These are the strategies for ZomBotany 2, a mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies. Before adding your own, please overview the Rules Page first.

Strategy 1: Peashooting Plants (six seed slots)

By Swampert rox

Strategy 1

Plants required:

A rake is strongly recommended.

About this strategy

This strategy's basis is simple: usage of the three of the most fundamental plants - the Sunflower, Peashooter, and Lily Pad, but it is effective. Each row can deal enough damage to dispatch a Wall-nut Zombie before it reaches the plants, and Tall-nut Zombies make a limited number of bites from a Wall-nut before groveling. These plants alone are enough to complete ZomBotany 2 without losing any Lawn Mowers or Pool Cleaners

Sun Supply

You will have six Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Plant six Sunflowers in the first column, with Lily Pads in the third and fourth lanes. If you have the Garden Rake, avoid planting Sunflowers in the rake's row for the time being.

Early Defense (No Rake)

When the first zombie appears, you should still be planting Sunflowers and establishing your sun supply. Plant a Wall-nut in column 5 and a Peashooter in column 2 of the corresponding row. The next zombie should appear before the Wall-nut has finished recharging. Squash this zombie. The next zombie appears just after the Wall-nut has finished recharging. Plant another Wall-nut/Peashooter combination. The next two zombies should appear together. Squash one of the zombies, and use a lone Peashooter to dismantle the other. Afterwards, place a Wall-nut in front of the weakened Peashooter and plant another Peashooter in the fourth and last land row. Zombies should now start appearing in the pool. Use two Peashooters to defeat the two pool zombies that appear, and protect the final land row with a Wall-nut. As zombie density begins to rise, double firepower in each row by planting a second column of Peashooters in column 3. Finish the column of Wall-nuts (Column 5) to prepare for the first wave. Tall-nut Zombies are not in ZomBotany.

Early Defense (With Rake)

Plant Sunflowers in column 1 in the rows with no rakes. You should be able to establish one Sunflower on a Lily Pad. The first zombie will be destroyed by the rake. The second zombie can be stopped with a Peashooter on column 2 and a Wall-nut on column 5 of the corresponding row. The third zombie should be squashed. Zombies 4 and 5 will appear together; a Peashooter/Wall-nut combo is sufficient for one zombie, while a lone Peashooter must fight the other. Immediately protect the lone Peashooter with a Wall-nut once it recharges, and plant another Peashooter to face off against the zombies in the last row. Swiftly establish a column of Peashooters along the entirety of column 2 and a column of Wall-nuts among the lawn squares of column 5. Due to the relatively long cooldown of the Wall-nut, a Sunflower can act as a meat shield under extreme circumstances. If you have the time and resources, then a second column of Peashooters may be established in column 3. Then your defenses should be able to weather the first wave.

Wave 1

Squash Zombies and Wall-nut Zombies may appear. If a Squash Zombie appears, then plant a Sunflower on top of it to cause it to glitch and miss the Sunflower. Hopefully you will receive a 25 sun rebate for the Sunflower.

Wall-nut Zombies are more troublesome; they take 72 peas to defeat. Plant a Peashooter in column 3 on the corresponding row, and, if you have enough sun, plant a Snow Pea in column 4. Repeat this strategy for each and every row.

Gatling Pea Zombies take ten damage per shots to dismantle and fire four peas themselves per round. They can destroy Sunflower meat shields quite quickly, so plant a Wall-nut in the same row and maintain it. Buying the Wall-nut First Aid from Crazy Dave's shop helps significantly.

Jalapeno Zombies have a short fuse before they detonate. Immediately Squash it if it appears. If multiple Jalapeno Zombies show up simultaneously or in quick succession, then either significantly increase the firepower of the Jalapeno Zombie's row or evacuate the doomed plants with the shovel (although two Peashooters and a Snow Pea have an adequate chance of dismantling it). The Squash is indispensable against Jalapeno Zombies.

Tall-nut Zombies take a staggering 144 peas to kill. If one appears, then make sure that you have two Peashooters, one Snow Pea, and one healthy Wall-nut in the Tall-nut Zombie's lane. The Squash can be used here, although it should be reserved for incoming Jalapeno Zombies.

Wave 2

Replace damaged Wall-nuts as necessary. Feel free to start a second column of Wall-nuts on column 6. Once the skeleton of this strategy is complete, just replace Wall-nuts and counter Squash/Jalapeno Zombies as necessary.

Final Wave

The last wave is a challenging assortment of zombies. Parry Squash and Jalapeno Zombies with the basic strategies and deal with the rest using your Peashooters, Snow Peas, and Wall-nuts. Since this is the final wave, any Tall-nut or Wall-nut Zombies left over can be dealt with using Squash.

Extra seed slots

Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 10.06.59 AM

If you picked the Imitater Wall-nut, then use a Peashooter/Imitater Wall-nut combo on the zombies in conjunction with the classic Peashooter/Wall-nut combo. If you picked the Repeater and/or the Tall-nut, then replace the Peashooters and/or Wall-nuts with their stronger cousin during and after Wave 2. If you picked the Puff-shroom, then use it as a buffer for Squash Zombies. If you picked the Pumpkin, then it can be used as a last resort as a buffer for Tall-nut Zombies.

