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Weapon Stand is an environment modifier in Kongfu World. It is first encountered in Kongfu World - Day 1. The Weapon Stand occupies one tile of the player's lawn. Some of them spawn at the start of the level, as well as at some point during the level. It holds flags, torches, bombs, hammers, and helmets. If a Kongfu or Monk Zombie manages to step into it, they will put the item on and transform to another zombie. Similarly to tombstones, they will block projectiles that are fired straight ahead and cannot be planted on. Plants that occupy a certain tile on a place where the Weapon Stand appears will be tossed away from the lawn.


Here are all the transformations possible when a zombie reaches a Weapon Stand:



  • These can possibly be upgraded graves. However, Coconut Cannon's giant cannonball created by its Plant Food effect will not stop and explode when it touches a Weapon Stand. Instead, it will destroy the Weapon Stand and continue to move forward.
  • It can bounce the plants away from the lawn, provided it spawns on a tile occupied by a plant.
  • Only a Monk Zombie or Kongfu Zombie will be able to transform into a special zombie (e.g. Hammer Zombie, Swordsman Zombie, etc.). Other zombies will ignore it.
  • If a zombie hypnotized by Hypno-shroom or created by Magic-shroom walks into a weapon stand and transforms, it will turn back and act like a regular zombie, rendering the hypnotized zombie near useless.
  • Bombs, hammers, and admiral helmets are ignored by Monk Zombies, while swords and nunchakus are ignored by Kongfu Zombies.
    • This may be because there are no Kongfu variants for the Swordsman Zombie and Nunchaku Zombie, and no Monk variants for the Suicide Bomber Zombie, Hammer Zombie and Admiral Helmet Zombie.
  • If a zombie shrunken by Shrinking Violet walks into a weapon stand and transforms, it will grow back to its regular size.
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