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Zombie Parrot is a zombie in the guise of an animal encountered in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is found in Pirate Seas and is the tenth zombie encountered. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, it never comes by itself and can only appear on Pirate Captain Zombie's hat. However, in Plants vs. Zombies Online, it can also appear alone.

Zombie Parrots are released by Pirate Captain Zombies. Upon doing so they steal plants if they are not defeated in time or the plant is not dug up in time (similarly to Bungee Zombies). Iceberg Lettuce is useless against it as it is an airborne zombie, but Blover and Hurrikale can eliminate it with ease. After stealing a plant (or attempting to steal a plant that is dug up in time) Zombie Parrot will return to the Pirate Captain Zombie's hat and its attack pattern will repeat until it is killed or until there are no plants left.

Almanac entry

Zombie Parrot

SPEED: Flighty

Quickly flies from the Captain to carry away a plant.

Special: can fly to plants in other lanes to take them away

He's a third generation aviation revolutionary. He wants to serve his pirate brethren like his father and his grandmother, Salty Anne, before him.


The Zombie Parrot absorbs 300 damage per shot and does not degrade. It will be eliminated immediately if hit by Kernel-pult's butter, shrunk by Shrinking Violet or blown away by Blover or Hurrikale.


Player's House: Piñata Party

Pirate Seas: Days 9, 13, 14, 17, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 33, 34, 35, and Dead Man's Booty

Dark Ages: "Rescue the Gold Bloom" Epic Quest - Step 5

Big Wave Beach: Piñata Party

Modern Day: Days 1, 28, 32, 35, 44, and Highway to the Danger Room (From Portals except Day 32)


  • A Cherry Bomb is an easy way to kill the Zombie Parrot in one hit. Other good choices are two five-headed Pea Pods, Coconut Cannon (which destroys it in one hit) or two Winter Melons (more Parrots increases effectiveness due to splash damage). Bonk Choy can deal with a single parrot effectively, but will be overwhelmed by groups.
  • Iceberg Lettuces do not work against this animal enemy, as it will steal it, so try to kill it quickly to avoid slow recharges. A group of Snapdragons as part of a solid defense can often take out the Zombie Parrot before it steals a plant.
  • Note that a Peashooter or Cabbage-pult alone cannot kill the Parrot in time before it steals a plant. Also, Chard Guards cannot knock back the Zombie Parrot when it is about to be taken away.
  • If there are many Zombie Parrots onscreen, Blover can be used to blow them all away and is the best weapon for this Zombie.
  • Kernel-pult's butter works against Zombie Parrot; if a Zombie Parrot is hit with butter, it will be killed instantly, but this depends on luck. Boosted Kernel-pults can eliminate Zombie Parrots with ease without requiring Blover. Alternatively, Headbutter Lettuce can be used as a butter source plant to deal with Zombie Parrot.
  • Escape Root can also be used to prevent your plants from being stolen simply by swapping places with them and making the parrot returning to the Captain, if done quickly.
  • Zombie Parrot cannot steal Spikeweeds and Spikerocks, so the player may also use them.

Pirate Seas - Day 34

Prior to the 7.4 update, Pirate Seas - Day 34 was the 34th day of Pirate Seas. But after that as of the 7.4 update, level expansions were removed from the world maps and placed into epic quests. Because of this, this level is no longer accessible from the map, and must be accessed when the epic quest is available.

Zombie Parrot is at its deadliest in this level since this is a Last Stand level which an additional objective "Don't lose more than 1 plant". You can just plan to destroy a lot of these zombies as fast as you can before she can stealing your plant & count as a losing plant. Moreover, you shouldn't use instant or some plant that disappear so Blover still count. All of these reason, players should machinate their strategy judiciously just because of this zombie.

Related achievement

Destroy a Pirate Captain Zombie before its parrot can fly


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Chinese version (China only)




  • It is currently glitched in 7.5.1. The Zombie Parrot can now target Spikeweeds and Spikerocks. However, it can not steal them so it will return to its Pirate Captain Zombie or occasionally perform its stealing animation.
  • It appears to be a scarlet macaw, although it is quite small for one.
  • There was a glitch where if the Zombie Parrot was killed by a Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, or Power Zap, it would turn into a full-sized charred zombie body, despite it being a parrot. This was fixed after the 2.5.1 update.
    • However, this glitch still exists in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Zombie Parrot takes exactly five seconds to abduct a plant, the same amount of time a Bungee Zombie takes to abduct a plant.
  • If the Zombie Parrot's target plant is destroyed, shoveled, or fed with Plant Food, it will fly back to its Pirate Captain Zombie or fly away if it died.
  • If the player feeds Pirate Captain Zombie a Chili Bean (after its Parrot has stolen a plant), it will release gas onto the Zombie Parrot when it is returning to it. This lasts for a few seconds until the Zombie Parrot flies away, leaving the screen. Zombie Parrot is still vulnerable to being killed.
  • When a Zombie Parrot is on a sleeping Spring Bean while it is almost ready to wake up, the Spring Bean will instantly kill the Zombie Parrot as soon as it wakes up.
  • If a Pirate Captain Zombie is the last zombie in a level and dies when its Zombie Parrot is abducting a plant, the prize drops out of the sky to the place where the abducted plant stood.
  • If the player is fast enough, they can dig up the stolen plant and get their sun back, if he or she has any shovel upgrades.
  • When a Zombie Parrot goes over an awake Spring Bean, Spring Bean will duck, and it will fly back to its Pirate Captain Zombie.
  • If a Wizard Zombie turns a plant into a sheep before the parrot can get to it, the parrot won't take the sheep and it will fly away.
  • Unlike the Bungee Zombie, the Zombie Parrot cannot steal Spikeweeds or Spikerocks because they are anchored to the ground.
  • Despite the Zombie Parrot's size, it has more health than a Basic Zombie.
  • The Almanac mentions that its speed is Flighty, though it is actually Speedy.
  • If the players use Blover at the right time, they will see the stolen plants hanging in mid-air and then resume being stolen, even if Zombie Parrot is blown away.
  • Zombie Parrot is voiced by Mark Barrett, according to the credits.
  • If the player manages to defeat a Pirate Captain Zombie before it releases any Zombie Parrots, they will get the Mutiny achievement.
  • In a certain Piñata Party, if Zombie Parrot tries to abduct a plant in a minecart and the player moves the minecart, it will fly back to the Pirate Captain Zombie or fly away if it died.
  • If a Zombie Parrot tries to steal a Chard Guard, the Chard Guard will appear to prepare to spring, but it will never do so, allowing itself to be stolen.
    • However, if another zombie triggers the Chard Guard, the Zombie Parrot will be sprung back.
  • Captain Deadbeard's Parrot Pal may be based on this, as both of them fly out of a pirate captain zombie, and both attack plants.

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