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Yes, You Can Dig It! is a medal in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is awarded for discovering all six secret invoices.


Yes! I've figured out that her highest paying gig is down in the sewers! A clog so hairy, I'd need her super-plunger, Plunjolnir! I WISH I could share a taco with her, find out where it is...

- Quest Log of Eve Strough


Secret invoices map

Map showing all the secret invoices, telescopes, and the location to start the ancient plumbing gig side quest

In order to collect the secret invoices, you need to use the associated telescopes first to reveal them (a mound of dirt will then show up). Collecting each secret invoices give you 3 tacos and 125 coins, and collecting all of them will unlock the ancient plumbing gig side quest, which is necessary to unlock the Clog Day Afternoon medal.
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