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Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies 3, as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, are varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.

Zombies also level up as you progress in the Devour Tower, making the game more difficult.

Devour Tower zombies

Specific stats (Armor reduction, alternate attacks, etc.) are listed on each zombie's page. All zombies' stats are from level 1. In their row there is also labeled what their lowest possible level in Devour Tower is, however they still can come in lower levels in Breakout levels and Arena levels. Each level a zombie gains, his health and attack damage will be multiplied by 1.3.

Your House

This is the only type of zombie that appears over time, rather than all at once.

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Browncoat Zombie3.png

Browncoat Zombie

Want brainz, takes brainz, has brainz. Basic!

Normal Damage Icon.png Floor 1


Fast and weak. Always up to something. Fun-sized!

Normal Damage Icon.png Fast Floor 1


Wears a traffic cone on their head as armor. Resourceful!

Normal Damage Icon.png Armored Floor 2
Flag Zombie3.png

Flag Zombie

Speeds up all zombies on their lane. Inspirational!

Normal Damage Icon.png Support Floor 2


Wears a bucket on their head as heavy armor. Trend-Bucking!

Normal Damage Icon.png Armored Floor 7


So big. So dense. Does huge damage with pole. At half health, throws an Imp down his lane. Ginormous!

Normal Damage Icon.png Brute,
Imp Thrower,
Floor 15
Late Boomer3.png

Late Boomer

Shows up if other zombies remain on your lawn for too long and brings the fireworks! BOOM!

Normal Damage Icon.png

Taco Park

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Power Walker3.png

Power Walker

Walks quite fast, and presumably with power. Toned!

Electric Damage Icon.png Fast Floor 2
Balloon Zombie3.png

Balloon Zombie

When his balloon is destroyed, he stops flying and acts like a normal zombie. Popping!

Hot Damage Icon.png Flying Floor 3
Pigeon Feeder3.png

Pigeon Feeder

Throws crumbs that summon flocks of Zombie Pigeons. Carbohydrated!

Normal Damage Icon.png Spawner,
Floor 3
Zombie Pigeon3.png

Zombie Pigeon

Flies while moving, but lands to attack plants. Pigeonholed!

Normal Damage Icon.png Flying,
Summoned by Pigeon Feeder
Dog Walker3.png

Dog Walker

His dog attacks in his lane and adjacent lanes. Mangy!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Minesweeper Floor 4

Green Screens Theater

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Donut Roller3.png

Donut Roller

Pushes a giant donut, blocking plant attacks. Half-baked!

Hot Damage Icon.png Shielded Floor 5
Actor Zombie3.png

Actor Zombie

When defeated, he does a Shakespearean death monologue for 10 seconds. Histrionic!

Chilling Damage Icon.png Obstacle Spawner Floor 5
Hot Dog Imp3.png

Hot Dog Imp

Fast and weak. Hides in hot dog suit for unknown purposes. Just the wurst!

Hot Damage Icon.png Fast,
Lane Changer
Floor 6
Cell Phone Zombie3.png

Cell Phone Zombie

When her cell phone breaks, she becomes enraged and speeds up. Screen timed!

Electric Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 7

Dave's Workshop

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Taco Imp3.png

Taco Imp

Hides in a Taco, avoiding shots until she attacks. Defeat her to earn that Taco for your plants! Spicy!

Hot Damage Icon.png Sneaky,
Floor 8
Plunger Zombie3.png

Plunger Zombie

Fires toilet plungers that pull plants towards her. Unclogging!

Chilling Damage Icon.png Ranged,
Floor 8
Miner Threat3.png

Miner Threat

Digs underground getting behind your plants, then attacks them from behind. Subterranean!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 9
Rocket Scientist3.png

Rocket Scientist

Rockets to the back column, then attacks your plants from behind. Meteoric!

Hot Damage Icon.png Backbiter,
Floor 9

Jubilee Nightclub

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Disco Zombie3.png

Disco Zombie

Spawns formations of Backup Dancers. Trendy!

Electric Damage Icon.png Shielded,
Floor 11
Backup Dancer3.png

Backup Dancer

Spawned by Disco Zombie. His deep-V disco blouse doesn't give much protection. Funky!

Electric Damage Icon.png Floor 11
Fog Machine Zombie3.png

Fog Machine Zombie

Spews Fog in adjacent tiles, giving Stealth to zombies there. Pea-Soupy!