Strategy 2: Gloom-shrooms (seven seed slots)

By RandomguY

Strategy 2

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Gloom-shroom

Plants required:

A rake is very useful, but not necessary.

About this strategy

Gloom-shrooms are one of the most exploited plants. Combined with Cob Cannons, Winter Melons, Fume-shrooms and other powerful plants, they form the basis of Survival: Endless strategies. In conjunction with Garlic, Gloom-shrooms can demolish hordes of zombies while severely abridging the effect of Jalapeno Zombies, Peashooter Zombies, and Gatling Pea Zombies.

Sun Supply

You will have six Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Build 3 Sunflowers on lane 2 in columns 1 through 4. Then, plant 3 Sunflowers on lane 5 in columns 1 through 4.

Early Defense

Plant two Garlic in lanes 2 and 5 on column 9. Continue planting the eight Sunflowers and prepare a Potato Mine for each and every zombie. Once all eight Sunflowers have been established, collect 225 sun. Plant a Fume-shroom on column 5 in either lane 2 or lane 5. Upgrade it to a Gloom-shroom. Once you have collected enough sun, destroy the next zombie with a Potato Mine and wake up the Gloom-shroom with a Coffee Bean. If two zombies are sighted on the same row without the Gloom-shroom in its vicinity, then use a Cherry Bomb instead of a Potato Mine. Once the Gloom-shroom is recharged, plant another one on column 5 on lanes 2 and 5). Wake it up with a Coffee Bean. Plant two Garlic on column 8 in lanes 2 and 5, while keeping the Garlic on column 9 intact.

Wave 1

Replace damaged Garlic and continue to add Gloom-shrooms along lanes 2 and 5. If you see a Wall-nut or Tall-nut Zombies, prepare a Potato Mine for it. Wall-nut and Tall-nut Ducky Tube Zombies cannot be destroyed as easily; when one approaches, dig up the corresponding Sunflower in column 4 and plant a Cherry Bomb. Once two Gloom-shrooms have been established, Wall-nut Zombies can be ignored.

Waves 2 and 3

Add Gloom-shrooms along lanes 2 and 5 in column 6 and 7. Once you have a total of six Gloom-shrooms, dig up the Sunflowers in column 4 and replace them with two more Gloom-shrooms. Once a total of eight Gloom-shrooms have been planted, you are done with establishing a solid defense. The only maintenance required is Garlic replacement. All zombies, including Tall-nut Zombies, are eradicated by the Gloom-shrooms.

Extra seed slots

If you picked the Imitater Potato Mine or the Squash, use them to back up early defense. If you picked the Imitater Cherry Bomb, use them to back up anti-Tall-nut Ducky Tube Zombie defense. If you picked the Twin Sunflower, then upgrade the Sunflowers in columns 1, 2, and 3 to Twin Sunflowers.

Strategy 3: Cattails (eight seed slots)


Strategy 3

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Twin Sunflower, Cattail

Plants required:

This strategy does not require the Garden Rake.

About this strategy

This is arguably one of the easiest strategies to execute. All you have to remember is SCAN, a handy acronym for Sunflower, Cattail, and Wall-nut - and that is all there is to it. A 2x2 square of Twin Sunflowers, a 2x2 square of Cattails, and a 2x2 square of Wall-nuts.

Sun supply

You will have eight Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Plant four Sunflowers on Lily Pads in columns 1 and 2 of the pool rows. If you can, upgrade all four of them to Twin Sunflowers.

Early Defense

Because the rake is not used in this strategy, use Potato Mines and Squash to eliminate the first four or five zombies that appear. Then plant a Lily Pad and Cattail in one pool lane on column 3 and a Wall-nut on a Lily Pad in column 5 of the corresponding row. Repeat this in the other pool row. Then the first wave will begin.

First Wave

All kinds of zombies will appear here. Peashooter and Gatling Pea Zombies can be destroyed by the two Cattails. Jalapeno Zombies will blow up nothing; however, those in the pool must be squashed immediately before they destroy precious Cattails and Twin Sunflowers. If the Squash is still recharging, then a Chomper can eliminate this threat. Squash Zombies might trigger the Lawn Mowers, so use a Sunflower to deflect it. Tall-nut Zombies can be instantly killed by a Chomper. During the time before the second wave, add two more Cattails on the pool rows in column 4. Add two Wall-nuts on Lily Pads on column 6.

Last Waves

Replace Wall-nuts as necessary throughout the level. Eliminate Wall-nut, Tall-nut, and Jalapeno Zombies with Chompers and Squash. The Potato Mine should be used only as a last resort. Continue to use Chompers and Wall-nuts for the entirety of waves 2 and 3.

Extra seed slots

If you picked the Imitater Squash or Imitater Potato Mine, use them to eliminate early zombies and assist in the demolition of tougher zombies. If you picked the Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno, then you can use them as a last resort or to clobber troublesome waves.

Strategy 4: Winter Spikes (nine seed slots)

By StuccoGuy

Strategy 4

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Cattail, Spikerock

Plants required:

Please refrain from buying a rake.

About This Strategy

This is a variation to Strategy 4. The premise here is that the Snow Pea sufficiently slows the zombies down enough for the Spikerock to kill them. The Cattails deal that last bit of damage to finish off Wall-nut and Tall-nut Zombies. Snow Peas and Spikerock are a well-known combination, sort of like Gloom-shrooms and Garlic or Gatling Peas and Torchwoods.

