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Welcome Mat is a mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The mode is similar to Team Vanquish mode except there is no customization (except Gestures) and if the player gets vanquished a lot, he or she will respawn with more health, notified by an on-screen notification saying "SLIGHT HEALTH BOOST!" and the player receives 30 extra health points. True to its name, this mode was made for new players (as it gives them benefits once they get vanquished) but is likewise good for veteran players that are in the need of sharpening their skills, such like after a long hiatus in playing.


The rules are the same as in Team Vanquish mode

  • Each vanquish adds to that team's vanquish counter.
  • Each revive removes a point from the opposing team.
  • Which ever team gets 50 vanquishes first, wins.


See the Team Vanquish page for more strategies on this.

Use the advantage of higher health if you have it! If you get vanquished more, you'll gain more health. Use the health boost to surprise the other team and gain more vanquishes, don't try to get vanquished on purpose however, for it will help the other team score points.


  • The players can still have their unlocked gestures into Welcome Mat.
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