For this mini-game in the original Plants vs. Zombies, see Vasebreaker.

Vasebreaker in the Trailer

Vasebreaker is the first (and so far the only) mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It was added in the 2.7.1 update, and six new Vasebreaker levels were added in the 3.4.4 update. Vasebreaker involves breaking open vases to reveal its hidden contents that can be helpful or harmful to the player. The object remains the same: to build a defense to defeat the zombies, albeit carefully as the vases are randomized. The focus of this puzzle is to utilize the player's ability to think critically to formulate a strategy based on the various types of plants given, versus the stage's different types of zombies. Vasebreaker gives more zombies than plants generally, so randomly breaking open too many vases will only increase the likelihood of the player's being overwhelmed or defend each of the five lanes if they lack the resources.

Each vase will have either a zombie, a seed packet containing a plant, Plant Food, or 50 sun (Endless levels only) in it. The green vases with a leaf printed on them will always contain plants, which are great at the beginning of levels to plan the player's defense. In contrast, there are also purple vases with a zombie face printed on them, which will always contain a Gargantuar. Three new Power Ups exclusively for Vasebreaker can be discovered here.

To unlock the Vasebreaker Mini-game, the player must finish Ancient Egypt - Day 1. Plant Food can also be first used in Vasebreaker instead of Ancient Egypt - Day 2. Cherry Bomb can also be used in Endless levels.


Currently, there are a total of thirteen levels divided into five groups: Vasebreaker Intro, Egyptian Challenge, Pirate Challenge, Western Challenge, and Vasebreaker Endless. As of version 3.4.4, Pirate Challenge and Western Challenge became available. 

Name Plants Zombies First time reward
Vasebreaker Intro
Tutorial Seven Peashooter2 Two Wall-nut2 One Potato Mine2 Two Bonk Choy2 Seven Basic Zombie2 One Conehead Zombie2 A money bag
To the Left Three Wall-nut2 One Potato Mine2 Two Bonk Choy2 Seven Split Pea2 Seven Basic Zombie2 Two Conehead Zombie2 Two Buckethead Zombie2 A money bag
Boss Vase Two Wall-nut2 Two Potato Mine2 Two Bonk Choy2 Seven Repeater2 Ten Basic Zombie2 Three Conehead Zombie2 Two Buckethead Zombie2 One Vase Gargantuar2 One Imp2 Reveal Vase
Egyptian Challenge
One at a Time Two Wall-nut2 Two Potato Mine2 Seven Bloomerang2 Nine Mummy Zombie2 Two Conehead Mummy2 Seven groups of Camel Zombies2 A money bag
Freeze 'Em Two Potato Mine2 Five Cabbage-pult2 Five Iceberg Lettuce2 Three Repeater2 Four Mummy Zombie2 Two Conehead Mummy2 One Buckethead Mummy2 Seven Explorer Zombie2 A money bag
Block and Spike Four Wall-nut2 One Potato Mine2 Five Repeater2 Four Spikerock2 Four Mummy Zombie2 Three Conehead Mummy2 Two Buckethead Mummy2 Six Pharaoh Zombie2 Butter Zombie
Pirate Challenge
3x3 ThreeWall-nut2 Five Spikeweed2 Three Threepeater2 Eight Pirate Zombie2 SixConehead Pirate2 Four Seagull Zombie2 A money bag
Spring Rollers FourSpring Bean2  Four Peashooter2  Four Spikerock2 Two Threepeater2 Eight Pirate Zombie2  Four Conehead Pirate2 One Buckethead Pirate2 Two Barrel Roller Zombie2 A money bag
Buttery Birdies Two Wall-nut2 Three Spikeweed2 Four Bloomerang2 Five Bonk Choy2 Five Pirate Zombie2 Two Conehead Pirate2 Six Seagull Zombie2 Two Pirate Captain Zombie2 A Mystery Gift Box
Western Challenge
Split Decision Three Wall-nut2 Three Chili Bean2 Four Split Pea2 Three Cowboy Zombie2 Five Conehead Cowboy2 ThreeProspector Zombie2 Eight Poncho Zombie2 A money bag
Chicken Skewers Five Spikeweed2 Three Chili Bean2 Six Repeater2 One Melon-pult2 Two Conehead Cowboy2 Two Buckethead Cowboy2 Five Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Four Poncho Zombie2 One Pianist Zombie2 A money bag
The Mine Cart Four Iceberg Lettuce2 Five Potato Mine2 Two Peashooter2 Five Split Pea2 Three Conehead Cowboy2 Two Buckethead Cowboy2 Three Prospector Zombie2 Nine Poncho Zombie2One Zombie Bull2 A Mystery Gift Box
Vasebreaker Endless
Vasebreaker Endless Wall-nut2 Potato Mine2 Bonk Choy2 Repeater2 Threepeater2 Split Pea2
Cherry Bomb2(needs 150 sun)
Basic Zombie2 Conehead Zombie2 Buckethead ZombiePVZ2 Vase Gargantuar2 Imp2 Move Vase (after wave 15 only)

Piñata Party events

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These levels were referred to as "Eggbreaker" levels and were playable in the form of Piñata Parties during the Springening event.