Sun Supply

You will have 14 Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Plant Sunflowers along Rows 1 and 6 in Columns 1 through 7. Plant Garlic on Rows 1 and 6 on Column 9.

Early defense

Concentrate on collecting sun and planting Sunflowers. When two zombies appear, squash the one closest to your house. Once all 14 Sunflowers have been established, plant two Garlic in Column 8 of Rows 1 and 6. Now plant three Spikeweeds on Row 2 or Row 5 along Columns 7, 8, and 9 while continuously squashing each zombie that appears. Three more Spikeweeds should be planted along the other row in Columns 7, 8, and 9. When the first Ducky Tube Zombie appears, plant a Cattail in Column 2 on the pool row (Rows 3 and 4) that does not contain the zombie. Then plant a Wall-nut on Column 6 of the Cattail's row. Plant more Cattails along the populated row, leaving Column 1 empty.

All waves

Deal with Squash, Wall-nut, and Gatling Pea Zombies as necessary. Replace damaged Garlic with fresh ones. Place two Wall-nuts on Column 5 of Rows 2 and 5, and upgrade the Spikeweeds on Column 9 to Spikerocks. Plant two Spikeweeds on Column 6 of Rows 2 and 5. When you populate the room behind the pool Wall-nut with Cattails, plant a second Wall-nut on Column 6 of the other pool row. Plant Cattails along that other pool row in Columns 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then plant four Snow Peas along Column 1 in Rows 1, 2, 3, and 4. Upgrade all Spikeweeds to Spikerocks. Replace Garlic and Wall-nuts as necessary. Otherwise, your mix of plants is enough to finish off all zombies that appear.

Extra seed slots

If you picked the Tall-nut, you can use it as a replacement or in conjunction with the Wall-nut.

Strategy 5: Bomb Shrapnel (nine seed slots)

By SW8573

Strategy 5

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Cattail, Spikerock, Imitater

Plants required:

You need the rake.

About This Strategy

This is an interesting strategy, not because it relies a little too heavily on Spikerock as it is on the fact that it doesn't use Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, or Pumpkins! To protect the precious plants, Garlic is used as a meat shield. The few zombies that escape the volley of spikes are eliminated by Potato Mines placed just at the end. Unlike the other strategies, this one unlocks the achievement Wall-Not Attack.

Sun Supply

You will have 14 Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Plant as many Sunflowers as you can along the top and bottom rows. Plant 4 Garlic on Row 1 Column 8, Row 6 Column 8, Row 1 Column 9, and Row 6 Column 9.

Complete Strategy

Kill the first zombie using the Garden Rake. Dismantle the next few zombies with Potato Mines, Imitater Potato Mines, and Squash. After fully constructing your source of sun, plant a Cattail anywhere in Rows 3 and 4 & Columns 1 through 4. Shield your Cattail with four Garlic strategically placed on Columns 5 through 8 on the corresponding row. Plant Spikeweed and Spikerock in the second and fifth rows for extra offensive power. Continue planting Cattails along the pool row with the Garlic shield. Once four Cattails have been established, build a set of four Garlic in the alternate pool row along Columns 5 through 8. Continue planting Cattails until you have a box of eight Cattails on Columns 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Rows 3 and 4. Plant two Potato Mines on Column 1 at Rows 2 and 5. Counter zombies as necessary; the Cattails and Spikerock can eradicate the majority of them.


The Sunflower can act as a substitute for the Garlic as a meat shield for the Cattails. Even though the Garlic can sustain more bites than the Sunflower, both cost 50 sun and can be shot down in 16 peas. The Garlic has a much more important job of deflecting dangerous zombies hungry for Sunflower brains, whereas once the sun generation zone is established, Sunflowers do not have much real use other than as a meat shield. Before they are shot down, Sunflowers may provide a 25 sun rebate and can continue to produce sun long after they were planted.

Strategy 6: Winter Melons (ten seed slots)


Strategy 6

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Winter Melon, Twin Sunflower

Plants required:

The rake is helpful.

About This Strategy

If you need a challenge, then this is the strategy for you. In order to kill a zombie, you must use a Winter Melon, for 500 sun (300 for the Melon-pult, and 200 for the Winter Melon itself). Squash cost 50 sun apiece and are highly insufficient for the onslaught. Twin Sunflowers have no safe spaces to be planted on, and you don't have anything to protect the dangerous pool rows with. You have to solve that, and more, with this strategy. Good luck - you will need it.

Sun Supply

You will have 12 Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.


Plant 6 Sunflowers and base them along the topmost row. Upgrade them to Twin Sunflowers as soon as possible. Protect them by planting a Puff-shroom on Column 9, a Wall-nut on Column 8, and a Melon-pult on Column 7. If you still have the sun, upgrade it to a Winter Melon. If the first row is attacked by a Peashooter Zombie, then eliminate it immediately with a Squash. When more zombies start appearing, use Squash to kill them and Puff-shrooms to delay them. Squeeze enough Sun to complete a column of Melon-pults along the leftmost column and a column of Wall-nuts along Column 2. Slowly upgrade each Melon-pult to Winter Melons. Note that Winter Melons can decapitate a Tall-nut Zombie before it reaches the protective Wall-nut. Use Puff-shrooms to deflect Squash Zombie, Squash to deflect Jalapeno Zombies, and Hypno-shrooms woken up by Coffee Beans to deflect troublesome Tall-nut Zombies.


