For the version in Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Wizard Zombie.

Wizard is a playable Zombie class in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a PvZ BfN Support Class Icon Support class and specializes in supporting his fellow zombie allies in many ways using his magical potions, from using potions to make them invincible to hitching rides on Zombies in a ball form and buffing their attacks.

Wizard could be unlocked in the Luck O' the Zombie festival Prize Map, as the final reward. If the player was unable to unlock Wizard from that prize map, he is available to purchase from Rux for 500,000 coins or 1,000 rainbow stars.


In-game description

Wizards aid their allies with tricky magicness. They hover above a zombie to power them up and use potions to make them immortal.

Co-Star Wizard description

Wizard Co-Stars ride on the heads of zombies and provide them with armor. They activate Starz Align when facing the same direction as their zombie host, granting them both powerful buffs!

Primary weapons


Hold [fire] to charge your staff and release to cast a damaging aura

Menu description

Wizard's primary weapon is the Orbacadorbra, which is a charge up weapon.

Its uncharged shots fire semi-automatically at a slow rate of fire and deal 18 damage (20 critical). It consumes 1 round of ammo per shot.

When charged, it creates a big, damaging, AOE projectile (the AOE is attached to the projectile). It moves at a moderate speed and will bounce if it hits walls, the floor, etc. It can pass through plants and lasts a limited time. It deals 4 damage at a rapid pace to plants in the weapon's AOE. It only has one charge and consumes 4 rounds of ammo.

Shooting Star

Rapid-cast ball magicky energy with explosive coverage.

In-game description

Wizard's primary weapon when in Co-Star form is the Shooting Star. Its rate of fire varies depending on whether Starz Align has been achieved, having a fast rate of fire when it is achieved and a slow rate of fire when not. Its damage per shot also varies, dealing 3-6-10 damage with each consecutive hit. The weapon also has splash damage, which like the impact damage also has varying damage output, dealing 5-8 damage with each consecutive splash damage hit.


Left ability
Throw a potion that temporarily makes allies immortal and stops enemy jumping and sprinting.
Center ability
Spell DisasterBfN
Spell Disaster
Slam the ground with your staff to summon magical missiles that chase and damage nearby enemies.
Right ability
Hover above an ally as a star in an orb to provide extra firepower and grant them armor.


Perk Utility
Super Savior
Perk RoleIcon Support
Use jump and abilities while reviving.
Perk Cooldown
Refreshing Revive
Faster refresh time for all abilities by reviving an ally.

Reduces ability cooldown by 30% when a teammate is revived.
Perk Health
Rough Patch
Spawn with more health after suffering multiple vanquishes in a row.

After dying three times in a row, spawn with the maximum amount of overhealth for the currently used class after respawning or being revived.
Perk Health
Revive Reward
Perk RoleIcon Support
Gain health by reviving an ally.

Grants 75 HP upon reviving an ally.
Perk Mobility
Perk RoleIcon Support
Move faster after spawning or being revived.

Increases movement speed by 55% for 6 seconds after respawning or being revived.
Perk Utility
Leveling Up
Earn XP faster.

Earn 10% more XP.
Spell DisasterBfN
Cause an explosion at your feet when using Spell Disaster.

Using Spell Disaster causes an explosion with the following stats: (1.) 40 blast damage; (2.) 2m (6.56 ft) inner blast radius; (3.) 4m (13.12 ft) blast radius; (4.) 10 shockwave damage; (5.) 5m (16.4 ft) shockwave radius.
Wand Wammo
Perk RoleIcon Hero Wizard
Increased ammo capacity for Orbracadorbra and Shooting Star.

Increases Orbracadorbra ammo capacity by 25% (to 20 rounds) and Shooting Star ammo capacity by 22.2222% (to 55 rounds).
Perk Cooldown
Critical Blow
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning a critical vanquish.

Reduces ability cooldown by 3 seconds upon critically vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Mobility
Move faster, except when sprinting.

Increases walking speed by 12.9032%
Perk Health
Hard Target
Perk RoleIcon Support
Move faster for a short time after receiving damage.

