ZCorp HelpDesk is a ZCorp zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2, introduced in the 8.7.1 update. He throws an exploding laptop after absorbing enough damage, dealing 1000 damage to the plant hit by it. After throwing his laptop, he gains an attack and speed boost.

Similar to Lost Pilot Zombie, he can also appear from the "Parachute Rain!" ambush.

Almanac entry

ZCorp HelpDesk

TOUGHNESS: Protected
SPEED: Basic

ZCorp HelpDesk drops in and throws an exploding laptop.

ZCorp HelpDesk is here to help, especially if what you need help with is having too many plants on your lawn.


ZCorp HelpDesk absorbs 1200 damage per shot and his appearance changes upon absorbing 200, 400, 600 (when the laptop is thrown), and 800 (when his arm is lost) before dying at 1200 damage per shot. After throwing his laptop, his attacks and speed gain a x2 boost.

While hanging, ZCorp HelpDesk will explode when killed, dealing 800 damage to nearby zombies.


You might read the strategy that you use to defend your plants from Lost Pilot Zombies, but this zombie might be tougher to deal with than a regular Lost Pilot Zombie. Imagine if he was an upgraded version of Lost Pilot Zombie in Lost City, since he has similar traits to Lost Pilot Zombie, but with more health and protected with his exploding laptop.

You have to use Blover or Hurrikale to drop him down to the ground if you don't want him explode directly on your defenses, but remember that he will gain an extra speed after throwing his laptop. Planting ice-based plants like Snow Pea while using Blover on him (specifically his thrown laptop) will be the best combinations to defend this zombie. Using only Hurrikale while he speeds up and throws his laptop is just fine, but you must use her wisely if there are loads of zombies that almost close to your defenses.

Pumpkin might protect your plants from his target tough, but you must prepare him earlier before he comes first along with his minions. Combine this with Cold Snapdragon or his normal counterpart will be the best choice to damage ZCorp HelpDesk if there are two or more of them on three lanes in-front of them.

ZCorp Consultant & ZCorp HelpDesk combo

With her help, ZCorp HelpDesk will be more dangerous to defeat (but only on the ground). You must prepare your defenses much earlier before ZCorp Consultant come by. The combo between ice-based plants and Blover that we've talked about it earlier will be a great defense against these two combos. Stallia might be another choice that would slow both of these zombies down, only if they cross 3x3 area around her stalling effect.


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  • ZCorp Helpdesk’s outfit has a similar color scheme to the Bungee Zombie. Additionally, both of these zombies ambush from the sky rather than entering the lawn from the right.
  • ZCorp HelpDesk's advertisement named him as "HelpDesk Zombie".
  • He appears to be standing still when the player is Choosing their Seeds in the beginning of the level, the same applied to Lost Pilot Zombie.
  • ZCorp HelpDesk for some reason has his own burning animation while hanging, while Lost Pilot Zombie doesn't.

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