A variant of this strategy is to plant the Twin Sunflowers along the first column instead of the first row. The strategy for this variant is vastly different than the original.

Strategy 7: BOMB All Together! ZomBotany 2 Edition (ten seed slots)

By Hitoridakeno
Mpc-hc 2011-09-15 10-20-56-69

Strategy 7

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Twin Sunflower, Imitater

Plants required:

The rake is not needed.

About this strategy

Members of the Plants vs. Zombies community may know Hitoridakeno, a seasoned zombie fighter who specializes in one-use plants. His ZomBotany 2 strategy is an example of expertise in the timing of plants. This strategy is completely dependent on instantly detonating or instantly killing plants.

Early defense

Plant Sunflowers and Twin Sunflowers on Lily Pads based on the left side of the pool. Plant Sunflowers in front of the Twin Sunflowers to shield them from enemy bullets. Use the Potato Mine to destroy individual zombies. Utilize the Squash and the Imitater Squash for anti-pool defense, the Ice-shroom as a tool to stall waves, and the Doom-shroom to destroy waves bunched too closely together. The Cherry Bomb can be used as a last resort.

The waves

Between the first and last waves, stockpile Ice-shrooms, only using them in emergencies. During the two large waves, activate your Ice-shrooms to stall the zombies, buy time for your plants to recharge, and bunch waves together for a Doom-shroom blast. Remember that you still have the Cherry Bomb!

If you are overwhelmed the zombies in the pool for destroying your stockpiled Ice-shrooms, meat shield Sunflowers, and "well protected" Twin Sunflowers, you can exchange the Cherry Bomb in your seed queue for the Tall-nut the next time you attempt this strategy.

Strategy 8: Flaming Pea (eight seed slots)

By Prem Sinha

Strategy 8

Plants required:

The Garden Rake is not required here, but it is still quite useful.

About This Strategy

In Adventure Mode, we all learn to use the various pea shooting plants to defend our front lawn and backyard, culminating in the Gatling Pea and the Torchwood, the most powerful pea-based combination possible. This strategy unleashes that destructive force in this remarkable exhibition of the Firepea.


Plant 10/12 Sunflower in the back column. If the first zombie comes to a lane with a Sunflower in it, plant a Wall-nut on column 6 and Squash it. If the first zombie comes to a lane without a Sunflower, use a Potato Mine . If the next zombie comes to a row with a Sunflower but no Wall-nut, use a Tall-nut on column 6 and a Peashooter . If a Squash Zombie appears, plant a Sunflower in front of him. If a Jalapeno Zombie appears, Squash him before he gets to a defensive plant. Both can be easily disposed of if you have 3 flaming peas on that lane, Tall-nut Zombies will take more work. If Tall-nut Zombies appear, make sure you have Peashooter, Repeater and Torchwood in the same lane (for 8 slots without Repeater, use 2 Peashooters, a Torchwood and a Tall-nut).

Strategy 9: Pool Party (ten seed slots)

By Gregory Exploit

Strategy 9

Plants required:

The rake is exceedingly helpful.

About this strategy

Spikeweed, Spikerock, and Potato Mines can only be planted on the ground, so that section has an extra layer of protection. But the pool is susceptible to zombie invasion. This strategy protects the pool from damaging invasions by using overkill.Peashooter Zombies cannot survive 3 Melons, much less 8 plus splash. So much power spells the doom of zombies that foolishly traverse the pool. The land rows are very poorly defended, though...

Sun Supply

Plant Sunflowers along the top and bottom rows. Plant Garlic in front of them. Use Potato Mines on the first zombies that appear. Use Puff-shrooms to stall the zombies. Plant three Spikeweed in each of the wetland rows. Use Tall-nuts, Melon-pults, and Lily Pads to take care of pool zombies. Add more Melon-pults and maintain the land rows with Squash, Potato Mines, and Jalapenos.

Sorry about this hurried description. More will be added in a few weeks during the continuation of the "Page Revamps". Gregory Exploit 13:53, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

Almost done. Just have to reword the 9th to 13th strategies, maybe refine them a little. Gregory Exploit 08:48, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Strategy 10: ? (six seed slots)

By (Joshua)

Strategy 10

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Imitater

Plants required:

The rake is useful.

About this strategy

The Peashooter is a wonderful tool. Despite being the first plant ever introduced, it still retains priority and importance even in the later worlds of the game, mainly because it can cover a row for one wave or so. This "explosive" battery of Peashooters batters its way through the entirety of ZomBotany 2.


