For the XP in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, see XP (PvZA).

The XP system is a new ranking system in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Instead of the old ranking system, this ranking system is more based on the players' skill. There is an XP bar for each character. XP is rewarded like the old ways of getting Coins in-game in the first Garden Warfare, such as getting vanquishes or healing a teammate, that will reward the player XP. When a character is leveled up, they may get an upgrade for that character depending on what level their character is at. When a character levels up, they glow for a couple of seconds. When a player reaches rank 100, there will be a new rank plate which reads "1," and there will be a new rank plate every 100 ranks. Everybody, regardless if they are max rank in the first game, will start from rank 1.

There is an XP Multiplier as which its name suggests multiplies the amount of XP earned. The XP Multiplier can be seen in the Quest Board. Just note that if the player does not play the game for some time, the XP Multiplier will go down.

Level 10 is the max level for a character, so the player will not earn any more XP that will add to their bar. However, the player can still level up their character by promoting them. To promote them, just go to bobble heads in Backyard Battleground and there will be an arrow above the character that reached Level 10. Go to the character stats at the bobble heads to promote them, and once it is done, the player will earn 20,000 coins. Characters can be promoted from Specialist to Master, where one can no longer level up or promote their character. Other players can know the player promoted their character when the player vanquishes them and there will be a color and a promotion name around their gamertag.


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Doing certain actions yields XP. (Multiply by 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, or 2.00 for their respective XP Multipliers)

Action XP earned
Vanquished Plant/Zombie/Gnome 5
Vanquished Potted Plant/Zombie Bot 10
Vanquished Player 100
Vanquished Plant/Zombie/Gnome Boss 100
Summon A Weed/Zombie 5
Defender Bonus/Capture Vanquish 50
Critical/Shared Vanquish 5
Assist 25
Wave completed 50
Vanquished Plant/Zombie/Gnome Hero 25
Capture Objective 10
Grow a Plant/Build a Bot 10
Healing 10
Nullify Base in Suburbination 50
Capture Base in Suburbination 100
Pot/Bot Vanquish 10
Gained/Denied Crazy Orb 25
Reviving 50
Goat Vanquish 25 if it's a goatified enemy

5 if it's a regular goat.

Mech Vanquish 50
Vanquished Pirate in the Barrel 50(Pirate must be vanquished

inside Barrel Blast)

Smoldering Madness Vanquish 25(Used by Torchwood)
Goop Assist 25(Enemy was gooped by Chomper)
Heal Assist 25(Enemy was vanquished by character

with Heal Beam/Heal Beam of Science on by Sunflower

or Scientist)

Jinx Assist 25(Enemy was jinxed by Nec'Rose)
+Damage Assist 25(Enemy vanquished by a character

with Damage Buff-Booster Beam on by HoverGoat)

Speed Assist 25(Enemy vanquished by character affected by Tubular

Turbo of HoverGoat)

Freeze Assist 25(Enemy frozen by an Ice character)
Suppression Assist 25(Made by characters that prime weapons like All-Star

and Torchwood)


Listed in order:

  • Specialist
  • Advanced
  • Elite
  • Super Elite
  • Master

Character upgrades

Upgrade Level Obtained Function Unique to
Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade Beginner Level 5 This upgrade decreases the delay before health regeneration begins! All
Zoom Upgrade Beginner Level 9 This upgrade increases the zoom distance of your primary weapon! All except Chomper
Health Regeneration Upgrade Specialist Level 5 This upgrade increases how quickly your health regenerates! All
Speed Upgrade Specialist Level 9 This upgrade allows you to move faster! All
Reload Upgrade Advanced Level 5 This upgrade decreases your reload time! All
Ammo Upgrade Advanced Level 9 This upgrade increases the number of times you can fire before reloading! Characters with finite ammo
Damage Upgrade Elite Level 5 This upgrade increases your primary weapon damage! All
Health Upgrade Super Elite Level 5 This upgrade increases your maximum health! All
Overheat Upgrade Advanced Level 9 This upgrade increases the duration of which you can fire before overheating! Characters with infinite ammo
Fire Upgrade Elite Level 5 This upgrade increases the amount of damage the fire effect of your weapon deals! Fire variants
Toxic Upgrade Elite Level 5 This upgrade increases the amount of toxic damage your weapon deals as well as your toxic aura! Toxic variants
Super Meter Upgrade Elite Level 5 This upgrade decreases the amount that you need to fill your Super Meter! Legendary characters


  • If the player promotes a character to the "Specialist" rank, they will earn the Specialist achievement.
    • If the player promotes a character to the "Master" rank, they will earn the Time to Go Outside achievement.

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