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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
World Cup Icon

The icon for the event

The World Cup event is held as a mini-game in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 with the first one being held from June 1, 2018 to July 16. The 2019 season ran for June 30 to July 16. The lawn is the Modern Day lawn having white lines on it like a football field.

The player must get goals using the football while fighting against zombies. The plant's score is represented in red while the zombies' score is represented by the blue part of the score board.

Plant teams

There are eight teams of plants available. The top row of teams could be used anytime, but the lower row must be unlocked by winning with the four free teams or by spending 50 diamonds.

Free Teams

Unlockable Teams

Free Teams

Unlockable Teams

Zombie Teams


The player uses three specific plants from a team in a Last Stand format, in which they can only plant on the blue Power Tiles. (although they don't activate their ability here)

When done, the player must kill zombies that have a football icon on their heads of they will pass it to others. If they kill that zombie, they will get a football as Plant Food. They must use it on a plant (while the game hints what plant should have a football icon on their head, the player can choose anyone) to give it Plant Food. After the Plant Food effect is done, the plant will release a football in its lane. The football will deal 350 damage to any zombies it hits. If it goes out of the lawn without being blocked by a zombie of sufficient toughness, the player gets a goal.

Zombies can not kill the player in this mini-game. However, if a zombie with a football reaches the player's house, the zombies get a goal.




  • Imp Monk and Gargantuar Pirate appear in the hub artwork but never in the minigame.
  • For some reason, it appears again despite the fact that it is based on the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia.
    • It may probably because it is one of the monthly events in the Chinese version.
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