At first, build 4 Sunflowers. You will need more sun than the prequel in order to survive. For the first zombie, use a Squash. You need to use cheap plants to stay alive because of a lack of sun, and more powerful zombies will show up not too long from now. Add another 1-2 Sunflowers to keep harvesting going and keep building Peashooters around the perimeter, with Wall-nuts to guard them. A Tall-nut Zombie is very tough and won’t be killed with one Squash, so Peashooters placed farther back should finish them off. Not very far down the road, a Gatling Pea Zombie attacks with deadly force, but if Wall-nuts are soaking up hits while your Peashooters are shooting it, you should be OK. Squash Zombies and Jalapeno Zombies do not appear as often as the others, but a Squash Zombie will mash your Wall-nut, so a Squash of your own would be nice. On the other hand, Jalapeno Zombies will burn up an entire lane of your defenses, so Squashes are also recommended if they are not dead by the time they reach your Wall-nut. Other than that, just sit back and watch, replacing any lost Wall-nuts. At last, tap the trophy to complete the level.

Strategy 11: Spiked Clearance (seven seed slots)

By Snowttail

Strategy 11

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Cattail



Plants required:

The rake may be used.

About this strategy

Yet another Cattail build! Cattails are the most frequently used plant in ZomBotany 2 builds since they can cover all six rows. But "Spikes" gain a new meaning with "clearance", where Wall-nuts must be evacuated, or "cleared", using the Shovel to make room for Cattails, much in the same vein as that Peashooter invasion.


First, plant a sunflower in ONE non-pool lane. Then, Potato Mine the first zombie, if it's in the lane with Sunflower use a Wall-nut. When you have saved up 250 sun plant a Cattail at the back. After that, skip a space and plant a Tall-nut (a Wall-nut if 6-7 slots). For Squash Zombies in Sunflower's row just use another Sunflower for the squash to jump on. If a dangerous Gatling Pea or Jalapeño comes in an important lane, Tangle Kelp or Squash it. If you only have 6 slots, you might have to replace your sun supply. Then, in the other pool lane, put a nut (Tall is better) next to the other one. Finally, fill the Tall-nut guarded space with Cattails, and use instants on any zombies that are getting a bit too close.

Strategy 12: Cob Cannons (9 seed slots)

By Gregory Exploit

Strategy 12

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Cob Cannon

Plants required:

The rake can be contemplated as a supplementary item.

About this strategy

Cob Cannons are powerful plants. They are essentially reusable Cherry Bombs. Because of this quality, Cob Cannons are frequently used in Survival Mode. Cob Cannons can also be used in ZomBotany 2, but constructing them is a lot harder than in Survival Mode.

Strategy 13: Double Garlic With Torchwood

Plants Vs

Plants Vs. Zombies Minigame 17

Video of the Double Garlic With Torchwood Strategy

Plants required:

Watch the video for the full playthrough with this strategy.

Strategy 14: No Sunflower Strategy (three seed slots)

Note - This Strategy requires the upgrade plants: Cattail

Mpc-hc 2012-02-12 21-56-49-65

Fig. 14-A

Mpc-hc 2012-02-12 22-15-53-23

Fig. 14-B

Mpc-hc 2012-02-12 22-30-48-06

Plants required:

  • Garlic
  • Lily Pad
  • Cattail
  • Extra plants just to start the game

I strongly suggest to not use the rake for this strategy.

About the strategy

This strategy relies on making the most out of every sun given at a certain interval and the probability that this strategy will fail depends on how often two Tall-nut Zombie appear before you get to plant 4 Cattails. however this strategy on worst-case scenarios will only lose a couple of Lawn Mowers at the beginning so this strategy is definitely doable.

We begin by saving up every sun to be able to plant the 1st Cattail at this location (Fig 14-A). This is probably one of the best locations for the 1st cattail in order to take care the 1st set of Zombies.

Keep on planting Cattails every time you gain 250 sun and make sure you save up 75 sun just in case the Garlic located on the rightmost side is about to die.

Normally, the only threat for this strategy are Tall-nut Zombies because they act as a very good decoy in order to tank large amount of damage and somehow distract Cattails. (Fig 14-B).

Just keep on collecting sun and replacing the Garlic and luckily no Ambush Pool Zombies appear here so basically as long as that Garlic is there then those Cattails are safe.

Strategy 15 (10 to 8 seed setup)

Plants needed:

About the strategy

This strategy begins with putting a Sunflower on the second row. Put a Garlic in the front of the same row as soon as it comes up. Do the same thing in the fifth row. When the zombie comes, place a Potato Mine at the end of the row the zombie comes (If rake is bought, don't do this). You may need to keep on using Potato Mines until you have enough for a Cattail. Place the Cattail at the end of the third row. When a pool zombie comes, put a Pumpkin over the Cattail(s) you have placed. Keep on doing that with other Cattails you place. When the Flag appears, Put Spikeweeds on the top and bottom row (can be upgraded by Spikerocks later, if chosen). Remember to replace your Garlics and keep on putting Sunflowers.

Strategy 16 (7-10 slots required)

Plants required:

  • Puff-shroom
  • Lily Pad
  • Cattail
  • Melon-pult
  • Potato Mine (optional)
  • Sunflower
  • Wall-nut
  • Tall-nut
  • Squash (optional)
  • Tangle Kelp (optional)

You do not need the rake.