Increases movement speed by 15% for 1.65 seconds upon taking damage. Stacks up to 4 times for a maximum of 50% movement speed increase.
Slow Your Roll
Perk RoleIcon Hero Wizard
Charged up shot for Orbracadorbra slows down when dealing damage.
Two-Headed Dragon
Extend Co-Star duration when you or ally carrier earns a vanquish.

Extend Co-Star duration by 5 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Damage
Combat Aura
Perk RoleIcon Support
Gain increased damage aura for a short time after a vanquish streak of three.

Activates a damage aura with a 5m radius upon vanquishing 3 enemies without dying. Increases damage by 20% and lasts for 7 seconds.
Elder Alchemist
Start ally health regen with Zee-lixir.
Drive-By Head Rub
Ally retains armor and vision buff after Wizard leaves.

Effect lasts for 7 seconds after leaving target.
Blinders Off
Perk RoleIcon Hero Wizard
Wider angle to achieve Starz Align when in Co-Star mode.

Increases Starz Align angle to 180°.
Dust and Echoes
Spell DisasterBfN
Enemies vanquished by Spell Disaster are unrevivable.
Bottle Bouncer
Make Zee-lixir bounce before exploding. Triggers effect on bounce and explosion.
Wizard Needs Help
Perk RoleIcon Hero Wizard
Grant armor to ally who is reviving you.

Damage taken by the reviving ally is reduced by 50%.



Wizard is primarily suited towards a supportive playstyle, staying with his teammates and providing buffs with Co-Star and Zee-lixer.

His primary weapon, the Orbacadorba, can be fired in two states: uncharged and charged. Its uncharged state is effective at mid to long range and functions in a similar manner to Electric Slide's Boogie Bolt. The weapon's charged state fires a large orb that rapidly damages plants caught in it, and is effective for crowd control and suppressing a route to an objective.

His Zee-lixer provides an invulnerability effect when used in a supportive manner and heavily slows down the mobility of plants caught in its radius when used in a more offensive manner. The ability is very effective when in a choke point, as the invulnerability it provides can give a massive advantage to your teammates. It's also effective against high damage abilities like Chili Bean Bomb and Fung Fu as you and your teammates can essentially tank the damage of those abilities whilst not compromising your firepower (as is the case with abilities like Outta Fight!). Keep in mind that the invulnerability effect only lasts for a very short amount of time, so do not be overconfident when using this ability.

Spell Disaster is Wizard's most effective way of dealing damage to enemies and can be especially effective at crowd control as it fires several homing orbs in a 360 degree angle. Keep in mind however that you are vulnerable during the abilities' initial animation so it can be useful to use Zee-lixer before initiating this ability.

Co-Star is Wizard's best support ability, as it provides buffs to both himself and his teammates. When hooked up to a teammate he gains a new weapon, the Shooting Star, which varies in damage output and rate of fire depending on whether Starz Align has been achieving (done by facing the same direction as your teammate). It's recommended to always remain in Starz Align as the Shooting Star is very weak in its base form. The Wizard's other two abilities are also available even when in Co-Star mode. One should also eject from Co-Star mode when a teammate is about to be vanquished and Zee-lixer is available, as the stun effect from being ejected from a vanquished enemy leaves you very vulnerable.

Balance Changes

May 2020 patch

  • Co-Star
    • Vanquish 50->15 XP
    • Starz Align Vanquish 50->15 XP
    • Assist 10->5 XP
    • Starz Align Assist 25->10 XP
    • Fix the issue with Wizard being forced out of Co-Star and falling off the map not attributing a vanquish to the player who forced the Wizard out of Co-Star
    • Reduce XP reward for vanquishes and assists

Shooting Star

    • Decrease blast radius 1.9->1.8 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 2->2.05 m


Wizard's sounds

2,147,483,647 feet
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Launching from jump pad

VO GW3 Wizard Fly0
VO GW3 Wizard Fly1
VO GW3 Wizard Fly2
VO GW3 Wizard Fly3
VO GW3 Wizard Fly4
VO GW3 Wizard Fly5


VO GW3 Wizard Gooped0
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped1
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped2
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped3
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped4
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped5
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped6
VO GW3 Wizard Gooped7