Others were playable in the Summer Nights event.

Name Plants Zombies First time reward
Springening 2015
Eggbreaker Seven Homing Thistle2 Five Chard Guard2 Seven ImpSp Five Dodo Rider Zombie2 Four Weasel Hoarder2 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker One Cherry Bomb2 Two Citron2 Five (Frozen) Guacodile2 Three Stunion2 Seven Fire Peashooter2 Five Basic Zombie2 Four Conehead Zombie2 Two GargantuarSp Seven ImpSp 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker Three Iceberg Lettuce2 Five Split Pea2 Five Starfruit2 Five ImpSp Five Explorer Zombie2 Three Prospector Zombie2 Three Hunter Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker Three (One on lawn) Sweet Potato2 Three Snapdragon2 Three Spikerock2 Five Pea Pod2 Seven Basic Zombie2 Six Conehead Zombie2 One Pharaoh Zombie2 Two Robo-Cone Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker Seven (Three on lawn) Torchwood2 Three Peashooter2 Two Split Pea2 Two Threepeater2 Eight ImpSp Five Conehead Zombie2 Two Prospector Zombie2 Three Wizard Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker Five Rotobaga2 Five Snow Pea2 Two Iceberg Lettuce2 Four Chard Guard2 Seven Basic Zombie2 Six Conehead Zombie2 One Flag ZombiePVZ2 Three Explorer Zombie2 One Robo-Cone Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Springening 2016
Eggbreaker Five Chomper2 Three Primal Wall-nut2 Two Spikerock2 One Cherry Bomb2 Eight Basic Zombie2 Six Conehead Zombie2 Four Mecha-Football Zombie2 One Gargantuar2 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker Seven Kernel-pult2 Four Chard Guard2 Three Bonk Choy2 Two Guacodile2 Nine Basic Zombie2 Five Pirate Captain Zombie2 Seven Robo-Cone Zombie2 Three Weasel Hoarder2 One Gargantuar2 3 prizes to choose from
Summer Nights 2015
Firebreaker Five Pea Pod2 Three (One on lawn) Sweet Potato2 Three Snapdragon2 Three Spikerock2 Seven Basic Zombie2 Five Conehead Zombie2 Two Robo-Cone Zombie2 One Pharaoh Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker FiveIceberg Lettuce2 Five Red Stinger2 Five A.K.E.E.2 Four Basic Zombie2 Four Excavator Zombie2 Four Parasol Zombie2 Two Conehead Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker Three Repeater2 Five Peashooter2 Two Threepeater2 Three Potato Mine2 Four Chard Guard2 Six Basic Zombie2 Four Conehead Zombie2 Two Buckethead Zombie2 Two Bug Zombie2 One Vase Gargantuar2 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker FiveBonk Choy2 Five Endurian2 Five Split Pea2 Four Basic Zombie2 Two Conehead Zombie2 Five Bug Zombie2 Six Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker Three Stunion2 Two Chili Bean2 Five Snapdragon2 Seventeen Imp2 Four Conehead Zombie2 Two Seagull Zombie2 One Buckethead Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Time Twister
Piñata Party Seven Chard Guard2Three Threepeater2

One Jalapeno2

Eight Conehead Zombie2 Five Knight Zombie2 One Seagull Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Piñata Party Three Wasabi Whip2 Six Squash2 Two Snapdragon2 Seven Jetpack Zombie2 Four Poncho Zombie2 Two Newspaper Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Piñata Party Four Snow Pea2 Eight Iceberg Lettuce2 One Winter Melon2 Three Magnet-shroom2 Nine Explorer Zombie2 Six Prospector Zombie2 Three Punk Zombie2 3 prizes to choose from
Summer Nights 2016
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Feastivus 2016
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Firebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Springening 2017
Vasebreaker 3 prizes to choose from
Eggbreaker 3 prizes to choose from

Chinese Vasebreaker (China only)

This mode is exclusive to Big Wave Beach and Lost City, except in this version it is a Brain Buster in Big Wave Beach and a normal level in Lost City. In Big Wave Beach zombies are level 1 and plants can be higher leveled than the zombies. However, in Lost City all zombies and plants are level 1.

