Warping away from a Bonk Choy

Warp is one of the Scientist's abilities. It warps the Scientist forward a set distance wherever it is facing, which can be used for either fleeing or getting close to plants. Its alternate abilities are Energy Warp and Cheesy Warp. It takes 20 seconds to recharge one Warp, and the Scientist can hold two at a time. One Warp travels 16 meters.

Stickerbook description


Description about the Warp

The Scientist has the ability to Warp through space and time. This is handy for dodging attacks, avoiding chompers, and, well, it's just fun.




Because the Scientist is best used in close range combat, you can use Warp to get close to your enemy to deal damage and then warp again to escape. This is an extremely powerful tactic, as you can deal damage to enemies and possibly escape away clean. Warp can also allow you to get over pits as if there is solid ground within range, the Warp will place you there which can allow you to attack plants from unexpected angles. It is extremely useful for escaping Chompers. It can also be used aggressively to get closer to a garden in Gardens & Graveyards and surprising a plant to make them flee or lose control.


If a Scientist is warping towards you while moving in predictable pattern, try to drop a Potato Mine or a Spikeweed as a Cactus or Chomper in his path, respectively, and if you get lucky, he may end up warping right on top of them, resulting in either the opponent taking heavy damage or a rather embarrassing death which can quite easily ruin the opponent's day. Alternatively, you can use Goop as Chomper to stop him from warping while Peashooter's Hyper can allow you to get up to a rooftop or any other high vantage point, rendering the Warp useless.



  • Its description incorrectly says "avoiding chompers" instead of "avoiding Chompers."
  • It seems like the Scientist always holds the button that he pulls out and presses to Warp in his left hand.
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