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Zombies are reanimated, mindless, decaying corpses with a hunger for human brains. They are the main antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies, as the objective of the game is to prevent them from eating the player's brains. Zombies, like their defensive counterparts the plants, are varied in strength as well as speed, and command unique aspects which must be countered appropriately.

List of zombies

Almanac zombies

Name Image Characteristics Health Toughness
Zombie**† Zombie1.png A normal zombie. 270 Low
Flag Zombie**† Flag Zombie1.png Moves slightly faster and signals a huge wave incoming. Can be customized with the Zombatar feature on versions that have it, excluding the Nintendo DS version. 270 Low
Conehead Zombie**† Conehead Zombie1.png Headwear zombie uses a traffic cone to protect itself. 640
370 (roadcone)
270 (zombie)
Pole Vaulting Zombie Pole Vaulting Zombie1.png Vaulting zombie, single jump, jumps over the first plant it encounters with a pole. 500 Medium
Buckethead Zombie** Buckethead Zombie1.png Headwear zombie has a bucket that is extremely resistant to damage, but attractable by a Magnet-shroom. 1370
1100 (bucket)
270 (zombie)
Newspaper Zombie Newspaper Zombie1.png Shield zombie, moves slowly at first, moves twice as fast and grunts after its newspaper is destroyed. 420
150 (newspaper)
270 (zombie)
Screen Door Zombie Screen Door Zombie1.png Shield zombie, is not affected by Snow Peas and other plants in the peashooter family unless the screen door is removed. Screen doors can be taken away by Magnet-shrooms. 1370
1100 (screen door)
270 (zombie)
Football Zombie†* Football Zombie1.png Headwear zombie, very durable, moves fast. Helmet can be taken away by Magnet-shroom. 1670
1600 (football helmet)
270 (zombie)
Very high
Dancing Zombie Old Dancing Zombie1.pngNew Dancing Zombie2.png Dances as it walks, summons Backup Dancers. Previously had an appearance similar to that of Michael Jackson. 500 Medium
Backup Dancer Old Backup Dancer.pngBackup Dancer1.png Dances as it walks in groups of four. Can be re-summoned if lead Dancing Zombie which is controlling it has not been killed. Previously had an appearance reminiscent of Michael Jackson's style. 270 Low
Ducky Tube Zombie**† Ducky Tube Zombie1.png Only appears in the Pool. Is just as strong as the on-land version of the zombie of which it is a variation. It has Flag, Conehead, Buckethead, and ZomBotany zombies variations. Is always Pool or Fog ambush zombie. 270 (Zombie), 500 (Jalapeno Zombie), 640 (Conehead Zombie), 1370 (Buckethead Zombie), or 2400 (Tall-nut Zombie) Low, Medium, High, or Very high
Snorkel Zombie Snorkel Zombie1.png Invulnerable to most plants (except lobbed shots, Tangle Kelp, and explosive plants) while underwater. Only resurfaces to eat plants. Also appears in Zombiquarium. 270 Low
Zomboni** Zomboni1.png Rides a Zamboni which crushes plants, leaving an ice trail behind. 1350 High
Zombie Bobsled Team** Zombie Bobsled Team1.png Only appears on an ice trail left by a Zomboni. Appears in groups of four in a bobsled. After its bobsled reaches the end of the ice trail, it will get off and walk normally. 1380
300 (bobsled)
270 (for each zombie)
Dolphin Rider Zombie** Dolphin Rider Zombie1.png Vaulting zombie, single jump. While riding his dolphin, he is much faster. The dolphin disappears after jumping. 500 Medium
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie** Jack-in-the-Box Zombie1.png Carries an exploding jack-in-the-box and moves twice as fast as normal Zombies. It shakes while cranking it up. Its jack-in-the-box can be taken by Magnet-shroom. 500 Medium
Balloon Zombie Balloon Zombie1.png Floats over the ground. Protected from ground attacks; however, it can be blown away by Blovers and its balloon can be popped by Cactus and Cattail. 290
20 (on water)
20 (balloon)
270 (zombie)
Digger Zombie Digger Zombie1.png Digs through the ground and appears on the left side of the lawn, then eats through the player's defenses from the left. Vulnerable to Magnet-shroom, Gloom-shroom, Starfruit, Potato Mine (only when armed), and Split Pea. 370
100 (hard hat)
270 (zombie)
Pogo Zombie Pogo Zombie1.png Vaulting zombie, makes multiple jumps. His pogo stick can be stolen by a Magnet-shroom. Also, he stops bouncing if he reaches a Tall-nut. 500 Medium
Zombie Yeti** Zombie Yeti1.png Runs away if not killed, drops four (five if first time) diamonds($4000) if killed. Appears after beating Adventure Mode a second time, on Level 4-10. 1350 High
Bungee Zombie Bungee Zombie1.png Steals a plant at random positions or drops zombies. An Umbrella Leaf offers protection to the surrounding area. 400 Medium
Ladder Zombie Ladder Zombie1.png Shield zombie, attaches ladder to defensive plants to let others go over them. Its shield is not affected by Snow Peas and fire peas. 1000
500 (ladder)
500 (zombie)
Catapult Zombie Catapult Zombie1.png Attacks the last attackable plant in a row, until it is out of basketballs, or if there are not any plants in the row, then moves forward and crushes plants (if any). 850 Medium
Gargantuar* Gargantuar1.png Takes two instant kills, but Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, and Roof Cleaners kill them instantly. Crushes plants instead of eating them and throws an Imp when damaged. 3000 Extremely high
Imp Imp1.png Thrown by Gargantuars deep into your defenses after losing half of their health. 270
(50 in I, Zombie)
Dr. Zomboss Dr. Zomboss1.png Final boss, has double health in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge. 31660
(63300 in Dr. Zomboss's Revenge and second Adventure Mode gameplay)
Extremely high

