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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Z-Mech 11011-3, also known as Steve, is a "sentient" Z-Mech that gives the Imp missions in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.


Imp Roundup

Some of the imps got out of imp-care! Go bring them to the park.


The Plants are having a party and it's keeping all of the imps awake.


Special Ops: Take the Z-mech memory unit on vacation and help him relax.



  • Despite his capabilities as a fighter, he is instead assigned to babysit Imps. He also hints that he gives the Imps swimming lessons.
  • In the dialogue for the first mission he gives the player, he references G-Force by saying that he is capable of developing a device to turn all electronic devices against the plants.
  • His rider is found sleeping in the Imp portal, where he is also found.
  • In his mission descriptions, the word "Imp" is mistakenly lowercased several times, and the "Mech" part of "Z-Mech" is also mistakenly lowercased.
  • The pattern of lights that appears on his cockpit window is the same pattern of lights that appears on the cockpit of the window of a regular Z-Mech when it is using the ability Missile Madness.

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