Walked the Plank is a medal in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is awarded for having a Captain Deadbeard stand on a pool.


Its name is a reference to walking the plank, a method of execution practiced on special occasion by pirates, mutineers, and other rogue seafarers.


What's harder than getting a zombie out of your backyard? Getting a wet zombie out of your pool!

Remember folks: "Save your brain, give your pool a drain."


One of the pools usable to unlock this medal, near the Out of Shape Human

While the hint to unlock this medal might not be very obvious, the requirements are almost the same as Pea in the Pool: you need to have a Captain Deadbeard stand on a pool. After doing that, the medal should unlock immediately.

A pool near the Out of Shape Human can be used to unlock this medal.


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