Non-almanac zombies

Name Image Characteristics Health
Trash Can Zombie Trash Can Zombie1.png Shield zombie, moves about the quarter the speed of a Zombie, only appears in the console versions and DS version. 1070
800 (trash can)
270 (zombie)
Target Zombie Target Zombie1.png Only appears in Versus Mode. The main goal for plants is to kill three of these zombies. 270
Peashooter Zombie Peashooter Zombie1.png Shoots peas at plants, only appears in ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2. 270
Wall-nut Zombie Wall-nut Zombie1.png Takes high amounts of damage, only appears in ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2. 1370
Gatling Pea Zombie Gatling Pea Zombie1.png Shoots four peas at once, only appears in ZomBotany 2. 270
Tall-nut Zombie Tall-nut Zombie1.png Takes about two instant kills if Potato Mine and Squash, other instant kills can kill it in one hit, only appears in ZomBotany 2. 2470
Jalapeno Zombie Jalapeno Zombie1.png Explodes after a short time and destroys all plants in the row, only appears in ZomBotany 2. 500
Squash Zombie Squash Zombie1.png Squashes the first plant it comes near, moves faster than a normal zombie, only appears in ZomBotany 2. 270
Giga-Football Zombie†† Giga-Football Zombie1.png Appears in the Plants vs. Zombies Web Version in Survival: Endless and Vasebreaker. Has almost the exact same health as a Gargantuar 3070
2800 (black football helmet)
270 (zombie)
Giga-gargantuar†† Giga-gargantuar1.png Takes four Instant kills, but Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, and Roof Cleaners kill them instantly. Crushes plants instead of eating them and throws an Imp when weakened. 6000
Catapult Baseball Zombie Catapult Baseball Zombie1.png Only appears in Homerun Derby. Unknown
Baseball Zombie Baseball Zombie1.png Only appears in Homerun Derby. Unknown

* Means this zombie has a giga form.
** Means this zombie has an invisible form in Invisi-ghoul.
† Means this zombie has a smaller form in Big Trouble Little Zombie.
†† Means this is the giga form (or possible giga form) of another zombie's normal counterpart.