Chilling Damage Icon.png Obstacle
Floor 12
MC Zom-B3.png

MC Zom-B

Wears 6 hats that must be knocked off. Excess damage done to a hat is not applied to the next one. Also swings his microphone around, damaging all nearby plants. Ceremonial!

Electric Damage Icon.png Layered,
Area Effect
Floor 12

Sunnyfield Farm

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Pitchfork Zombie3.png

Pitchfork Zombie

Tosses plants over her shoulder for her friends to eat. Pastoral!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Fast,
Floor 14
Chicken Wrangler3.png

Chicken Wrangler

At half health, releases a swarm of Zombie Chickens. Chicken-Plucking!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Swarmer Floor 14
Zombie Chicken3.png

Zombie Chicken

Vulnerable but very fast. Clucky!

Normal Damage Icon.png Fast,
Summoned by Chicken Wrangler
Outhouse Zombie3.png

Outhouse Zombie

When the outhouse armor is destroyed, unleashes a stink wave down her lane, stunning all plants it hits. Pungent!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 15

Silicorn Lab

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Jetpack Zombie3.png

Jetpack Zombie

Flies straight for your house, ignoring all of your plants. Propulsive!

Electric Damage Icon.png Flying,
Floor 17
Impfinity Clone3.png

Impfinity Clone

This clone of a famous zombie here clones itself whenever it survives damage. Duplicative!

Electric Damage Icon.png Fast,
Floor 17
Zombot Drone3.png

Zombot Drone

Flies over shots, then stops to attack your plants from the air. Remote-controlled!

Electric Damage Icon.png Flying,
Lane Changer
Floor 18
Zombot Drone Engineer3.png

Zombot Drone Engineer

Spawns flying Zombot Drones. Deterministic!

Electric Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 18

Shallot Graveyard

Zombie Description Type Threats First appears on
Skeleton Zombie3.png

Skeleton Zombie

When destroyed, it collapses into a pile of bones, soon rising as a Skeleton Zombie. Ossified!

Earthy Damage Icon.png N/A Floor 20
Coffin Zombie3.png

Coffin Zombie

Wears a coffin as sturdy, full-body armor. Morbid!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 20


Raises Gravestones then summons zombies from them! Necromantic!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Obstacle Spawner,
Floor 21
Funeral Crashers3.png

Funeral Crashers

This may look like a Coffin Zombie, but this creaky casket actually contains a gang of imps in disguise! Disrespectful!

Earthy Damage Icon.png Armored,
Floor 21

BBQ Beach

Zombie Desciption Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Shark Zombie3.png

Shark Zombie

Shows just a shark fin. Can't be hit by most plants until it attacks. Cartilaginous!

(Starting level: 11)

480 Walking: 26 Digging: 36 100, 1 s Stealth
Sunbather Zombie3.png

Sunbather Zombie

Every few seconds, steals one sun from you. She gives the sun back when her sun screen is destroyed. Well-tanned!

(Starting level: 11)

340 Walking: 19 100, 1 s Armored
Sharktronic Sand Sub3.png

Sharktronic Sand Sub

Can't be hit by most plants until it attacks. Pretends to be a Shark Costume Zombie until revealed. Suspenseful!

(Starting level: 11)

95 Driving: 23 Digging: 36 300, 1 s Brute, Armored, Digging
Flamingo Rider3.png

Flamingo Rider

This robotic flamingo runs quickly on the ground, then launches to fly when it reaches a plant. Decorative!

(Starting level: 11)

95 Riding: 50 100, 1 s Flying, Armored

Mulchburger Fast Food

Zombie Description Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Ketchup Carrier3.png

Ketchup Carrier

Blorps ketchup at plants, stunning them. Flavorful!

(Starting level: 12)

975 26 100, 1 s N/A
Hot Dog Vendor3.png

Hot Dog Vendor

Throws Hot Dog Imps from his cart. His cart explodes into more Hot Dog Imps when destroyed. Cholester-awful!

(Starting level: 12)

? ? ? Swarm, Obstacle
Pizza Guy3.png

Pizza Guy

Throws pizzas at plants, trapping them in cheese and sauce. Destroy the pizza blob to free the plant! He'll throw fewer pizzas if the boxes are destroyed, but excess damage to a pizza box is not applied to the next one. Cheesy!

