Zombie Medusa is a zombie that can only be encountered in Penny's Pursuit in Plants vs. Zombies 2. She pushes large mounds of stone that contains a Bust Head Zombie in a similar manner to Troglobite and Arcade Zombie. She is also able to instantly petrify hypnotised zombies as well as Zoybean Pod's zomboids and replace them with a stone slab that absorbs plant attacks.


Medusa Irl
Zombie Medusa is based on Medusa, one of the three Gorgons of Greek mythology.

Almanac entry

Zombie Medusa

SPEED: Basic

Zombie Medusa pushes petrified zombies in stone blocks as well as stoneifying zombies and zomboids that face her.

Hailing originally from Greece but thriving in Rome, Zombie Medusa takes advice from her snakes based on their charisma and shared personal hisssstory.


Medusa Zombie is very dangerous when you have Zoybean Pod or any plants that can hypnotize zombies. Even without them, she can still push dangerous Busthead Zombie. Try stalling her by planting Stunion, Iceberg Lettuce or Stallia. You can also use plants that can push back him such as Hurrikale which will avoid letting her push the blocks. Besides preventing her to push the blocks, you can kill her by using edible plants such as Chili Bean.

If she comes pushing stone blocks already, plants like Hot Date and Sweet Potato can divert her.

List of the effects that Zombie Medusa is immune to (even when the plant is boosted):



  • Her almanac icon is a bit different than the ones in the game.
    • In her almanac icon, it shows that her face doesn't have a black tone covering her face.
  • Just like Healer Zombie, Zombie Medusa is also immune to certain magic and poisonous plants such as Witch HazelImp Pear, Shrinking Violet, Hypno-shroom, Enchant-mint, Enforce-mint and Caulipower.
    • She can still be defeated by Spore-shroom and Witch Hazel, but won't transform into another Spore-shroom or Puff-shroom respectively upon defeat.
  • She is also immune to any kinds of stunning effect, but she can still be stunned by Kernel-pult's butter.
  • When spit out by Snap Pea, Zombie Medusa's head will damage the zombie it hits as well as stoneify the zombies around him/her.
  • She will stoneify zombies that face her by any way, not only by hypnotizing. That means she can turn the zombies that turn around by Sweet Potato and Hot Date's plant food into stones even if they are not hypnotized.
    • Even Medusa herself can also be stoneified if there are 2 Medusa face each other on the same row.
    • However, the Medusa that turns around cannot stoneify any zombies despite the fact that this makes her face other zombies. And if there are 2 Medusa face each other, the one who turns around will always be the one who is stoneified.
  • She has pupils that are different than those of other zombies the rest of the series, and they are similar to a snake's eyes.
    • This is currently the only zombie in the series to have different pupils.

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