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Venus Flytrap (捕蝇草; pinyin: bǔ yíng cǎo) was a plant from Plants vs. Zombies Online. It stalled zombies using its mouth. This effect did not do any damage however, unless the plant had been upgraded.


It was based on the real-life Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Dionaea muscipula, the plant Venus Flytrap is based on.

Almanac entry


技能: 直接将僵尸吞噬
消耗阳光: 50
伤害: 较小
冷却时间: 中

    In Engish: Venus Flytrap

    Can stall zombies from moving.
    Skill: Swallows zombies directly.
    Sun cost: 50

    Damage: Normal
    Recharge: Mediocre

Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, the Venus Flytrap caught zombies in its range and ate them, similarly to Chomper and Toadstool.

Adventure Mode

When fed with Plant Food, the Venus Flytrap dealt damage to the target with a side effect.



Due to the lack of a reliable attack without Greenhouse upgrades, it should be used like a Wall-nut. Upsides are it being able to survive a single zombie forever. A downside is that, on its own, it will die if a second zombie appears, as it can catch only one of them at a time. Also, this plant cannot stall Gargantuars due to their size.

It is highly advisable to use them mostly in the beginning of the level, as it makes setting up a defense easier. It can also be used to counter Shield Zombies since, in the game, Shield Zombies are tougher, both in their base health and their shield's strength.




  • Its eyes looked similar to Bonk Choy's eyes.
  • The inside of its mouth used to be colored red, but it was then changed to blue.
    • It is unknown why this change was made, or if it was intentional.
  • The Mars Flytrap in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is simply a recolored version of this plant.
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