(Starting level: 13)

680 23 100, 1 s Swarm, Flying
King of the Grill3.png

King of the Grill

Spatulas plants back over his shoulder. Spatulas Imps forward down his lane. Flipping-out!

(Starting level: 13)

2800 40 8000, 3s N/A

Lawn and Savings Bank

Zombie Description Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Firewall Zombie3.png

Firewall Zombie

Codes a Firewall, blocking plant attacks. 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 01100100!

(Starting level: 14)

850 30 100, 1 s Obstacle
Robber Imp3.png

Robber Imp

Stuffs a plant in a sack then slinks away. Releases the plant when defeated. Larcenous!

(Starting level: 14)

? ? ? Stealth
Crossing Guard3.png

Crossing Guard

Throws road cones onto Browncoat Zombies' heads, giving them armor. Vested with authority!

(Starting level: 15)

? ? ? Ranged, Armored
Jackhammer Zombie3.png

Jackhammer Zombie

Rides a jackhammer that jumps over the first plant it reaches. Bouncy!

(Starting level: 15)

1900 19 50, 1s Armored

Brainiacs (and their minions)

Rainbow Glitz

Zombie Desciption Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Rainbow Glitz3.png

Rainbow Glitz

This undead queen of pop choreographs a

full spectrum of melodic menace! Her songs will be stuck on your head, but your

brains won't be!

Pop Star Zombie3.png

Pop Star Zombie

Blasts star projectiles in 5 directions around her. Famous!

320 30 Bite
100, 1s
50 x5
Glitter Zombie3.png

Glitter Zombie

Zombies behind her in her lane are

protected by rainbows and can't be

damaged. Colorful!

340 36 100, 1s N/A
Mega-Pop Star3.png

Mega-Pop Star

This pop princess makes sure all eyes are

on her! She'll unleash an explosion of 12

stars when she spins around!

1100 20 300, 1.3s Ranged
Mega-Glitter Zombie3.png

Mega-Glitter Zombie

What's better than a double rainbow? A

triple rainbow! This monstrous muse

shields zombies in three lanes!

1301 24 300, 1s N/A


Zombie Desciption Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats


This wicked witch has Zom-Bats in her

belfry! Mastering a mass of monsters while wielding weird wizardry, she's as beastly as she is brainy!



When defeated, splits into two smaller Zom-Blots in adjacent lanes. Glutinous!

190 26 100, 1 s Swarm


When defeated, splits into two tiny Zom- Boogers in adjacent lanes. Gluey!

140 26 100, 1 s Swarm


All Zom-Blobs eventually end up as a swarm of these grabby globs. Gooey!

85 26 100, 1 s N/A
Bride of Frankentuar3.png

Bride of Frankentuar

Acts like a normal Imp. Is spawned by Frankentuar. Matrimonial!

95 44 150, 1 s N/A


When defeated, this immense blobular mass splits into two smaller blobs, which split into four, then eight!

368 17 300, 1.3 s Swarm
Mega-Bride of Frankentuar3.png

Mega-Bride of Frankentuar

This brobdingnagian bride is a shock to your front lines, firing lightning at nearby plants!

805 29 300, 1.3 s N/A

Ballpark Frank

Zombie Desciption Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Ballpark Frank3.png

Ballpark Frank

The ultimate sports fan, Ballpark Frank's number two goal is goals. His number one goal is your brains.

Goalie Zombie3.png

Goalie Zombie

Catches your plants' projectiles and throws them back, while diving between lanes. Clutch!

290 26 100, 4.8s N/A
Superfan Imp3.png

Superfan Imp

Explodes when it reaches a plant, doing heavy damage. Dedicated!

95 44 8000 N/A


If you have a big goal in life, you'll need a big goalie. She's completely immune to damage while diving!

850 17 100, 4.9s N/A
Super-Duper-Fan Imp3.png

Super-Duper-Fan Imp

This guy is literally Ballpark Frank's biggest fan! He can explode multiple times when he reaches your plants!

630 29 10400 N/A

Dr. Zomboss

Zombie Desciption Health Walking Speed Attack Damage/Speed Threats
Dr. Zomboss3.png

Dr. Zomboss

He's baa-aack. Dr. Edgar G. Zomboss has more brains than any other zombie, but he still wants more! Yours, if he's being precise. And Dr. Zomboss is always very, very precise.

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