Your Hat, Sir! is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is achieved by killing a zombie using only Magnet-shroom via Plant Food. It is worth 5 points on Game Center for iOS devices and 500 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


It is very simple to get. Just destroy something weak like a Basic Zombie variant with its Plant Food ability. This achievement can be achieved quite easily because the zombie's metallic headwear will be taken off with the Plant Food effect, killing the zombie afterwards. Also, boosted Magnet-shrooms, especially in Dark Ages - Night 20 will be useful to take off all the helms in its range, especially if you run out of Plant Food.

Wild West and Neon Mixtape Tour are also good worlds to earn this achievement in. Wild West has Poncho Zombies, which have metal grates that Magnet-shroom can attract. Neon Mixtape Tour has Punk Zombies, which should be easy to attract, especially during the punk jam. This achievement can be earned in any other world with the Buckethead variants' headwear, but these 3 worlds are the most efficient.


  • The Magnet-shroom in the icon has its costume.

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