Zombie Trap is the twentieth and last mini-game in the Nintendo DSiWare version of Plants vs. Zombies. To win the level, the player must trap 35 zombies in seven cages by using brains as bait.



The objective is to use the stylus to drag a brain across the screen to attract incoming zombies. When zombies are attracted to the red rectangle in the center of the lawn, you can tap the cage at the upper right of the screen, signaling their fellow ravens at the top screen to drop a cage down to the zombies. When you trapped the zombies, the ravens fly into the cage and beat the zombies to death. If you trap at least five zombies in the cage, their brain amount and number of cages increase by one. You will start with three brains and seven cages. You need to trap and kill at least 35 zombies to win.
Let's Play Plants vs Zombies (DSiWare) Part 28- A 28-Minute Treat

Let's Play Plants vs Zombies (DSiWare) Part 28- A 28-Minute Treat

How to play it (skip until 21:15)

When Zombie Trap is displayed on the mini-games menu, Crazy Dave will tell the player their record for the greatest number of zombies the player caught at once.


Bungee Zombies sometimes drop zombies right in front of your house, but fortunately, they can still attract them with the brains before they go inside.


  • Gargantuar and Imp are separated, meaning that the Imp appears without the Gargantuar needing throwing it.
  • It is the only level where zombies appear already damaged.
  • It is the only level in which Bungee Zombies can drop down zombies on the first column.
  • It is one of two levels without any plants in Plants vs. Zombies. The other one is Zombiquarium.
  • It can be used for successful gold farming. If the player is still missing some mini-game trophies and can replay the level, the last zombie will drop the Gold Sunflower Trophy and five diamonds. The player will not get the trophy, but the diamonds will be saved.
†: Strategy page
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