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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the international version, see Vasebreaker Endless.

Vasebreaker Endless is the endless mode version of Vasebreaker. It is different than the one in the international version, as there are different plants to use, and it takes place in different worlds instead of the Player's House After each wave, the player gets to choose 3 prizes as if it's a Piñata Party. You can get Puzzle Pieces after finishing a specific number of waves up to 40.

The icon of Vasebreaker Endless.

Chinese Vasebreaker icon


Just like its international counterpart, there are three types of vases: green vases that always contain plants, purple vases that always contain Vase Gargantuars, and brown vases that do not contain anything specific. Waves 1 through 5 of Vasebreaker Endless have 30 vases that contain the following:

The plants are always the same for each wave. Starting with Wave 11 and every ten waves afterwards, a vase containing a Basic Zombie variant is replaced with a Vase Gargantuar vase. Waves 111 through 120 will have 12 Vase Gargantuars and no Basic Zombies. After wave 120, the remaining zombies will start to be Vase Gargantuars every ten waves afterwards, until there are only 18 Vase Gargantuars and the remaining being plants.

Power Ups

Power Ups are unlocked from the get-go, and all three are available to the player at any time for 8000 coins. Even though Move Vase is available from the get-go, you still get to "obtain" it after completing 15 waves of Vasebreaker Endless.

Aside from Power-Ups, there is also a Cherry Bomb, which can be used for 150 sun.


The rewards in the Chinese version's Vasebreaker Endless are Puzzle pieces for completing waves, and presents. Given Puzzle pieces change each time Vasebreaker Endless is available. For the first event in Big Wave Beach, completing the 10th and 20th waves each, the player would receive five Thyme Warp puzzle pieces. Completing the 25th and 30th waves each granted five Match Flower puzzle pieces, and finally, completing the 40th wave gave 10 Dual Pistol Pinecone puzzle pieces.

VBPuzzlePieces.png VBPuzzlePieces2.png

In the first Renaissance Age event, the player received five Dinonip puzzle pieces for completing the 10th and 20th waves. Completing the 25th wave granted five Imp Pear puzzle pieces. Completing the 30th and 40th waves each gave ten Imp Pear puzzle pieces.

RenaiBreaker.png RenaiBreaker2.png

The puzzle pieces in presents also change. During the first event the player could get 300, 1000, or 2000 coins, or 1 Spikerock, Pea Pod, Winter Melon, Fume-shroom, or Rafflesia puzzle piece.

VBEndlessPresents.png VBEndlessPresents2.png


Big Wave Beach

The first few waves are a cakewalk, you are given very powerful plants such as Homing Thistle. It is recommended that the player should break one vase at a time, since Homing Thistles are less effective when there are more zombies. Plant your Squashes next to the purple vases, optimally when multiple Gargantuars are behind them.

In waves with two or more Vase Gargantuars, try grouping them with Sweet Potato so that the Squashes will take them out in one go. If one purple vase is far from the other, then plant a Squash next to the purple vase and one next to the Sweet Potato. Note that there is a glitch where if a zombie in an adjacent lane in the square adjacent to the Sweet Potato is attracted to it, the zombie will pass right through it without eating it.

Remember that you have Power Ups, but since they cost more here than in the international version, as well as presents only granting a maximum of 3000 coins, it is recommended that you don't use them unless all other options such as using Plant Food and Cherry Bombs have been exhausted.

Renaissance Age

The core strategy behind this vasebreaker is using Hot Date to clear 3 lanes of zombies at once and deal massive damage to as many Vase Gargantuars as possible.

All remaining lanes without Vase Gargantuars can easily be handled by single Kinnikannon, either Bonk Choy or Zorrose and Vax Guard planted in this order starting from column 1. Another way to clear those lanes is via Kinnikannon's Plant Food.

For the lanes with Vase Gargantuars try planting as many Kinnikannons as possible. Angel Starfruits should be planted in the farthest tiles from the house to deal damage without a possibilty of being eaten. Don't forget that Bonk Choy can attack zombies from behind, which together with stalling can lead to great amounts of damage dealt to Gargantuars.

Use extra Plant Foods and Cherry Bombs in case something goes wrong.