerBfN Outta Fight!BfN Disco TornadoBfN PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon
Captain DeadbeardBfN 100 Scurvy Scattershot,
Spyglass Shot
Barrel BlastBfN Parrot PalBfN Anchor's AwayBfN PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
All-Star All-StarBfN 200 Football Cannon Imp PuntBfN Sprint TackleBfN Dummy ShieldBfN PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
Space Cadet
Space Station
Space CadetBfN 125 Cosmo Shot Solo:
Gravity SmashBfN Station InflationBfN Big Bang BeamBfN
PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon
Asteroid ShieldBfN Escape PodBfN Hands-On TorpedoBfN
Space StationBfN 275
Big Bang Burst Space ForceBfN Escape PodBfN Crater MakerBfN
Scientist ScientistBfN 100 Goo Blaster Sticky Healy ThingyBfN WarpBfN Healing HoseBfN PvZ BfN Support Class Icon
Engineer EngineerBfN 125 Concrete Launcher Bullhorn SwarmBfN Heavy HelperBfN Double TimeBfN PvZ BfN Support Class Icon
Wizard WizardBfN 125 Orbracadorbra Zee-lixirBfN Spell DisasterBfN Co-StarBfN PvZ BfN Support Class Icon



Bot Image Health Primary Weapon Cooldown Role
Rocket Bot Rocket BotBfN TBA Rocket 2 min. Ranged
Gatling Bot Gatling BotBfN TBA Pew Pew 3 min. Ranged
Hide-n-Shoot Bot Hide-n-Shoot BotBfN TBA Splaser 4 min. Ranged
Mr. Electro Mr. ElectroBfN TBA Electric Strike 5 min. Ranged
Dr. Heals Dr. HealsBfN TBA N/A 4 min. Support
Loudmouth Bot Loudmouth BotBfN TBA Loud Noises 3 min. Support
Boxer Bot Boxer BotBfN TBA One Two 2 min. Melee
Explody Bot Explody BotBfN TBA Explosiony 5 min. Melee
Breaker Bot Breaker BotBfN TBA Smashy 3 min. Melee

Elusive Foes

Town Center

Elusive Foes that are exclusive to Town Center

Name Image Health Encounter Location Special Original Zombie Customizations Worn
Fantastico Unicorn HeroBfN TBA Sundrop Hills Turns invincible every few seconds 80s Action HeroBfN Unicorn Hero
Pack Rat Pack RatBfN TBA Up-Down-Uptown Has increased damage
Has increased health
Foot SoldierBfN Corporal Shootypants Costume
Rubbish Ranger Set
Squiddy Shaw Squiddy ShawBfN TBA Pressure Pier TBA Captain DeadbeardBfN Captain Shipwreck Costume
Octo-Dinner Hat
Dig Wig Dig WigBfN TBA Steep Mines Turns invincible every few seconds EngineerBfN Night Shift Costume
Finer Miner Set
Mag Pete-O Mag Pete-OBfN TBA Steep Mines TBA ScientistBfN Foil Fanatic Costume
Magnetic Magnificence Set
Safety Stan 96px TBA Rocky Flats TBA ImpBfN Imp-Cab Express Costume
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Zombies (Shooter games)
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