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Not to be confused with Wall-nut Bowling, a mini-game from Plants vs. Zombies.

Wall-Nut Bowling is a premium legendary plant trick card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and a member of the PvZH Guardian Icon.pngGuardian class.

It costs 9SunPvZH.png to play, and its ability does 6 damage on each ground lane and makes a Wall-Nut in front of every ground lane.

For every ground lane not occupied by a zombie, the zombie hero takes the 6 damage of the lane, which stacks for a single charge for their super-block meter.


Bowling PC.png

Its name and ability comes from Wall-nut Bowling, a mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies. However, after the Wall-Nuts do their first offensive damage, they "return" to the plants' side for defense instead of bouncing off of zombies and continuing to advance.

Its flavor text refers to the special shoes used to play bowling in real life, which are mandatory since the bowling alley has slippery floors that normal shoes cannot walk on. In particular, it states that the shoes usually look less pleasing to the eye.


  • Class: Guardian
  • Tribe: Nut Trick
  • Abilities: Make a Wall-NutH.png in each Ground lane. Attack for 6 damage in those lanes.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Legendary

Card description

Ugly shoes not required!

Update history

Update 1.16.10

  • Sun cost change: 10SunPvZH.png → 9SunPvZH.png



This trick can easily turn the tide to your favor if you manage to survive long enough to 9 sun, because it not only builds a Wall-Nut wall that protects you and your plants from zombies on ground lanes (that survive or bypass the 6 damage), but also does huge damage to each ground lane, severely injuring your opponent per empty lane, or a bulky zombie per occupied lane if it's not destroyed by the heavy damage.

Similar to Nut Signal, the Wall-Nuts made can be used as regular Wall-Nuts synergy-wise and thus can be used with Loco Coco, Pecanolith, or Three-Nut. Other classes also give exclusive synergies to each hero:

  • Wall-Knight can heal himself so that he can survive longer, or generate more sun to play it earlier. And since the PvZH Solar Icon.pngSolar class have plenty of hard removal, he can also control the game against his opponents’ strong cards to maximize the value of this overwhelming play. If his opponent keeps on covering the ground lanes with zombies, he can play Tactical Cuke to destroy them (and all plants in the ground lane) to guarantee 18 damage on his opponent if they don't block it. However, this combo costs 15 sun by default.
  • Citron and Beta-Carrotina can play this while Go-Nuts are on the field to boost each Wall-Nut for +3StrengthPvZH.png per Go-Nuts, discouraging their opponent from simply ignoring the newly-built wall.
  • Grass Knuckles can play this to boost Muscle Sprout for each Wall-Nut made, or before playing Super-Phat Beets to further increase its ability output. Since this card is similar to Power Pummel offensively, he can combine this with his signature superpower for a total 8 damage to each ground lane, which is enough to finish his opponent in one turn if all three ground lanes are unguarded or if they activate a Super-Block
  • Spudow can use Spineapple, Berry Angry, or just Storm Front to boost the Wall-Nuts afterwards, achieving a similar result as if they were used with Three-Nut or Go-Nuts. He can also use it with Astro-Shroom to do 3 damage to his opponent, or before playing Mushroom Ringleader and Sonic Bloom to further increase its ability output.

Certain plant missions may have a different number of ground lanes. If there are little to no ground lanes in a level, packing this card is highly discouraged. On the other hand, bringing this card along if there are 4 or 5 ground lanes is highly recommended.

However, do note that Wall-Nut Bowling is countered hard by gravestones, which nullifies the damaging ability. While there are cards that can remove them off the field, they can cost heavily both sun and card wise: either 2 sun for each Grave Buster or Grave Mistake or 4 sun plus sacrificing a plant with one Blockbuster.

The Parasol Zombie and Jurassic Zombie are also untrickable, and will therefore negate the damaging parts of the trick. Thus, if your opponent builds a wall of gravestones on ground lanes in anticipation of this trick, it is more wise to conserve Wall-Nut Bowling for later and respond with another strategy.


Try to cover the ground lanes because normally you can take up to 18 damage (with all three lanes empty) from this single strike, which leaves you with only 2 health at most, enough to put you on the verge of defeat by another plant if this didn't defeat you on its own.

Since this trick will also destroy or severely injure zombies played there, it is recommended to use Gravestone zombies or shielded zombies cards to make them or you invulnerable to the 6 damage, wasting the damaging ability to its lane while protecting your side from harm. You can also delay this trick by using Ra Zombie, Turquoise Skull Zombie, or Defensive End, or simply defeating your opponent with heavy pressure before they get the chance to play it.

If you anticipate that your opponent will use this card to destroy your zombies, then Parasol Zombie can be used to help keep them on the field.

The Wall-Nuts made are also a challenge to deal with. Weed Spray, Extinction Event, and Supernova Gargantuar are some of the best counters since they target all Wall-Nuts, some even before the ‘Fight!’ phase. If you don’t have one, prioritize the most significant lanes first and counter the Wall-Nut there quickly with tricks or strong (or PvZH Deadly Icon.pngDeadly) zombies.


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Wall-Nut Bowling
China Simplified Chinese 坚果墙保龄球
Traditional Chinese 堅牆果壁保齡球


  • Contrary to the trick description, this card deals damage before making the Wall-Nuts. This is most apparent if it deals the final blow to the zombie hero, with no Wall-Nuts made as the zombie hero is defeated.
  • Only one Wall-Nut will be displayed in the animation even if there are more than one ground lanes.
  • Unlike in original Wall-nut Bowling where Wall-nuts roll on their sides, this cards depicts one rolling backwards.
  • The Wall-nut on the card is noticeably lighter than its regular variant.
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