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Whack-a-Zombie (PvZ2C) is Steam Ages' exclusive Brain Buster in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The point of this Brain Buster is to reach the goal under a certain time by whacking Industrial Imp Zombies while avoiding Flat-shrooms. It is only playable on Day 13.


The lawn is occupied by Sewers. The player must use the mallet to whack the stationary Industrial Imp Zombies that constantly pop out of the sewers. Whacking them gives the player ten points. They must also avoid Flat-shrooms that also pop out of the sewers. Whacking them will reduce the players score counter by fifteen points.

The levels have a set goal that must be reached in a certain time (which is not shown to the player). Failure to reach the goal will result in losing the level.

There is a combo mechanic in this Brain Buster which activates when an Industrial Imp Zombie is whacked and increases when more are whacked. Whacking a Flat-shroom will reset the the streak. This mechanic however does absolutely nothing.

Power Ups

This mini-game also introduces two power-ups exclusive for this Brain Buster. All of them can be only used for the limited time in gameplay.

Power Doubler Mallet: Allows the player get double scores by whacking zombies. Costs 5000 coins to use.

Power Super Doubler Mallet: Allows the player get double scores no matter whacking plants or zombies. Cost 50 gems to use.


†: Strategy page
*: Unconfirmed name
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