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If you remember well, you should remember those mini zombies, small but very ferocious, also come terribly in droves.

Crazy Dave

War of the Spider Woman 1-4 was the fourth level of War of the Spider Woman in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. It was a Big Trouble Little Zombie level, in which the zombies in the level were shrunken and had only a quarter of their regular health, but came in higher numbers, walked, and ate faster. To earn all three stars, the player had to complete the stage, not let the Seagull Imp steal the star which is located at the back of the lawn on one of the lawn mowers, and not to lose any lawn mowers.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: If you remember well, you should remember those mini zombies,
Crazy Dave: Small but very ferocious, also come terribly in droves,
Crazy Dave: Let me tell you a secret to deal with them,
Crazy Dave: If there is fire, burn them with fire,
Crazy Dave: You'll like that feeling.
(Crazy Dave leaves)


  • The player has to again deal with tons of zombies with the given plants. Though the tiny zombies are weaker, they are much bigger in numbers, and they are two times faster, making them a nuisance.
    • This means that Wall-nuts are slightly less effective in this level, though they are still crucial for passing this.


  • Plant as many pea-shooting plants in each row as you can, a Torchwood in every row to enhance their attacks and a column or two of Wall-nuts to defend them. These zombies, although they take little effort to be killed, spawn in big groups to make this level difficult.
    • If planted correctly, the Seagull Imp in the last wave should be defeated easily, as it is also shrunken.
  • Use Cherry Bombs when tons of Football Zombies and Snorkel Zombies are in play. You also need to use Cherry Bombs when a big wave of zombies approaches.
    • Use Squash to kill a single tough zombie instead.
  • If your plants cannot hold up by the amount of zombies, Lawn Mowers and Pool Cleaners temporarily will take care of the grass lanes or pool lanes for defense.
  • It is possible to lose fairly quickly since the plants come in randomly. The player might not get enough offensive plants and may be unable to win the level.



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