ZomBotany is the first mini-game (tenth in the iOS version) in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. It is available as soon as the mode is unlocked on Level 3-2. It features Peashooter Zombies and Wall-nut Zombies, both of which have the same abilities as their corresponding plants. Defensive plants are essential here, considering the Peashooter Zombie's ability to damage plants from afar (that is, if the player is not aiming for any achievements).


A bunch of Peashooter Zombies

Peashooter Zombie3

A Peashooter Zombie

Wall Nut zombie

Wall-nut Zombie


Its name is a portmanteau of the words "zombie" and "botany," since the zombies in the mini-game are plant-zombie hybrids.



See ZomBotany/Strategies.



  • The name of this mini-game was a beta name for Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Hypno-shroom has incomplete effects on ZomBotany zombies. Although hypnotized Peashooter Zombies appear hypnotized and attack other zombies, they continue to fire peas towards the player's house from the back of their heads, which continue to damage the player's plants. They also are not harmed by peas fired by normal Peashooter Zombies and so do not run interference for the player's plants. These bugs have yet to be fixed, except for the iOS version, where hypnotized Jalapeno Zombies will still destroy the player's plants.
  • In this mini-game, most plants can take 16 peas worth of damage before being destroyed. Garlic also takes the same 16 peas, as it also takes the same amount of basketballs from a Catapult Zombie as a normal plant.
  • This mini-game's cost in the iPod Touch version is worth $10,000. It is also the only mini-game on the iPod Touch version that is not available in a game pack.
  • Beating this mini-game without Tall-nuts, Wall-nuts, and Pumpkins will earn the achievement Wall-Not Attack in the Playstation, iOS and Android versions.
    Plants Vs Zombies (MINIGAME) Zombotany HD

    Plants Vs Zombies (MINIGAME) Zombotany HD

    A guide for the mini-game.

  • It, Wall-nut Bowling, and Beghouled are the only mini-games with a sequel.
  • When a plant kills a zombie, its head disappears instead of falling off. This is because there is no "plant head" falling off animation for the ZomBotany zombies.
  • In every version, the icon is a Peashooter Zombie, but in some versions the head of the zombie has the front head of a Peashooter and the back leaves of a Repeater.
  • On the icon, in some versions, the player can see the stem of the Peashooter Zombie.
  • The icon on the iPad version is the only icon in which the background appears to have a night-time setting.
  • In the Nintendo DS version, the Wall-nut Zombie does not have degrades. However, it will reach its final degrade once it loses its arm.
  • There was an unreleased soundtrack called ZomBotany, probably to be used in ZomBotany levels, which sounded similar to Brainiac Maniac.
    • This makes it the only mini-game that was intended to have its own soundtrack.

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