About The Strategy

Start by planting Sunflowers anywhere. When the first zombie comes up, stop planting Sunflowers in that row, and plant them in other rows. When you get enough sun, plant the first Cattail. Immediately put a Wall-nut two columns away from it. Start planting a column of Melon-pults on land and in water. If you can, plant another Cattail and a wall-nut. When a Jalapeno Zombie comes, kill it with a Tangle Kelp or Squash. If you did not choose these, its ok. Save up sun in case a Jalapeno Zombie destroys a lane. Try making the Wall-nuts into Tall-nuts. Use Puff-shrooms to stall the zombies. Remember this, and you can finish Zombotany 2!

Strategy 17: Turret Strategy (seven to nine seed slots)


The strategy

The name comes from the formation looking like a turret.

This strategy requires the following upgrade: Cattail

Plants needed:

  • Lily Pad
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wall-nut
  • Cattail
  • Garlic
  • Spikeweed
  • Potato Mine (optional, but recommended).
  • Squash (optional)

About the strategy

Start by planting Sunflowers in the top row. Use Potato Mines or Squashes to kill zombies. Once you have enough sun, start planting Peashooters and Lily Pads. Next, put two Garlics in the front of the 1st and 5th lane. After that, you can start planting Cattails in the middle of the pool and Wall-nuts in the front of the lawn. Last but not least, plant some Spikeweed in the 2nd an 5th lanes, right in front of the Wall-nuts.

Note: This strategy does not have a 100% success rate.

Strategy 18: Loadout (nine seed slots)

By RandomguY

Strategy 18

Note - This strategy requires these upgrade plants: Twin Sunflower, Gloom-shroom, Imitater Plants required:

A rake is recommended.

About this strategy

This is the first strategy ever created by the Plants vs. Zombies community. It was developed in 2009 and accidentally deleted later on. Since then, it has been recovered and improved. The Gloom-shroom's high Area of Effect Damage per second coupled by its multiple lane coverage makes it an excellent plant for this mini-game. However, this strategy lacks Lily Pads and is extremely vulnerable to Ducky Tube Tall-nut Zombies. Tangle Kelp help immensely, but a tenth seed slot is required.

Sun Supply

You will have 12 Sunflowers' worth of sun production in this strategy.

Like ZomBotany, this level can be easily beaten with a Gloom-shroom-based strategy. Start planting Sunflowers as soon as possible; try to base them mainly in the second and fifth rows.

Early Defense

Kill the first zombies with Potato Mines and Imitater Potato Mines. Defend your Sunflowers with Wall-nuts if you wish. Place a Fume-shroom in the second row from the top, third column from the right and plant a Wall-nut in front of the Fume-shroom immediately. Do the same for the fifth row. Keep on using the Potato Mine and its Imitater version on the zombies.

Later Defense

Upgrade the Fume-shrooms to Gloom-shrooms as soon as possible. Upgrade the Sunflowers to Twin Sunflowers every so often. Plant Garlic in front of the Wall-nuts. Replace the Garlic every so often. Dig up Sunflowers and Twin Sunflowers accordingly to guarantee four Gloom-shrooms per row.

Strategy 19: Mushroom Revenge (six seed slots)

By Coga19000

Plants required:

About this strategy

This strategy's main offensive plants are Puff-shrooms. Despite their small range, they can defeat a normal Peashooter/Gatling Pea Zombie. Also, they cannot be hit by Peashooter/Gatling Pea Zombies' peas, and so do Sun-shrooms, your main sun unit. Wall-nut Zombies can be Squashed or Tangle Kelped, and using Hypno-shrooms or Jalapenos on Tall-nut Zombies is essential. You can also use sleeping Puff-shrooms (or even Sun-shrooms) to buy time for your awake Puff-shrooms, or to take down a Squash Zombie. Instant Kill a Jalapeno Zombie the instant you see it.

Note 1: Using Sea-shrooms for the Pool lanes is not recommended, as they can be normally hit by peas.

Note 2: Using this strategy won't give you the Good Morning achievement, as you use Lily Pads.

Sun supply

You will have 12 Sun-shrooms worth of sun. Sun falls from the sky normally.

Early Strategy

Plant a Sun-shroom, and not plant another until you have enough for a Coffee Bean. Plant a Puff-shroom at the 3rd Column, at the lane the zombie appears. If you have a Potato Mine, use it. Else, stall it with sleeping Puff-shrooms until you have enough sun to wake the first one up.If the Puff-shroom has woken when the zombie is at least 3 columns away from it, then you're okay. Else, stall it more with Puff-shrooms. Repeat as needed, and put more Sun-shrooms if you have enough sun (don't plant a Sun-shroom when there is a sleeping one on the field). If you can afford it, put Puff-shrooms at lanes you don't need to right now, in Pool lanes, and even as a second column. When you plant a second column of Puff-shrooms, put another column of sleeping ones in front of them. This will give you more protection. Squash, Potato-Mine or hypnotize the first Wall-nut Zombie you see. When a sleeping Puff-shroom is lost, instantly plant another in its place.

Later Defense

Do as explained in the "About this strategy" section. It is useful to have a third column of awake Puff-shrooms, but another column of sleeping ones in front of it is needed. It is not recommended to have more than 3 columns of awake Puff-shrooms.

Strategy 20: Catapult Bombardment (eight to ten seed slots)

By Milesprower2


  • Sunflower
  • Cabbage-pult
  • Kernel-pult
  • Melon-pult
  • Winter Melon
  • Lily Pad
  • Squash
  • Wall-nut
  • Pumpkin (optional, highly recommended)
  • Tall-nut (optional, highly recommended)


Start by planting Sunflowers as you would expect, then plant Squashes to deal with early Peashooter Zombies.

