For the Chinese version of the level, see Wild West - Day 7 (Chinese version).
Like cow tipping, zombie tipping is best done from the side.


Trust me, do not try and tip a cow from behind!

Crazy Dave

Wild West - Day 7 is the seventh level of Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a note from Dr. Zomboss.


  • This level is very similar to previous levels, with the three common types of zombies and Poncho Zombie. The main focus is to kill Poncho Zombie as soon as possible, and as efficiently as possible. Using minecarts in conjunction with powerful plants can help. Buckethead Cowboy makes one appearance here. The player should do the same thing as dealing with Poncho Zombie.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Cowboy Zombie2 None
2 Cowboy Zombie2 None
3 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 None
4 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 None
5 Poncho Zombie2+ None
6 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 None 500%/7 Plant Food
7 Poncho Zombie2 None
8 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Flag Cowboy Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2- None First flag
9 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 None
10 Conehead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 None
11 Poncho Zombie25 Poncho Zombie2+3 None
12 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie24 Poncho Zombie2-2 None
13 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2- None
14 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2+ None
15 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2 None 400%/7 Plant Food
16 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2- Poncho Zombie2+ None 600%/7 Plant Food, final flag

Poncho Zombie2- never carries metal grate
Poncho Zombie2+ always carries metal grate


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • Do what you need to do first like planting sun-producing plants, delay the times for gathering sun, and other stuff.
  • As you can see, Pea Pod is a stronger version of Repeater and Gatling Pea from Plants vs. Zombies, since it can shot five peas at once if you maximize its heads, so plant a five-headed Pea Pod on the first minecart from the left of the lawn. It will make it the most useful plant in Wild West.
    • While you do that, do not forget to plant Wall-nuts and other plants, such as Snapdragons to help you.
  • If you can, you can plant one column of maxed-out Pea Pods, but it will take a lot of sun.

Strategy 2

Created by MartinUWH; level can be completed using only Level 1 plants, and without losing any mowers.
  • Required plants:
  • Plant Twin Sunflowers in the third column, with a Wall-nut in the fifth column.
  • Plant Snapdragon in the fourth column, initially in the second and fourth rows, building up to a full column of Snapdragons.
  • Plant Potato Mines and Chili Beans in the sixth column, noting that Potato Mines take a while to activate, so plant them in rows that are currently empty, not in rows that have zombies approaching.
  • If you find yourself with too much Plant Food, plant it on a Potato Mine.
  • This should see you comfortably through the level, with no premium content required, and losing no mowers.



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