VO GW3 Wizard Healed0
VO GW3 Wizard Healed1
VO GW3 Wizard Healed2
VO GW3 Wizard Healed3
VO GW3 Wizard Healed4
VO GW3 Wizard Healed5


VO GW3 Wizard Pain0
VO GW3 Wizard Pain1
VO GW3 Wizard Pain2
VO GW3 Wizard Pain3
VO GW3 Wizard Pain4
VO GW3 Wizard Pain5
VO GW3 Wizard Pain6
VO GW3 Wizard Pain7
VO GW3 Wizard Pain8
VO GW3 Wizard Pain9
VO GW3 Wizard Pain10
VO GW3 Wizard Pain11
VO GW3 Wizard Pain12


VO GW3 Wizard Jump0
VO GW3 Wizard Jump1
VO GW3 Wizard Jump2
VO GW3 Wizard Jump3
VO GW3 Wizard Jump4
VO GW3 Wizard Jump5
VO GW3 Wizard Jump6
VO GW3 Wizard Jump7
VO GW3 Wizard Jump8
VO GW3 Wizard Jump9
VO GW3 Wizard Jump10


VO GW3 Wizard Land0
VO GW3 Wizard Land1
VO GW3 Wizard Land2
VO GW3 Wizard Land3
VO GW3 Wizard Land4
VO GW3 Wizard Land5
VO GW3 Wizard Land6
VO GW3 Wizard Land7
VO GW3 Wizard Land8


VO GW3 Wizard Laugh0
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh1
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh2
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh3
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh4
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh5
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh6
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh7
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh8
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh9
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh10
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh11
VO GW3 Wizard Laugh12


VO GW3 Wizard Spawn0
VO GW3 Wizard Spawn1
VO GW3 Wizard Spawn2
VO GW3 Wizard Spawn3
VO GW3 Wizard Spawn4

Sprint starting

VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart0
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart1
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart2
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart3
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart4
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart5
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart6
VO GW3 Wizard SprintStart7


VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop0
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop1
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop2
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop3
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop4
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop5
VO GW3 Wizard SprintLoop6

Firing weapon

VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire0
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire1
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire2
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire3
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire4
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire5
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire6
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire7
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire8
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire9
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire10
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire11
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire12
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire13
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire14
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire15
VO GW3 Wizard PrimaryFire16


VO GW3 Wizard Reload0
VO GW3 Wizard Reload1
VO GW3 Wizard Reload2
VO GW3 Wizard Reload3
VO GW3 Wizard Reload4
VO GW3 Wizard Reload5
VO GW3 Wizard Reload6

Throwing Zee-lixir

VO GW3 Wizard HealGrenade0
VO GW3 Wizard HealGrenade1
VO GW3 Wizard HealGrenade2
VO GW3 Wizard HealGrenade3

Using Spell Disaster

VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam0
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam1
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam2
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam3

Spell Disaster hits

VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam Hit0
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam Hit1
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam Hit2
VO GW3 Wizard StaffSlam Hit3

Laughing (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh0
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh1
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh2
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh3
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh4
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh5
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh6
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh7
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh8
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh9
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh10
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh11
VO GW3 WizardMini Laugh12

Firing weapon (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire0
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire1
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire2
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire3
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire4
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire5
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire6
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire7
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire8
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire9
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire10
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire11
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire12
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire13
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire14
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire15
VO GW3 WizardMini PrimaryFire16

Reloading (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini Reload0
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload1
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload2
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload3
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload4
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload5
VO GW3 WizardMini Reload6

Throwing Zee-lixir (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini HealGrenade0
VO GW3 WizardMini HealGrenade1
VO GW3 WizardMini HealGrenade2
VO GW3 WizardMini HealGrenade3

Using Spell Disaster (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam0
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam1
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam2
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam3

Spell Disaster hits (in Co-Star mode)

VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam Hit0
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam Hit1
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam Hit2
VO GW3 WizardMini StaffSlam Hit3


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