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Zen Peak was the birthplace of Zen from which all magic sparkle originated. Both Plants and Zombies vacation here đuring offpeak travel times.

The map's description.

The map's view in the loading screen.

Zen Peak is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. I​t is set on top of a large mountain where there are Asian-themed areas, houses, dojos and zen-themed places.

There is a bridge in the center of the map with a stream running under it, and the player will instantly be vanquished if they fall off the mountain arena.

Game modes in which it appears


​Zen Peak was the birthplace of Zen from which all magic sparkle originated. Both Plants and Zombies vacation here during off peak travel times.

Golden Gnome locations

For the first Golden Gnome in this map, find a waterfall on the edge of the map, and jump down. If you jumped correctly, then you should have landed on a small cliff. Behind the waterfall on this cliff is a shrine with a Gnome inside.

For the second Golden Gnome, travel to the back of the plant side's spawn area and locate some rock outcroppings that go up like steps behind a house with a blue roof. Use a character with a jump ability like Peashooter or Super Brainz to find the Gnome on the rocks.


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