Will You Be My Posse? is a quest in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, given by Tumbleweed Ted

Beating the quest the first time will reward the player with 10,000 coins, 25 Sheriff Badges, a Medal, and the Sheet Music. Replaying the quest rewards the player 7,500 coins and 10 Sheriff Badges.


What's more dangerous than getting between the Big Boy Gang and their pals in jail? Some Sheet Music, apparently. Prove you can handle both by rustling up a posse!


Target Shooting

For this quest, it's best to choose a character that is good with mid/long range offense. This isn't because of the battles, but because of the Target Shooting at the beginning of the quest.

Characters like Night Cap and Snapdragon are great choices, as they can hit multiple targets at once. Peashooter is also a good option, as his splash could potentially destroy other targets. It's not a good idea to choose Chomper, as his Slobber Shot travels slowly and will make it difficult to hit targets.

Picking Posse Members

Below is a list of all the possible posse members.

Pollen Kate is always a great, and almost essential choice as a posse member, as she could heal other members and also defend herself. Mask R. Abe and Bren Faire are good members as well, being a Snapdragon and Citron respectively. Billseye and Pick Nick can be a powerful duo as well, if ever Billseye's AI will ride on top of Pick Nick.

Prepare Defenses

The potted plants really serve little purpose, as putting down four pots of Pea Cannons could be enough. However, if you really want to be defensive, use long ranged potted plants like Scaredy-Shroom and Pea Gatling for the sides and close, powerful hitters like Bonk Choy and Doom-Shroom for the middle.

Defend Jail

Will You Be My Posse? is unique in that it could have two endings: the Big Boy Gang break out of jail or you defend the jail long enough for more zombies to come attack.

While defending the jail, the Big Boy Gang Leader becomes invincible and warps away. He brings in his 'big boys', two Champion All-Stars and three Zombombs. If the player wishes to keep the jail door intact, they must vanquish the Zombombs as quick as possible. First focus on the Champion All-Stars and then the Zombombs, and let the posse deal with the Exploding Imps.

If the player and their posse manage to vanquish the Zombombs or if all Zombombs have exploded without breaking the door, the Big Boy Gang Leader will warp back into the battle and attempt to break the door himself. If the player attempts to hurt him, he will warp away and say "NO FAIR! I'll be back!"

He then starts to send in more Exploding Imps, a handful of Screendoor Zombies and Outhouse Zombies, as well as Champion Foot Soldiers and Captain Deadbeards that will try to break the jail door. The soldiers will always attempt to ZPG the door (or you and your posse), so keep an eye out for them. The Deadbeards will hide inside of Barrel Blast and will try to blow up the door.

If the player manages to take out the large wave of zombies with the door still intact, the quest ends and they are awarded with the Sheet Music.

Vanquish Big Boy Gang

However, if the zombies do manage to destroy the jail door, the remaining Big Boy Gang members will step out of the jail, and the player and the posse must vanquish all four of them.

The Big Boy Gang consists of the Gang Boss, a Foot Solider, an Electric Slide, and a Super Brainz -- all of which are Champions.

Start with Super Brainz. He has the most health out of the members and has the most damaging abilites. Always try to shoot him from a distance, though he will try to use Hyper Jump Thump to bring you closer, simply try to run away before he does any massive damage to you or your posse.

Go for Foot Solider next. He will sometimes try to jump up onto the jail or any other building to gain higher ground, assaulting the posse with his Super Stink Cloud and ZPGs. Try to dodge his rockets and try to stay away from his stink clouds.

Go for Electric Slide next. As with most Electric Slide AI, when damaged too much, she will retreat into Outta Fight!. Simply follow her around until she becomes vulnerable again, but watch out for her Disco Tornado or her Funky Bouncer.

End with the Big Boy Gang Leader. It's best to leave the Gang Boss last, not because it's a satisfying finisher, but because he poses the least threat. The most he can do is Warp away and shoot you at a distance, but since all he can really do is heal himself or run away, he's the easiest to take down.




  • In the cutscene where the Big Boy Gang Leader appears, it shows the clock tower and it appears to be 12:00 PM, a reference to the 1952 American Western film, High Noon.
  • There is a glitch where after the player accomplishes the Pie Eating task, they can choose their posse members and stand close to the eating table and redo the pie eating objective. This will cause the player to be able to pick three more posse members for their posse, and could potentially repeat the process until they've recruited all plants.
  • This is the only quest in Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville to have different endings.
  • Interestingly, the Gang Boss can be 'vanquished' during the Defend Jail portion. This can be done by dealing enough damage to him before he can warp away or by goatifying him and dealing enough damage.
    • However, this doesn't end the quest. Even though it will say he is vanquished, he will still Warp away and the quest goes on as normal.
    • This can only be done when he has warped back into the field after vanquishing the first wave of zombies attacking the jail door.
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