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Wall-Nut is a Common Wall plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3. He costs 2 sun and has a high amount of health, but no means of attacking, allowing zombies to eat him.


For more information about this character, see Wall-Nut.

Wall-Nut is one of the first plants the player obtains in the tutorial, and the first Wall plant the player obtains.

He costs 2 sun and blocks zombies with his high health pool. Wall-Nut's seeds are more likely to be rewarded in breakout battles at Your House .

Wall-Nut is also a main character in the game's story alongside other plants such as Sunflower, Peashooter and Bonk Choy.



Wall-Nut is based on the plant of the same name from the previous games. With his Tacobility being based in the plant with a similar appearance and name from the Garden Warfare games and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, all of which are based on the walnut.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Normal Damage Icon.pngNormal Common
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Sun PvZ3.png Blocks zombies, absorbing lots of
attacks with his hard shell.
20 s

Effective against:
Dog Walker PvZ3 portrait.png Taco Imp PvZ3 portrait.png Plunger Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png Shark Costume Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png
Wall-Nut is about more than getting gnawed on by
zombies. He's also great at holding your place in
line, filling seats at award shows, and listening.


Plant Food effect

Wall-Nut's Plant Food ability is called Shell Shove, in which Wall-nut will push back nearby zombies, and stun them for a few seconds.


Wall-Nut's Tacobility is the Jugger-Nut, in which Wall-Nut will gains layers of armor, allowing more damage from zombies to be absorbed.


There are not many complex Strategies to Wall-nut, as his purpose of blocking zombies is rather simple.

A common strategy is to use a Melee plant and place a Wall-nut in front for protection. This protects the Scrapper plant and allows it to deal damage in close-quarters while also being safe. Though all in all, Wall-nut behind any plant gives the same result, providing protection.

Wall-nut's Plant Food, Shell Shove, is simple and effective. It pushes zombies back, and also stuns them. This is effective for slowing down the horde, or if a zombie gets too far down the lane and needs to be pushed back.

Wall-nut's Tacobility is Jugger-Nut, providing a tough metal shell of armor. This gives Wall-nut extra health, but due to being Armor, this can also protect him from a strong attack that would usually defeat Wall-nut, giving him, in a way, two lives.

Breakout Tips (Quotes)

  • Higher-level plants don't get slowed and stunned as long by zombies effects. To be honest, I'm stunned basically all the time! (Generic tips only)
  • With a Scrapper plant right behind me like Bonk Choy or Snapdragon, my awesome blocking fells like ATTACKING!
  • If you flip a rock on the beach, the little crabs underneath scuttle away. Aren't we all just looking for a safer rock?
  • Don't put me against Pitchfork Zombie. I'll just get pitched over her head! Instead, blast her from long range! (Pitchfork Zombie's tip)
  • Walls make Shark Zombies pop up early to get blasted! Don't mind me, I get bitten all the time! (Shark Zombie's tip)
  • Tacos or Plant Food will both heal me to full, no matter how damaged I am. They taste like CHEATING!


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