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A Zombie Sneak Attack was a computer generated zombie attack on the Player's Town in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The zombies that appeared depended on what lots the player had unlocked, and could appear on any lot. If the player won, Zombucks were awarded. If the player lost, the buildings the zombies invaded would need to be repaired, and they would temporarily not produce coins.

Kinds of Sneak Attacks

There were two types of Sneak attacks, namely:

  • server-caused and
  • friend-caused


Server-caused sneak attacks only occurred when a player is actively playing Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. When one occurred, the player was given a warning so they could get their defenses ready for the attack, and collect the coins from buildings at the risk of being successfully invaded. Pressing the "Bring it On!" button would begin the attack and zombies would attack one to two buildings in the same lot, and would not attack multiple lots at once if the targeted lot did not have two buildings. The length of the invasion varied from a few seconds to several minutes, with the zombies being the only ones the player had seen so far. If the zombies succeeded in attacking a building, then the building would be surrounded in Zombie Fog until the player clicked the building to start the repairs. If the plants won, then the player got a small sum of Zombucks, but zombie messes would litter the nearby area, probably giving the player some XP. However, if the player did not wish to attempt the attack, they could click the Not Now button to postpone the attack until later.


Friend-caused sneak attacks occurred when any of the player's friends attack the town. During this, the player is unaware of the attack, cannot see the attack, and it could happen at any time, whether or not the player is playing Plants vs. Zombies Adventures or is even logged into Facebook. In order for the player's friend to attack, a certain amount of coins was needed. At least 200 coins were needed to send an attack, but more advanced and tough zombies costed more coins. During the battle, the player's friend could use variants of Plant Perk and ZombiFreeze that perk zombies or stun plants instead. If the zombies won, then Zombie Fog surrounded the building, and a note could be personalized for bragging, advice to improve defenses, or to make fun of the invasion.


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