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Yeti, Set, GO! is an ability for the TV Head in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, TV Head summons a controllable Yeti Imp which can run up to enemies and manually explode. Its plant counterpart is Weed Out.


Its name is a play on the phrase "Ready, set, go!", which is used to announce the start of a race or contest.



Control a fast frozen friend who explodes on command.


Yeti Imps deal very close range explosive damage, but they have very little health. Use their small size to utilize cover and their increased speed to rush your enemy.


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Associated upgrades

Perk Mobility.png
Zero Chill
Yeti, Set, GO!BfN.png
Faster movement of Yeti Imp.

Yeti Imp moves faster, with the following modifiers: Forward constant = 1.5x, Backward constant = 2x, Left and right constant = 1.578947x.
Perk Awareness.png
Frost and Found
Yeti, Set, GO!BfN.png
Reveal enemies who are damaged by Yeti Imp.

The spotting effect lasts for 6 seconds.
Perk Health.png
No Fail Pail
Gain increased max health by wearing head protection.

TV Head has 25 more health points and the Yeti Imp has 10 more health.



Similar to the Garlic Drone or Parrot Pal, this ability allows you to temporarily take control of a drone. It is important to know that you do not become the drone, like Acorn becoming Oak, you only get to control it. This means that you are vulnerable to attack while using it, and if you are attacked, you will be forced out of the ability.

Unlike the Parrot Pal, the Yeti Imp does not last for very long. This means that it can only be used against plants that are relatively close to you. Make sure there are plants nearby before using it, otherwise it will be completely wasted.

This ability does very high damage, so it's excellent at taking out enemies. However, keep in mind that it won't be able to completely destroy enemies with high health or ones that have armor, so make sure to attack them first then use this as a method of finishing them off.

Keep in mind that the Yeti Imp cannot jump very high, so it is usually useless against enemies at higher elevations.


The Yeti Imp has very low health, not much more than the Parrot Pal, so it should be very easy to destroy. And unlike the Parrot Pal, it cannot fly, making it even easier to defeat. If you know that there is a TV Head nearby, make sure to check your back at all times or else you could easily be killed instantly by this ability. Staying near teammates could be a good strategy as well: you can watch each other's backs, and if one of you gets killed, you can quickly revive them.


  • Yeti, Set, Go! and Outta Fight! are the only abilities in Battle for Neighborville to have an exclamation mark in their name.
    • It is also the only ability to have a comma in its name.

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