The zombies' almanac section on PopCap Games' website (some zombies are not included)

The zombies' burnt animation

All the zombies (some zombies are behind the Gargantuar and Giga-gargantuar).

  • Imps in I, Zombie are the weakest zombies in the entire game, taking 50 damage per shot.
  • There are also Ducky Tube Zombie versions of Flag Zombie, Conehead Zombie, and Buckethead Zombie zombies and ZomBotany zombies except for Squash Zombie.
  • Other zombies encountered in or out of the game include Chinese zombies, Zombie Worm, Queen Zombies, Sunflower Zombie, and Vampire Imp.
  • The hand of a normal Zombie can be seen popping out of the grave on the main menu when Adventure Mode is loaded, followed by an evil laugh except in the iOS or DS versions.
  • Zombies' surprise attacks appear in Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof levels; in the first, they come out of the graves; in the next two, water in the right four columns of the pool, covered in seaweed, and are functionally the same as Ducky Tube Zombies. In roof levels, they are dropped by Bungee Zombies onto the slope of the roof, and appear and function the same way as normal, Conehead, or Buckethead Zombie. In all three cases, with the notable exception of Whack a Zombie (and Level 2-5) and Level 5-5 (Grave Danger too if including Limbo Page games), they appear only at the end, during the last flag in a level, including every other wave in Survival: Endless. Zombies popping out of graves can be stopped by planting a Grave Buster on the grave, making the grave disappear. Ambush zombies popping out of the pool can be prevented by planting or waking up an Ice-shroom so it explodes after the huge wave of zombies starts to appear on the right of the screen, but before the ambush zombies appear. Ambush zombies dropped by Bungee Zombies can be stopped by planting an Umbrella Leaf within one square of where the zombie appears.
  • The only zombies encountered in the gameplay that do not have the word "zombie" as the last word in their name are Backup Dancer, Zomboni, Zombie Bobsled Team, Zombie Yeti, Dr. Zomboss, Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, and Imp.
  • In the iOS and Android Versions of Plants vs. Zombies, the zombies are slightly shorter and have more strands of hair on their abnormally large heads.
  • Balloon Zombies, Digger Zombies, Catapult Zombies, Gargantuars and Imps have different heads than a normal zombie.
  • There is a glitch in the DS and Mac versions where almost all types of zombies require a few more points of damage after losing their heads before they fall over.
  • In the end of the trailer of the DS, the Zombie Horse appears; the Zombie Horse also appears in the same video as one of Dr. Zomboss's failed attempts to make a tiny zombie.
  • Zombies can fully eat non-defensive plants in approximately two seconds.
  • When the player kills the last zombie in a level, only the head will be shown falling down, while the body disappears.
  • Frozen zombies (slowed zombies by a Snow Pea, Ice-shroom, or Winter Melon) on versions with higher quality graphics (PC, iOS, Xbox 360, PS3) have a lighter blue than on DS and DSiWare versions.
  • Hypnotized zombies turn around and have their entire body mirrored, as a Backup Dancer that has lost its right arm may appear to have lost its left arm.
  • In the DS versions, the zombies' teeth are bigger than other versions.
  • None of the zombies, aside from the regular zombies and their headwear variants, follow the standard zombie type.
  • The flag zombie is replaced by a Zombatar created in the PC, PS Vita and GOTY versions.
  • Zomboni, Digger Zombie, flying Balloon Zombie, Zombie Yeti, Bungee Zombie, Catapult Zombie, Gargantuar, Imp and ZomBotany zombies are the only zombies who have their own burning animations.
  • When the player kills a zombie without an instant kill and detonates an explosive plant right next to it, its headless body will be burnt and disappear without any animation.

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