ZFF's 4 Evr is an achievement that can be unlocked on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network versions of Plants vs. Zombies. To unlock it, the player must win a game of Co-op Bowling. This can only be achieved when two players are active. Wall-nut Bowling will be harder this time around with Gargantuars (and Imps, of course), Zombonis, and Zombie Bobsled Teams coming in, alongside no aid of Giant Wall-nut. However, there will be no Dancing Zombies and Newspaper Zombies and the player's friend can help them. If both players win, they both get the achievement.


"ZFF" is a reference to the phrase "BFF," which means "best friends forever." So "ZFF" means "zombie friends forever."  


Plant Explode-o-nuts towards Gargantuars, Zombonis, and Zombie Bobsled Teams. Plant Wall-nuts towards zombies that are vertically orientated (plant them on the top lane). If they aren't, wait for other zombies to appear.


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