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For the environment modifier used in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Wheelbarrow.

Wheel Barrow is an item available for purchase at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $200 after either the Mushroom Garden or the Aquarium Garden is purchased. The Wheel Barrow is used to move plants between gardens, although it can also be used to move plants within a single garden. The player can either pick a plant by clicking it, then clicking the Wheel Barrow or placing them in it with the Gardening Glove. Only one plant can be placed in it at each time. A plant can stay in the Wheel Barrow as long as needed, but it cannot be interacted to there.

To place a plant in another environment, the player must first put the plant in the Wheel Barrow. Then, they can click the yellow arrow on the right. If it is a mushroom, then the player should go to the Mushroom Garden. They should click the Wheel Barrow, then click a free space in the mushroom garden. The player's plant is now in the selected garden.

If it is an aquatic plant, the flower pot in the Zen Garden will fill with water and the plant will be floating in it. Then, they should put the plant in the Wheel Barrow (same way with the other plants) and go to the Aquarium Garden. The player should then click the Wheel Barrow, and dark spots will appear in the storage places. They should click one of them, and the plant will be in the garden. If they are out of Zen Garden storage, it is possible to keep a plant in the Wheel Barrow.

The icon for the Wheel Barrow


The sound the Wheel Barrow makes when a plant is placed inside it.

Plant going from Wheel Barrow to Aquarium Garden.

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