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Weeds are Spawnable Plant ally units for the plants that appear in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.They are the plant counterparts to the Browncoat Zombie and, like the Browncoat Zombie, they have different variants that serve as equivalents to the many Browncoat variants in the zombie version of Garden Ops called Graveyard Ops. They are spawnable in Herbal Assault and they also appear as enemies in Graveyard Ops in addition to spawning throughout the plant side of Backyard Battleground where they will engage in seemingly random fights with nearby Browncoats and other zombies.

Their name refers to the name given to a plant that is considered to be undesirable or "in the wrong place". The Weeds' melee attack is called Weed Whip, which deals 15 damage, and the ranged attack is called Seed Spit, which deals 15 damage. However, other variants have other attacks. Weeds use their ranged attack more frequently than their zombie equivalents.

Stickerbook description


The backbone of Crazy Dave's ground forces, these Weeds can grow just about anywhere.


The Halloweed might just frighten the pants off a zombie.


These special weeds hatch from eggs every Spring.


The Weed is a dandelion-like plant with a cabbage-like head bearing a pair of eyes and a mouth as well as 4 purple staimen-like antenae coming out from the top.  A pair of "arms" protruding from the lower end of its stalk. At the lower end of its stalk are 4 zigzag leaves that serve as feet.


  • Easy: 18
  • Normal: 26
  • Hard: 30



  • Weeds were the first new Spawnable Plants introduced in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and are by far the most numerous ones.
    • They are also the first spawnable plants that are not stationary turrets, instead, they are capable of actual movement.
  • Coincidentally, a Browncoat Zombie variant exists that wears a pumpkin on its head too.
    • However, the Pumpkin Browncoat (or Jackocoat in Garden Warfare 2) doesn't nearly have as much health as a Pumpkin Weed, because the Pumpkin Weed is the equivalent to the Conehead Zombie while the Pumpkin Browncoat is re-styled Browncoat.
  • Sometimes when summoned or when they score a vanquish, the Weeds may laugh in an evil manner, although this is hard to hear.
  • They have a relatively high-pitched voice, though this is again hard to hear.
  • Its Halloween costume variant, Halloweed is a pun and portmanteau of Halloween and Weed.

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