Use Cabbage-pults and Kernel-pults early on to fight the Zombies and plant Wall-nuts to protect your plants. When you have the sun, plant Melon-pults and Winter Melons, and use Pumpkins or Tall-nuts to reinforce your defenses.

Use Squashes to disperse groups or kill Jalapeno Zombies, and plant Sunflowers as cannon fodder to deal with Squash Zombies. Wall-nut and Tall-nut Zombies are easily beaten by the firepower and slowdown effects.

Finished strategy:

  1 2  3  4  5  6 7 8 9
  1. S S C K W N _ _ _
  2. S S C K W N _ _ _
  3. S S C K W N _ _ _
  4. S S C K W N _ _ _
  5. S S C K W N _ _ _
  6. S S C K W N _ _ _

S=Sunflower. C=Cabbage-pult. K=Kernel-pult. W=Winter Melon. N=Wall-nut/Tall-nut/Pumpkin. _=Blank spaces.


Winter Melons should be used effectively. Plant the Winter Melons in rows 2 and 5 first, and then the others, because if you have them in rows 2 and 5 you can slow most of the zombies.

Use your early Squashes, Wall-nuts and Cabbage-pults wisely to eliminate zombies.

Strategy 21: Cat-weeds* (7-10 slots)


  • Sunflower
  • Garlic
  • Spikeweed
  • Spikerock
  • Lily Pad
  • Cattail
  • Potato Mine
  • Imitater Garlic (optional)
  • 2 other seeds to start the level
  • Garden Rake is required.

Early build (rake)

Start out by filling the top row with Sunflowers with the first two squares Garlics. let the first zombie get killed by the rake. In row 5 repeat the top row. Take down zombies with Potato Mines or Spikeweeds. In row 3 start planting Cattails protected by more Garlic. Start planting Spikerocks over Spikeweeds.

Wave 1

As more zombies roll in, replant Garlics, plant more Cattails and Spikerocks.

Wave 2

Continue planting Cattails and Spikerocks. Be sure to replant those Garlics.


Wave 3

By the end of the level, your layout should look like this:

Strategy 22: Hypno+Mine (eight to ten seed slots)

By nnq2603
Plants vs Zombies Zombotany2 (Simple strategy)-0

Plants vs Zombies Zombotany2 (Simple strategy)-0


  • Sunflower
  • Garlic
  • Lily Pad
  • Potato Mine
  • Hypno-shroom (especially funny for this mini-games)
  • Coffee Bean
  • Fume-shroom
  • Gloom-shroom
  • Squash (optional)
  • Pumpkin (optional, use in this demo strategy video but you still manage to win without it from beginning)



Lane 2: Empty (for Mine/Hypno/...)

Lane 3: 00–00–00–00–00—GS—GS—GL—GL

Lane 4: 00–00–00–00—FS—PK—00–00–00

Lane 5: Empty (for Mine/Hypno/...)


Symbol: check out video thumbnails. (Pretty straightforward: SF=Sunflower, PK=Pumpkin, GS=Gloom-shroom, etc...)

Strategy 23: Death By Kitty strategy

7 slots required Plants required: Sunflower Potato Mine Imitater Potato Mine Lily Pad Cattail Pumpkin Puff-shroom (don't wake them up) When the game starts, plant a Sunflower. Depending on how much sun you have, either plant a Potato Mine or Cattail to take on the first zombie. After that, plant as many Cattails as you can, and protect all of them with Pumpkins. Also (if you can) do the same for Sunflowers. Plant Puff-shrooms as decoys for the Squash Zombies and plant two Potato Mines (or their Imitater forms) on each row, in case a Tall-nut Zombie makes it past the Cattails,but it will die if you have three or more Cattails. The only ways this strategy can go wrong is if a Ducky Tube Jalapeno Zombie explodes on a row with Cattails, or if the Cattails shoot in the wrong direction.

Strategy 24: Peas and Cats (Earns achievement, Wall-not Attack)


  • Sunflower
  • Twin Sunflower
  • Repeater
  • Lily Pad
  • Cattail
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Squash
  • Scaredy-shroom (strongly advised)

The rake is also highly advised.

First, place Sunflowers on the leftmost column and upgrade them to Twin Sunflowers. Use Scaredy-shrooms to prevent the Peashooter Zombies from destroying your Sunflowers. Puff-shrooms won't work because they are too short and will avoid the peas. Start placing Cattails in the pool to kill the Peashooter and Gatling Pea Zombies. These can also destroy Wall-nut and Tall-nut Zombies. Place Repeaters on rows 1, 2, 5, and 6 to help destroy the zombies that come onto those rows. If a Squash Zombie appears, place a Scaredy-shroom in its path to make it kill itself. If a Jalapeno Zombie comes on the screen, kill it immediately or else it will wipe out a lot of your plants. Cherry Bombs and Squash should be used in an emergency. 

Strategy 25: Superdense (8-10 slots)

By ScourgesCustomPlants

About this strategy

This strategy uses only the pool rows of the field, hence being superdense. You will only have 4 (8 if you pick Twin Sunflower) Sunflowers, so use sun wisely.

