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ZomBotany zombies are special zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. They have a normal zombie's body, but they have the heads of plants. In the mini-game ZomBotany, Wall-nut Zombies and Peashooter Zombies are featured, which have higher health and shoot peas at the player's plants, respectively. ZomBotany 2 has the same zombies from the former mini-game, along with Squash Zombies, Gatling Pea Zombies, Tall-nut Zombies, and Jalapeno Zombies. Peashooter Zombie, Gatling Pea Zombie, and Squash Zombie take the same amount of damage per shot as a normal zombie. Other than Squash Zombie, they all move at the speed of a normal zombie.


Peashooter and Gatling Pea Zombies

Main articles: Peashooter Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie

Wall-nut and Tall-nut Zombies

Main articles: Wall-nut Zombie and Tall-nut Zombie
  • Their health is higher than a regular Zombie's, but they still have normal speed.
  • Wall-nut Zombie has the same health as a Buckethead Zombie, while Tall-nut Zombie has almost as much health as a Gargantuar and a Tall-nut, and it takes two Squash or Potato Mine hits to defeat it, but only one hit if used by explosive plants, Chompers, and Tangle Kelp.
  • You can also use lots of Spikeweeds and/or Spikerocks with Wall-nuts to defeat them.
  • Raw firepower from powerful plants (like Winter Melon, Gatling Pea, and Cob Cannon) can also be used against these zombies. You can tell how close they are to death by looking at their head, which degrades just like a regular Wall-nut or Tall-nut.

Squash Zombies

Main article: Squash Zombie
  • Squash Zombies are faster than any other ZomBotany zombies, and they squash the first plant they come into contact with. On the Nintendo DS version of the game, this zombie moves at a normal speed.
  • Their speed is the same as the Ladder Zombie with its ladder, but it squashes the first plant it meets.
  • They can be easily be defeated by putting a cheap plant in front of them like Flower Pots or Puff-shrooms.
  • Putting a Squash in front of them is unnecessary, as the two will jump onto each other, wasting 50 sun and forcing the Squash to recharge again. However, if it is within close proximity to other zombies, do not hesitate and use a Squash immediately.

Jalapeno Zombies

Main article: Jalapeno Zombie

These are one of the more dangerous types of ZomBotany Zombies because it can destroy all of your plants in a row which weakens your defense like the Zomboss fireball from Plants vs. Zombies and wastes a lot of sun. The big difference is that the attack destroys everything simutaneously and does not affect the lawn mowers/pool cleaners.

The three best ways to counter this zombie are:



  • ZomBotany zombies' heads will disappear when they die, instead of just falling off.
  • Jalapeno Zombie, Squash Zombie, Tall-nut Zombie, and Wall-nut Zombie's heads are the only ones whose heads are the whole plant, while the Peashooter Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie only have the head of the plant.
  • ZomBotany zombies do not have a burning animation. They just become black and disappear.
  • If a Peashooter Zombie or Gatling Pea Zombie gets hypnotized by a Hypno-shroom, they will continue to shoot peas out of the back of their heads, which can still damage your plants. This is most likely a glitch.
    • However, this does not happen on the iOS versions of the game.
  • When a Lawn Mower runs them over, instead of a head popping out, an arm pops out instead.
  • It is believed that Dr. Zomboss created the ZomBotany zombies, since in the Nintendo DS trailer, he creates a Wall-nut Zombie.
    • Additionally, when buying ZomBotany from Crazy Dave on the mobile versions, he states that Dr. Zomboss made the zombies grow plant heads while performing crazy experiments on them.
  • The heads of the ZomBotany zombies are larger in the Nintendo DS version, except for the heads of the Wall-nut and Tall-nut Zombies.
  • A Tall-nut Zombie cannot be crushed by a single Squash, but a single Squash Zombie can crush a Tall-nut.
  • All ZomBotany zombies have a description in the book Plants vs. Zombies: Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains.
  • There is a Snow Pea Zombie plush, though this ZomBotany zombie does not appear in the first Plants vs. Zombies.
    • However, the Snow Pea Zombie does appear in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Gatling Pea Zombie and Jalapeno Zombie are the only zombotany gang that reappear in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • If one were to use Cheat Engine, they could find hidden Suburban Almanac pages for the ZomBotany Zombies. However, they will all share the same text as the Basic Zombie.
  • There are mods that mod other potential zombies into the game, such as a hypno-shroom zombie, a screen-door shield peashooter zombie, and a conehead jalapeno zombie.

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