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ZomBotany is the first mini-game, available as soon as the mode is unlocked. It features several Peashooter Zombies and Wall-nut Zombies, which have the same abilities as the corresponding plants. Defensive plants such as Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts are vital here, considering the Peashooter Zombie's ability to damage plants from a far.


A group of Peashooter Zombies.

Peashooter Zombie3

A Peashooter Zombie

Wall Nut zombie

Wall-nut Zombie





See ZomBotany/Strategies.


  • ZomBotany is a portmanteau of the words Zombie and Botany, hence, the zombies here are plant-zombie hybrids.
  • The Hypno-shroom has disappointingly incomplete effects on plant-zombie hybrids. Although hypnotized Peashooter hybrid Zombies do the about face and do munch their normal brethren, they continue to fire peas towards your house (apparently from the back of their head) which continue to damage your plants. They also are not harmed by Peas fired by normal Peashooter Zombies and so don't run interference for your plants. Unfortunately, these bugs are not fixed in updates. These errors are fixed on the iPhone version. (However, hypnotized Jalapeno Zombies will still destroy your plants).
  • Spikeweed, Potato Mine, Spikerock, Sun-shroom, and Puff-shroom are surprisingly effective since the peas fired cannot harm them. Instead, it goes over these 5 and harms the next plant in the row.
    • However, when you plant a Coffee Bean on Puff-Shroom or Sun-shroom, the Coffee Bean gets damaged by Peas until it disappears. The mushroom still won't get damage.
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  • The achievement Good Morning can be unlocked in this minigame.
  • In the ZomBotany Mini-game, most plants (except Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, and Pumpkins) can take 16 peas worth of damage before being destroyed.
  • The ZomBotany in iPod touch is $10,000. When you buy, this Mini-game will appear in the Mini-game section.
  • Beating this Mini-game without Tall-nuts, Wall-nuts and Pumpkins will earn this achievement Wall-Not Attack.
  • There was supposed to be different BGM other than Grasswalk in this Mini-game which is Zombotany (Unreleased Track). This song wasn't released because the intense part wasn't long enough to sustain the entire Battle.thumb|right|300px|A guide for the mini-game.
  • ZomBotany was one of the beta names for Plants vs. Zombies, and this Mini-game probably was named after it.
  • Although Snow Peas do freeze the target ZomBotany Zombies, Peashooter Zombies still fire at their normal rate.

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