Z-Tech Factory is one of three main areas that is a part of Weirding Woods in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is also a playable map in multiplayer games such as Team Vanquish.


Z-Tech Factory at the Right of the Map

Z-Tech Factory is located in the easternmost part of Weirding Woods.

Points of Interest





  • Z-Tech Factory is the location of the zombie base in Weirding Woods but is not the starting zone, unlike other regions in Battle for Neighborville.
  • Z-Tech Factory is one of three maps in Battle for Neighborville that can be visited both by going to regions and by using the multiplayer portal, the others being Pressure Pier and Rocky Flats.
  • Z-Tech Factory is one of two possible starting zones in Town Center (depending if the player is a plant or a zombie), the other being Sundrop Hills.
  • Z-Tech Factory is the only map in Battle for Neighborville that shares its name with a previously-existing map.
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