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Z-Mech is a zombie that can only be found in Arena in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He will advance to the 7th column while in an invulnerable force field, and when spawned will crush any plant that he is on with his mecha suit. After reaching the 7th column, he will summon Jetpack Zombies or Blastronaut Zombies around him, and will also summon several Bug Bot Imps at random columns, lanes, and tiles, and will target a random plant with a missile similar to that used by Dr. Zomboss. After a while, he will leave the lawn.

It also can not be slowed or stunned by any plant except E.M.Peach.

Almanac entry


SPEED: Creeper

Deploys a set of summoning and teleportation technologies to harass, damage and otherwise imperil plants on the board.

Z-Mech is taking time out from his PvZ Heroes and PvZ Garden Warfare duties to bring his unique brand of destruction to Plants vs. Zombies 2. Don't worry, though; he's cleared it with his manager.


Z-Mech is armed with 4 special attacks, sure to leave a dent in your defenses:

  • Spider Rain: When using this attack, Z-Mech will call in Bug Bot Imps to rain from the sky.
  • Teleport: Z-Mech will teleport some other zombies closer to your house.
  • Orbital Strike: When using this attack, Z-Mech will launch missiles around the lawn, which can destroy plants.
  • His final ability does not have a name, but when using it, Z-Mech will call in Jetpack Zombies, Disco Jetpack Zombies and Blastronaut Zombies to aid him in battle.
Phase Length Health Points on defeat Attacks
1 45 seconds 10,000 dps 75,000 Summons Bug Bot Imps (Spider Rain) and teleports zombies
2 40 seconds 12,500 dps 100,000 Fires missiles at plants (Orbital Strike), Spider Rain drops more Bug Bot Imps, and he can teleport zombies further
3 35 seconds 14,000 dps 125,000 Orbital Strike fires even more rockets, he will now summon Jetpack Zombies, Disco Jetpack Zombies and Blastronaut Zombies, Spider Rain can drop even more Bug Bot Imps, and he will still teleport zombies, targeting the ones closest to your house.


The Z-Mech absorbs 14000 damage and can summon Bug Bot Imps (Spider Rain), launch missiles at plants which creates charred tiles (Orbital Strike), and teleport zombies closer to the house. In its final stage, which can be engaged through surviving 85 seconds with it on screen, it will summon Jetpack Zombies, Disco Jetpack Zombies, and Blastronaut Zombies.




  • He breaks the fourth wall in his Almanac entry as he knows that he's in a game.
  • Z-Mech reuses Dr. Zomboss' laughs when he shoots a missile and whenever he summons his zombies.
  • He is invulnerable when he isn't inside his robot.
    • That is because of his force field he hovers inside. (the force field won't break)
  • Z-Mech uses a color palette more reminiscent of his Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 appearance than his most recent appearance in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
  • Like his PvZH counterpart, he shoots the missiles out of his arm blaster instead of over his head.
  • Due to a glitch, he can teleport defeated zombies close to the player's house.
  • When he is defeated for the third time, the charred imp animation has the imp with no pupils.
  • He has the most health out of all the zombies, excluding Dr. Zomboss' Zombots, absorbing 14000 damage.
  • The disco ball satellite he displays when he summons Bug Bot Imps is similar to the Disco-tron 3000's.
  • Whenever he takes out his disco ball satellite, if one looks at the robot's hips, the hips shake from side to side as is he is grooving.
  • The words "IMP-JECT" and "ERROR" can be seen whenever Z-Mech robot blows up.
    • The word "IMP-JECT" is a portmanteau on the words "imp" and "eject".

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