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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Weirding Woods is the Zombie free roam and Story Mode region in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The only way to access this place is by talking to Seabasstian in Zomboss HQ. It is composed of three main areas: Camp Near-a-Lake, Stirring Swamp, and Z-Tech Factory.


The Zombies are trapped! The Z-Tech Factory close to Camp Near-a-Lake is surrounded by Dreadwood's angry trees and angrier roots, trapping zombies inside! Dr. Zomboss would go check on them, but he's too busy NOT getting attacked by trees and roots.

Story Quests

  • Root of the Problem: Dreadwood ate the cult's leader, Dummy! Show the cult you're a chum of the dumb by vanquishing the Dreadroot who stole Dummy.
  • Becoming One With The Dumb: Only the truly dumb are worthy of the Sacred Batteries. Get worthy by delving into the emptiness of your own mind. It's gonna get weird.
  • Be Kind, Rewind: How do you a fix a broken Lullaby Tape! Why, throw it in a crazed washing machine, of course!
  • Zombie Prepared: Calling all scouts! Sunflowers have been putting out Izzy's forest fires. Help her get revenge to earn Cool Stickers for the Boombox.

Encounterable Plants




  • Carry the Torch - Light the campfires.
  • Roasted Root Vegetables - Complete the Trial by Fire.
  • Sign O' The Times - Reach the top of the Camp Near-a-Lake sign.
  • Organ Donor - Reach the top of the pipes in the Z-Tech Factory.
  • Tarper Image - Stand on the tarp in the campground.
  • How's the Feather up There? - Stand in a birds nest.
  • Cannonball! - Jump into Lost Keys Lake.

Shelf Stuffers

Side Gigs

  • Diss From a Rose - Vanquish Queenigma.
  • Sun Burned - Vanquish the Solar Sisters.
  • Up to No Gourd - Vanquish the Wild Bunch.
  • Bring It On Gnome - Complete a gnome challenge in Weirding Woods.
  • Gno Sweat - Complete all gnome challenges in Weirding Woods.
  • UnstOPpable - Complete round of Ops in Weirding Woods without being vanquished.
  • Pretty Well - Bring a Crystal Dog to the Strange Well.
  • Rise of the Acorns - Win this Battle Chest mode.
  • Tree Overwatch - Win this Battle Chest mode.
  • Outnumbered - Win this Battle Chest mode.
  • Suburbinating Chompers - Win this Battle Chest mode.
  • Champions of the Forest - Win this Battle Chest mode.

Demolition Fan


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