Name Plants Zombies First time reward
Big Wave Beach
Tutorial Two Squash2C Five Aggro Brocco2 Five Guacodile2C Eight Pompadour Zombie2 Five Pompadour Conehead2 A star
I Four Wall-nut2 Two Cabbage-pult2 One Jalapeno2C Three Melon-pult2 Three Pompadour Zombie2 Four Pompadour Conehead2 Three Pompadour Buckethead2 Five Snorkel Zombie2 A star
II Two Wall-nut2 Three Bowling Bulb2 Two Tangle Kelp2C Two Homing Thistle2C Seven Pompadour Zombie2 Four Pompadour Conehead2 Two Pompadour Buckethead2 One Octo Zombie2 A star
III Two Wall-nut2 Two Winter Melon2 One Fume-shroom2 Five Bowling Bulb2 Three Tangle Kelp2C Five Pompadour Zombie2 Seven Pompadour Conehead2 Two Octo Zombie2 One Deep Sea Gargantuar2 A star
Lost City
Day 16 Five Red Stinger2 Four A.K.E.E.2 Three Lava Guava2C Two Adventurer Zombie2 Four Conehead Adventurer Zombie2 Four Parasol Zombie2 Two Lost Doctor Zombie2 A star

Related achievements

Pottery Trained
Tomb Breaker
Complete the Egyptian Challenge Pack
Davy Jones' Vase2
Davy Jones' Vase
Complete the Pirate Seas Challenge Pack
Vase Wrangler2
Vase Wrangler
Complete the Wild West Challenge Pack



Plants vs

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Vasebreaker Coming Soon

Official trailer


  • The vases appear to be have cracks, unlike the previous game.
  • When Crazy Dave and Penny introduce the player to Vasebreaker, Crazy Dave references an unused Vasebreaker level from the first game, called Vasebreaker Facebreaker.
  • As stated by PopCap Games, this will never be officially included as a Brain Buster. Instead, it will be a mini-game which is currently the only one in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • However, the Chinese version of the game has it as a Brain Buster in Big Wave Beach and normal level in Lost City.
  • Unlike the original Plants vs. Zombies, this version of Vasebreaker has three types of vases, introducing one new vase where in it will always contain a GargantuarPlants vs. Zombies also had an image file for a zombie vase, but it was scrapped.
  • Unlike in the first game, Gargantuars do not smash vases here. Instead, they ignore them altogether.
  • The Gargantuar in this level is the Vase Gargantuar, not the regular one. So far the Vase Gargantuar is the only new zombie introduced in Vasebreaker. However, the Vase Gargantuar does not do anything different from a normal Gargantuar, apart from having a slower speed and slight difference in appearance.
  • Vase Gargantuars are never spawned from any vase besides Gargantuar vase, which making it easier to plan defense.
  • Most Vasebreaker level names (except for the Endless Zone) give a hint on how to complete the level or what the level is about.
  • Some of the levels are inspired by the original levels in the Plants vs. Zombies. To the Left is almost identical to the first To the Left, Boss Vase is similar to Ace of Vase, and Block and Spike is inspired by Hokey Pokey.
  • Unlike the first game, the player does not use a mallet to break the vases. Instead, they are tap-activated.
  • Music during Vasebreaker in Plants vs. Zombies 2 is Grasswalk in Intro and a remix of Cerebrawl in Egyptian Challenge Pack.
  • Imp Dragon Zombie and E.M.Peach both appeared in ads for Vasebreaker, but they have yet to appear in the Vasebreaker mini-game itself.
  • In the 3.4.4 update, all the players who have played the Vasebreaker levels would lose their progress, but previously unlocked Power Ups can still be used and progress for Vasebreaker Endless is saved (although it had to be unlocked again). This also happened in the 6.0.1 update for some users.
  • When completing Vasebreaker levels for the first time, money bags given contains 200 coins. This feature was added in the 3.4.4 update.
  • Unlike the original game's Vasebreaker, the player must beat all levels in this mode in order.
  • In the 3.5.1 update, the Vasebreaker button (as seen from the world selection) was now added in the Zen Garden.
  • In all levels, the player's plants will be at level one regardless of amount of experience points and levels obtained from the Plant Upgrade System, this is obviously a glitch.
    • However in Vasebreaker Endless, Cherry Bomb is the only leveled up plant to be used.
      • If there are any preplanted plants they will be leveled up.
        • Because the plants are level one their damage won’t be as strong, they won’t have increased health, their projectiles won’t go as fast.


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