Plants required

How to use Superdense

(NOTE: Make sure you have Wall-nuts/Tall-nuts in front of the setup AT ALL TIMES.)

(ANOTHER NOTE: You can upgrade your Sunflowers in between the other steps if you have Twin Sunflowers.)

First, place a Lily Pad in the top-left corner of the pool and put a Sunflower on it. Whenever you have enough sun, place another Lily Pad in front of the Sunflower and upgrade it to Cattail as fast as you can. You may lose a Lawn Mower, but do not panic. Next, do the same thing in the lower row. After you have completed that, place a Sunflower in front of each of the Cattails. Then, place 2 Fume-shrooms in front of each Sunflower (and wake them up) and upgrade them to Gloom-shrooms. Finally, place a Lily Pad in front of each of the Gloom-shrooms, upgrade them to Cattails, and cap it off with Wall-nuts/Tall-nuts. It should look like this:

Row 1: Empty

Row 2: Empty



Row 5: Empty

Row 6: Empty

(SF: Sunflower, TS: Twin Sunflower, CT: Cattail, GL: Gloomshroom, WN: Wall-nut, TN: Tall-nut)

Strategy 26

By Angry3456

You must need 9 seed slots or more to do this.

First, plant Sunflowers as quickly as you can, but not on the water yet. Then, when a Peashooter Zombie comes, plant a Wall-nut and then plant a Kernel-pult. Continue doing this process. Then, replace your Wall-nuts with Tall-nuts and Imitater Tall-nuts. Put out Twin Sunflowers quickly too. Then, put out Chompers behind the Tall-nuts. When a Squash Zombie comes, do not worry if it will be squash your Tall-nut, always replace it when you have the time. Defeat Jalapeño Zombies very quickly, as those are true threats. Build out two whole columns of Kernel-pults, then dig up the two on the pool to place the Cattails. Once you have put a lot of Twin Sunflowers and you've received 3000 sun, dig up all Sunflower types. Then put Kernel-pults and Cattails after you have done that, to do more damage when the final wave comes. Also replace your degraded Tall-nuts by planting another one upon them if you have Wall-nut First Aid, if not, use the shovel.

Strategy 27 : Smelly Spikes

Made by: Julianivan. You need 8 to 10 slots to do this.

Plants needed:

  • Sunflower
  • Garlic
  • Spikeweed
  • Squash
  • Imitater Squash
  • Chomper
  • Lily Pad
  • Tangle Kelp
  • Potato Mine

First plant Sunflowers on the first lane. Then add a Garlic at the last part of the lane. When zombies come use instakills or rake (if you have one). Start putting more Sunflowers at the first lane. Use Chompers for Tall-nut Zombies.

Finished Strategy:

Lane 1: S S S S S S S S S G

Lane 2: W W W W

Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Lane 3: W W W W

Lane 4: W W W W

S - Sunflower

W - Spikeweed

Empty Space : For Lily Pads and instant kills.

Strategy 28: Coins and spikes

Note: If the first zombie comes in the lane that the Sunflower is in, the player will have to face a lot of havoc. That is why Garden Rakes are highly recommended.

Plants needed:

  1. Sunflower
  2. Lily Pad
  3. Marigold
  4. Squash
  5. Garlic
  6. Spikeweed
  7. Spikerock
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Chomper

Plant Sunflowers on the entire top lane (except the front one for a Garlic). In that process, players will need to use Squashes to take out zombies. Now, the player needs to put two adjacent Spikeweeds in the front of lanes of two and five. Eventually, they will become Spikerocks. On the sixth lane, player will put a Garlic in front of eight other Marigolds for gold farming. In the water lanes, players need to plant two Chompers per lane with Pumpkins. For lanes two and five, players need to leave a space in the seventh column. That way, when Jalapeno Zombies come, players can put Squashes. For Tall-nut Zombies, use Chompers.







By the end, the backyard should look like the following.

(C) (C)
(C) (C)

Strategy 29: Garliced Cattails (6 slots)

By: yao l. 02:41, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

  • Disclaimer: The strategy, while fairly sound through more than 15 repeated trials, is a bit risky. Purchasing the Pool Cleaner is recommended, though not mandatory.

Plants required:

  1. Lily Pad
  2. Cattail
  3. Garlic
  4. Any instant kill plant (optional)

About This Strategy

This strategy is very simple and can be devastatingly effective, though it is necessary that the player be unphased about the fact that one or two zombies must be allowed to walk across the lawn untethered. Relying on the slow speed of the zombies and the abundant of sun in the pool area, plant a single Lily Pad towards the back of one of the pool lanes. From now on, simply gather naturally falling sun until a sufficient amount is generated to plant a Cattail, while constantly keeping about 75 sun in reserve. As Ducky Tube Zombies begin to appear, plant a Lily Pad and a Garlic immediately in frontmost square of the lane selected, then watch over the Garlic's health as one continues to plant Cattails. The homing nature and the Repeater firing pattern of the Cattail should be enough to take out most Peashooter Zombies before the first flag, and a set of 6-7 Cattails should suffice in taking out the entire horde. 

Optionally, one can leave two Garlics at the front of the pool lane selected for added security.

†: Strategy page
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