For the Adventure Mode version of this level, see Level 1-5.
For the plant trick in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Wall-Nut Bowling.
For the Brain Buster in Plants vs. Zombies Online, see Wall-nut Bowling (PvZO).

Wall-nut Bowling is the second mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. It is unlocked in most versions during Adventure Mode on Level 3-2 when one of the zombies drops the present. On the iPhone/iPod Touch (but not iPad) and Android versions, it is available in Quick Play upon completion of Adventure Mode for the first time. The mini-game closely resembles Level 1-5, where it was introduced. However, it features a larger range of zombies such as the Buckethead Zombie, Pole Vaulting Zombie, and the Newspaper Zombie. However, when the player plays Adventure Mode again, the aforementioned level remains unchanged. There is also a sequel to this level named Wall-nut Bowling 2.


In Wall-nut Bowling, the player uses Wall-nuts to attack zombies by placing them behind the red line and rolling them towards zombies. When a Wall-nut hits a zombie, it will roll away at an angle, possibly hitting more zombies. Occasionally, the conveyor belt will bring Explode-o-nuts, which are red Wall-nuts that will explode with the range of a Cherry Bomb if they hit a zombie. For every ricochet, the player gets more coins: one silver coin on the second, two on the third, three on the fourth, one gold coin on the fifth, two on the sixth, and a diamond on the seventh then up.


While it is slightly luck-based, it is rather easy, provided the player has at least one Lawn Mower left during the final wave (zombies tend to come in rows with Lawn Mowers). Also, Explode-o-nuts are very helpful for clumps of zombies, thus you should save them for emergencies, or when the first and final flags of zombies commence. For the amount of Wall-nuts needed to defeat each zombie, see below. If it is the final wave and you still have most of their Lawn Mowers, you should focus on the Lawn Mower-less lanes and let the other zombies get hit by the Lawn Mowers. Moreover, aim for combos with Wall-nuts for coins.

Also, a good way to get combos is to pay attention to what grass patch zombies are walking over.

Example: If a zombie is walking behind next to or back one patch of grass before the other zombie while being on very close but different together lanes, then you should be guaranteed a ricochet combo.

Explode-o-nuts should not be relied on too much. They should be used to kill a zombie that goes over one hit. This is to save up on Wall-nuts other than the constant use of using Wall-nuts to kill a single non-one hit zombie. This should be done when a zombie cannot be hit by a ricochet if there are no zombies in front of it. Also, if you are looking to hit zombies in three close lanes, then roll an Explode-o-nut in the middle lane to have more of an explosion reach on all lanes. This should mainly be done if the horde of zombies walks on single patches of grass.

If you don't want to waste your Wall-nut to kill Pole Vaulting Zombies, you can let those zombies past the red line. Then plant a Wall-nut on the same tile. This will help you to kill Pole Vaulting Zombies with only one Wall-nut.


The zombies encountered are:

The * means if the player had already encountered it.

Related achievements

New roll some heads icon.png
Roll Some Heads
Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut.
Beyond the Grave.png
Attention Deficit.jpg
Attention Deficit
Earn a trophy in each Mini-game.


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  • The player can plant multiple Wall-nuts at one time in the iPad and Xbox Live Arcade versions of Plants vs. Zombies.
  • If a Pole Vaulting Zombie crosses the red line and the player places a Wall-nut right in front of it, it will not attempt to vault over the Wall-nut. This is because the Pole Vaulting Zombie has a delay before it vaults. This also happens in Wall-nut Bowling 2 and Co-op Bowling.
  • It does not appear in the Android version, but its original version in Adventure Mode is playable through Quick Play.
  • This mini-game, its sequel and Co-op Bowling are the only mini-games where a defensive plant is used offensively.
  • If the player opens the Suburban Almanac and selects the Wall-nut, it will be rolling in place. This also happens in the other versions of Wall-nut Bowling, Wall-nut Bowling 2 and Co-op Bowling.
    • This does not happen on certain versions.
  • Wall-nuts rolling off in random directions is somewhat incorrect. When a Wall-nut is placed on the first row, it will always go downwards. When placed on the second row, it has a 75% chance of rolling downwards, and a 25% chance of rolling upwards. When placed in the middle, it is completely random with a 50-50 chance to roll in either direction. When placed on the fourth row, it has a 75% chance of rolling upwards and a 25% chance to roll downwards. In the fifth row, the Wall-nut will always goes upwards. However, this is random, and, as such, the player cannot always make it go the way he or she wants it to.
  • There are four versions of this mini-game: The one on Level 1-5 on the first Adventure Mode play-through (easy), this mini-game (medium), Wall-nut Bowling 2 (hard), and Co-op Bowling (very hard).
  • Bulb Bowling, a Brain Buster in Plants vs. Zombies 2, was inspired by this mini-game.
  • The icon of this minigame is used for the hidden mini-game Ice Level.


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