Zombie Temp Worker is a comedy series created by PopCap Games and released on YouTube. It features an employee from PopCap dressed up as a regular Zombie running around the office building and other properties of the company which causes mischief and humor. It features nine episodes in all to this date. The series arguably ended in Bejeweled 3 where the Zombie Temp Worker got stuck in the ground because of a falling blue gem, which is the icon of Bejeweled, but it returned again in later episodes. To watch them, one must go to the Plants vs. Zombies YouTube channel.


  • Zombie Temp Worker: A zombie somehow got a job at PopCap.
  • Rise & Shine: The zombie's morning routine is shown.
  • Lunchtime: The zombie tries to eat a cauliflower (I can't believe it's not brains) sandwich, but his fake head prevents him from doing so.
  • Earth Day: The zombie takes a stroll through a park before exploring a greenhouse.
  • King Pong Playa: The zombie struggles to win a game of ping-pong against a co-worker, but fails miserably.
  • Dance machine: The zombie busts some cool dance moves to the song Zombies on Your Lawn.
  • A Night of Glory: The zombie attends a CGA party.
  • Nighttime Zombie: Strange... things... come out at night.
  • Halloween Zombie: The zombie goes trick or treating in his own area of work!
  • Pumpkin Carving: The zombie tries his undead hand at pumpkin carving...
  • Bejeweled 3: The debatable end...
  • PopCap Olympics & Nerf Marksmanship: The zombie competes in a Nerf Marksmanship competition.
  • PopCap Olympics & Musical Chairs: The zombie competes in a round of musical chairs.
  • PopCap Olympics and the Omega Claw: The zombie tries out the Omegaclaw, but ends up getting stuck in it.
  • May Day Merriment: It's May Day surprise, Plants vs. Zombies style.



  • There is a paper in the first video with a picture of Feeding Frenzy 2.
  • At the end of Lunchtime, one can hear Crazy Dave wobbling.
  • At the end of "King Pong Playa", one can hear "the zombies are coming".
  • In the video "Trick or Treat", one can see Crazy Dave with the background of the road.
  • In the video "Pumpkin", the zombie wearing the pumpkin costume is known as Pumpkin Zombie.
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